Disguised Masters



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January 18th, 2005 | 3 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Three years after the release of 'La masquerade Infernale' Arcturus released the album 'Disguised Masters' in 1999 on Jester Records, putting an end to the rumours of the end of Arcturus. This album consists of one new track, a re-recording of an old track, and dark trip hoppy remixes of some songs off 'La Masquerade Infernale.'

The lineup...
G. Wolf - vocals, samples, programming
Steinar Sverd Johnsen - keyboards (tracks 2-3)
Knut M. Valle - guitars (tracks 2-3), programming
Hellhammer - drums (tracks 2-3), programming
Hugh Stephen James Mingay - bass (tracks 2-3)

The track listing is as follows...
White Tie Black Noise (0:49)
(Designed by When for Arcturus)
Deception Genesis (6:35)
(New track)
Du Nordavind (3:54)
(1998 re-recording)

Alone (5:21)
(Intellecto/Valle darktrip)
The Throne of Tragedy (6:50)
(Phantom FX jungle remix)
La Masquerade Infernale (2:23)
(Valle/Hellhammer re-construction)
Master of Disguise (4:26)
(Phantom FX & S.C.N. remix)
Painting My Horror (5:37)
(G. Wolf levitation mix)
Ad Astra (4:39)
(The Magenta Experience)

Ad Astra (7:30)
(Ensemble Version)

The song Deception Genesis. It's a very interesting piece of work, combining clean guitars and dark doomy vocals and effects with typical HellHammer drumming. This track would have fit perfectly on 'La Masquerade Infernale' I love this song.
The re-recording of the song 'Du Nordavind' (from Aspera Heims Symfonia.) They do an awesome job "modernizing" it with some trip hop elements, but still keeping it in it's symphonic black metal style from years ago.
The re-mix of 'The Throne of Tragedy' is one of my favorite songs to listen to, the song still contains some of the same riffs gone trip hop, this song also features some intense techno jazz drumming (That's the only way i can describe it.) This song is very high energy, awesome remix.
The Ensemble version of the song 'Ad Astra' is awesome, no trip hop effects, no guitars, no pianos. Just the strings, it really shows the backbone of the real song, you also realize that the piano parts are really necessary in this song and how much HellHammers drums can add to a song. Still, awesome.

Weak points...
The gangstafied re-mix of 'Master of Disguise.' Sorry to rap fans, but i almost find this humorous. The lyrics here just aren't meant to be gangstafied.
Some of the songs just get a bit boring and repetitive as they go on, you really need to be patient to appreciate these songs.
The trip hop re-mix of 'Ad Astra' just did not work, some of the parts are all right but the woman vocals just ruin it for me.
The re-mix of 'Alone' was a disappointment, i thought they could have done alot better. The song already has such a dark feel, but instead the re-mix is basically five minutes of just synths and strange noises. Good for a soundtrack, but not to listen to for excitement.

Overall, 3/5 from me here. I like the majority of the stuff they did here, it's just that it goes on for a bit too long.

As a recap, here are some song recomendations from this album...
Deception Genesis
Du Nordavind (1998 re-recording)
The Throne of Tragedy (Phantom FX jungle remix)
Ad Astra (ensemble version)

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May 20th 2006


This sounds like an interesting record, but I won't get it unless the remix of La Masquerade Infernale takes out that ridiculous "beat".

I've heard the ensemble version of Ad Astra, it's really quite boring because the strings are there to compliment the song, they don't make a good tune by themselves.

June 8th 2008


I love the rap version of 'Master of Disguise'. It's so fantastically weird.

November 22nd 2009


Album Rating: 3.5

Definitely, the 'Master of Disguise' rap version is so wicked... I don't like hip hop or rap for the most part, but I love it. Although, I've loved every single release Arcturus has ever had so... biased.

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