Tearing Down Your Blue Skies



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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Diecast Tearing Down Your Blue Skies

Released October 19, 2004

Members: Colin Scheifler Lead Singer
Jeremy Wooden Bass
Jonathon Kitna, Kirk Kolatis Guitarists
Jason Costa Dummer

Bio taken from www.allmusic.com

Originally Posted by allmusic
The Boston-based Diecast formed in 1997 and quickly gained a local following among hardcore and metal fans in the area with their blend of melody and heavy rock. By 1997, the group had recorded demos, which they followed with a proper release in the form of the six-song album Undo The Wicked. The group's fluctuating membership, especially on guitar, stabilized over the next several years to include lead singer Colin Schleifer, bass player Jeremy Wooden, guitarists Jonathon Kita and Kirk Kolatis, and drummer Jason Costa, the lineup which released Day Of Reckoning in 2001. With a growing profile among hard rock fans, the band embarked on a series of tours, including stints opening for heavyweights like Alice Cooper and Slayer.
1. Fire Damage Their hit single off the CD. It has a nice fast, thrashy feel to it. The drumming is simply amazing, is speed is incredible. Everything pretty much stays the same; its interesting to listen to. More of a head banging song. Then there is a breakdown, the build-up is pretty sweet, the breakdown is nothing special, it fits the song. This leads to many wonderful things. Then at the end, he starts to sing, hes listen-able. Nice and melodic. 4/5

2. Seize the Day Starts out kind of hardcore-ish. With the singing and riffs and all. Again the drumming is fast and makes you have a good feel to it. The verse is a basic riff, at the end of it, he has a nice little double bass run with a high melodic guitar riff. The semi-breakdown is what defines Diecast. It just gives you this feeling to let you know its them. Overall, the song flows very well. 3.5/5

3. Torn From Within Starts out like Seize the Day, minus the singing. A nice metal feel to it with the breakdown and synchronized double bass drum. The vocals are pretty cool, inter-mixing with another person. This reminds of, sort of like Lamb of God. It has a nice singing part, still keeping its metal roots though. A pretty solid build-up, is present, but theres no transition. Its just a breakdown. Pretty weird. 3/5

4. Savior This song is like Torn From Within in the beginning, its how they start usually. Early in, it goes to more singing. His voice is pretty catchy. Singing fades out, and it goes back to screaming. There is a cool double bass pedal beat in there. A Killswitch Engage-y type riff is squeezed in here. A melodic type of one. There is a build-up, but no breakdown, you get excited for it, but its not there. It goes back to the chorus, the transition is well-done Id say. 3.2/5

5. Rise and Oppose Starts out with an awesome intro. Pretty catchy. Then the riff after it is amazing. You can hear the metalcore in it. The song keeps you guessing. You dont know whats happening next. Then there is a breakdown, not much depth to it. But it still works. A melodic riff is in the backround, which I particularly like. Just when you think its done, it goes back to the breakdown. Not a fast chugging one. A normal metalcore breakdown. There is a breathtaking fill between measures. I love this song 4/5

6. Sacrifice Starts out kind of eerie guitar riff. Then he starts to sing, its good once again. Then the drums come in, sort of like a buildup type beat. Then it goes into a fast, thrashy type riff, its an awesome riff, with the drumming, its just amazing. Then everything stops, and it goes into a slower heavy metal riff. They throw in pinch harmonics here and there. An eerie guitar riff throughout the song. The singing is amazing, I like it. It continues like this, but they mix up the song a little, must listen to it. 3.7/5

7. Medieval More of the lighter song. More singing etc.. The singing is good, like Ive said before. They still manage to fit some metalcore in there with a head banging riff. They mix it up in this song again. There isnt much to say, you just have to listen to it for yourself. 3/5

8. Traitor Catchy beginning, with fast drumming. Slows down to a different type of riff. Much more relaxed metalcore song. They have a nice melodic sound in there, it just makes you keep listening. Then after he screams I will have my revenge! It goes into an awesome breakdown. This is a Diecast breakdown sounding one. The song is pretty basic, it still varies though. Good song. 3.4/5

9. These Days Starts out kind of staticy, but then, a nice metal riff is here. Its pretty melodic. A nice opener I must add. There is a mix of singing/screaming here, which is good. The chorus is good with the drumming fills and singing. The breakdown is probably my favorite on the album. Maybe because I play the drums, but its just amazing with the double. 4/5

10. Pendulum Starts out with a heavy, catchy beginning. Your normal metalcore riff, but its pretty good. In the backround you can hear light melodic guitar riffs. A good head banging riff is next on this song. The vocals go well with this part. Then a chugging riff is next. A pretty nifty song. After this there is a light part, with just singing, light guitar parts. Sort-of technical drumming. It goes back to the metalcore roots. Screaming/singing is intermixed which gives it a nice twist. 4/5

11. Rebirth Starts out with just the guitar, a light tune. Then out of nowhere a fast thrashy riff has succumb of you. Technical drumming ensues me. Probably the best drumming part on the whole album. This just keeps your head moving. The drumming I must add, makes this song complete on many levels. A different breakdown is here, has a little Unearth feel to it. The guitar you can sort of hear. The drums and guitar mix really well. The singing is the same, great. The singing and the drumming in one part is phenomenal. A fast chugging riff/pause breakdown is after it. It is a very good song. 5/5

The drumming
The vocalists

Breakdowns dont have a lot of depth
Some songs just end when the shouldnt

Recommended Tracks
Fire Damage, Rebirth, Rise and Oppose
Overall Rating 4/5
If you like Lamb of God, Unearth, Chimaira, God Forbid, Martyr etc.. This is a must. A great metalcore album IMO

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January 18th 2005


Good review man. The cover art looks oddly like Elbow's "Asleep In The Back".

January 27th 2005


I hate this band.

February 11th 2005



February 11th 2005


Good review. When I bought the War Within it came with a free smapler with these guys on it. They sucked. Again, good review - maybe I'll give it another listen before I judge too quickly.

February 11th 2005


I just always have. I hated them when they had Colin and now with the fat guy on vocals they still suck, just in new ways.

February 11th 2005




February 12th 2005


the cd isnt as great as i thought it would be either
i too heard them through the Shadows Fall sample cd, but i liked medieval(heaven shall burn is awesome, buy antigone)
you can listen through the whole cd without cringing at any of the songs, but you would probably just be better off downloading fire/damage, as its the only good song

May 15th 2005


Massive hardcore, extremely better than Hatebreed.

March 6th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

i liked these guys for awhile but they got old. I like your review though.

April 24th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

dude these guys are awesome and this cd is great it is hardcore and sounds great, the new singer Paul is amazing and sounds crystal clear, the riffs rule and they have morals which you dont find anymore

April 22nd 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

First Diecast album, and it still rules. I like I.R more but this is pretty solid core.

Digging: House of Harm - Vicious Pastimes

July 5th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Album is pretty good. Torn from within is my fav track.

Not as good as AS I LAY DYING or ALL THAT REMAINS but decent in my opinion

June 10th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

I forgot how much I liked this.

April 4th 2019


Album Rating: 2.0

What a blast from the past, Fire / Damage came on random play on my iTunes. I haven’t heard this in at least 10 years. I got this CD packaged with Shadows fall at a show back in 04 I believe. Decided to listen to it again and it was god awful, but still interesting nostalgia. Glad this era of generic-core is long gone though.

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