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January 17th, 2005 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

The Trews are a Canadian rocki band from Antigonish, Nova Scotia (Or so I understand) but I believe they are based (currently) out of Toronto, Ontario. they are four guys who just love the music and love playing it.

Colin MacDonald Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keys
John-Angus MacdonaldLead Guitar, backing vocals
Sean Dalton Drums and percussion, backing vocals
Jack Sypereck Bass guitar, backing vocals.

The Tracklist:
1. Every Inambition
2. Not Ready to Go
3. Confessions
4. When you Leave
5. Tired of Waiting
6. Hopeless
7. Fleeting Trust
8. Why Bother
9. Black Halo
10. You're So Sober
11. Hollis and Morris
12. Stray

Some of The Songs

One thing I like about this band is the variety of sounds they produce in this album. Each song has it's own unique sound to it. Not Ready to Go strats with a killer drum riff before coming in with some excellent guitars and vocal work. Tired of Waiting opens with a killer bass riff and Fleeting Trust* has probably one of the most unique intros I've ever heard and
Hollis and Morris has a nice funky beat to it and is generally a great songs. Hopeless is a great acoustic song that employs a keyboard and is one of my favourites on the cd.

*--John-Angus MacDonald plays a Gibson Les Paul, and in the song he turns the volume on one of his pickups completely down...I'm not sure which one it is though...and strums a chord and flicks the toggle switch up and down, so the sound cuts in and out. It's something you have to hear for yourself, but it's a pretty bitchin sound...especially live.--

ALL of the songs (especially some that I haven't mentioned) are great, spectacular even. And many have an insanely catchy beat to them, making this possibly one of the best rock records in a while.

The CD

At 12 tracks, this cds length is kind of short, 40:36 total (or something close to that) but it's playability is endless (for the most part). The lyrics, although not the most meaningful in the world are definately well thought out, although sometimes repetitive (see: Not Ready to Go, Tired of Waiting etc.)

Musically, this cd is far from genius, but they're not trying for genius. When a band tries for musical genius and is succesful, it turns out amazing (see: Dream Theater) but when a band tries too hard, they often fall very short and lose popularity very fast (Limp Bizkit)

I don't want to say there are many different styles on this records, it's all may disagree, but that is the best way for me to describe them. They are not anywhere close to a punk band, nor are they metal, or pop.....they are not hard nor soft rock, but somewhere is the middle

Comments and overall impression

There is a lot of great music on this album but it may take a while to get into it. The lyrics can be a bit repetitive, and that does get annoying at times, but musically speaking, there are few dull moments and even those are few and far between. The lead guitarist--John Angus MacDonald, the bassist--Jack Syperek and the drummer--Sean Dalton are all very tyalented at their respective instruments, and Colin MacDonald is a great vocalist. Although sometimes he sounds like the singer of Sloan, he still has a unique voice and that is another rarety these days.

The Songs are laid out extremely well, and the whole cd flows extremely well and taht is a good thing. the cd overall is very interesting, and for the most part...and most people, should be an enjoyable listen.

ratings and junk
great cd within the genre (and if you disagree with my genre selection, please let me know)

I can't say whether it would turn anyone onto the genre or not, but all in all, it's very good, and I'd say a lot of poeple would enjoy it.

Overall, I give this cd...



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October 5th 2005


Not a bad review. Personally I like song by song reviews, but this works. I like this CD. My favourite song off of it has to be You're so Sober. Keep up the good work.

October 6th 2005


I really really dislike this band. The opening bit of their new video is awesome though.

April 15th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Awesome band and album.

March 11th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

A very original and satisfying album.

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