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January 14th, 2005 | 149 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Listeners got an unpleasent surprise when this CD was first released, as Morello plays much less complicated, much less impressive riffs and licks here than he did with RATM, and the sound is much different from RATM's.

The thing that has to be realized is Audioslave and RATM totally seperate bands and thus have different sounds.
Audioslave is rarely compared to Soundgarden, but they also sound different there too.
This cd takes a few listens to get into, especially if you're expecting RATM with a new vocalist--if this is what you are expecting, then you WILL be disappointed.

Keeping in mind that this is a different band, here is my track by track review of the album:

Named for a Native American leader, the lyrics are completely differing from what the title suggests. This is the highest energy track on the CD, and at times sounds like Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. It opens with Morello grating on his guitar, giving off a helicopter type noise, befor it kick into the main riff, and heavy duty lyrics. Standard song base of --Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus-- goes out on a high note where the music just stops. Great song

Show Me How to Live--
this song starts off with a less than stellar guitar/drum riff, a verse that starts off slow, but picks up tremendously, to a climax just before entering into the heavy chorus, and then repeating this structure in verse 2. (different verse, same set-up) The music is tight, and the sound ids great. Morello throws in some nice effects on this song. slows down considderably for the thirds verse, but maintains a fast heavy beat. Great Chorus to this song. The lyrics are liek a conversation between Cornell and his creator. he says "You gave me life, now show me how to live" somewhat depressing actually. good song

this song is slower than its predecessors, however it maintains a loud and clean sound. Musically this song is a giant step forward from Show Me How to Live. One of Morello and Commerfords best songs on this CD. A very simple chorus, but it projects Cornells message excellently. The chorus is loud but at one point in the song all music stops, with the exception of a continuously repeating guitar lick, then comes the climax of the song. it continues for some time after that, with another chorus, and bridge. one of the better songs on he album.

What You Are--
At the start, this song slows down considerably from the first three, drums are the main instrument in this song, taking centre stage over Bass and Guitar. Cornell's voice is solid, the verses are quiet and the chorus is loud and heavy, but great. Weird guitar effects about halfway through. This song is about a person who gave anything to the person who he loved, but "now I'm free, from what you are"
great song.

Like a Stone--
This song begins with a very nice guitar section. It is considderably softer than the previous songs on the cd, seemingly taking it in a new direction halfway through. I'm not sure what the lyrics are about, but they fit the tempo of the song. The song gives off a depressing aura, but it is a great one nonetheless. Technically; one of the best songs on the cd.

Set It Off--
Opens with crazy sounds before settling into a heavy sound, driven by Commerford's Bass and Morello's guitar. this is the heaviest song since Cochise. This song (in my opinion) flows better than Cochise, and sounds the most like a RATM song. Cornell's vocals are raw and emotional. He sings with passion, and emotion. Musically powerful, and lyrically sound. I dislike the bridge, simply because it loses the flow of the music, but they do get it back. (that's the only blemish in this song)

Shadow of the Sun--
this song opens with a simple, and yet emotional guitar lick. Cornell's vocals kick in at about 14 seconds, bass and drums kicks in around the 40 second mark, giving more emotion to this song. it's got a very slow and depressing tone throughout 90% of the song. The short choruses pick it up nicely, however the depressing slow edge is what gives this song it's majesty. Depressing lyrics fit the songs tone. Morelloo goes crazy here too.

I am the Highway--
The opening sounds like it could (or should) be done on an organ, but there is no organ or keyboard player, so I'm assuming it's done on guitar. This slows the pace considerably. At its heaviest part, this song doesn't touch any of the others.the emotion is there, the drive is there, and the motivation is there. This is just slowing the pace of the album. A test of sorts, as none of the instrumentalists are used to it. the music fits Cornell's voice extremely well, and Cornell makes the best of it. great song, great pace, great sound.

opens with an explosive sounding drum beat sustained with guitar. Bass and vocals kick in later. this song progressivly gets louder, taking the tone from the previous song up a notch. Softer verses mixed with louder choruses make this song do just what the name suggests. it explodes into the chorus, and defers back to verse (repeat sequence). lyrics could be done better, as cornell sounds a little bit whiny in parts, but it's corrected and it sounds overall well.

The music all starts at once, fast paced, quietish sound. Cornell sings in a low pitched voice, which at first doesn't suit the song, but in later verses, and especially in the chorus sounds amazing. Morello throws around some crazy effects here. the low pitched-ness doesn't last, and Corcell is back to his regular voice in the second half of the song, however the chorus is still low. this song ends around 3:23, and that is almost too short. It leaves you wanting more out of that song. (which may por may not be a good tactic...I haven't decided yet)

Bring 'Em Back Alive--
this song picks up a heavier beat, driven by bass. The drums are very fitting to the song, but in places almost inaudible. Cornell sings well, fitting the music as well as could be expected. MOrello throw out some cool effects, but the song overall is nothing stellar. I like it, but I find myself skipping over it a lot of the time. I do however enjoy the chorus...even though it's short.

Light My way--
Song blasts off hard into a kickass riff, followed by a weird sound from the guitar. Cornell sings to slow for the music to start off. although, it sound thought provokingly good. The verse slows down, almost to a wisper, before exploding into a (very) short chorus. and back to the almost monotonous verse. (not the word almost) an otherwise impressive song, nice drumwork, uncomplicated guitar/bass sound well here.

Getaway Car--
this songs starts with just drums and guitar, and has an almost Beatles-esque feel to start, once Cornell starts, thats gone, but the music remains soft and sweet. Cornell sings a little too loudly, but otherwise, it's enjoyable. the music is great, the lyrics are emotional, and I like this song. It's good to sit and relax to. Around the 3:10 mark, it breaks into a bluesy feeling guitar solo. Returns to its original sound a few seconds later, and overall, gives off an emotional, feeling that is just amazing.

The Last Remaining Light--
This track has a very odd feeling sound to it. Cornell's voice fits, Commerford's bass fits. Wilk's drums fit. Morello's guitar gives this song a spooky feeling. I don't know any better way to describe it. it's a good song, not great. ther are many that are better on the album, however, its not the worst song. The pace is slowed leading up to this track, and that is continued into this song. overall I give it


This album is excellent, if you go into it with the idea that it is a new band, and not a reincarnation of Soundgarden or Rage Against the Machine. Although is some areas, musically this band resembles RATM (being becasue all 3 instrumentalists are from that band) they are to be treated as you would treat any new band on the scene.

I recommend this CD, as it is good. Like A Perfect Circle's 'Thirteenth Step', this album does take a few listens to get into, however, once you get the pace of the album, it is very good, and highly enjoyable.

I give it
3.75 out of 5 stars.

If you are a fan of RATM you will enjoy some of this album
If you are a fan of soundgraden you will enjoy most of this album
If you hated either (or both) band then you will probably still enjoy it.

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December 3rd 2003


Sorry, rob, but even as subjective as I can get, I don't think it deserves more than a 3 on the most lenient of scales.

December 3rd 2003


you people are not taking into account that THEY ARE SEPARATE FU[i][/i]CKING BANDS

you cannot compare RATM, Soundgarden, and Audioslave.

You just didn't give it enough of a chance, it takes a while to get used to the sound. Listen to it again, all the way through, and listen to the musci. pretend like the band is full of complete unknown musicians.....

otherwise, you make yourself look like jesus idiots.

December 3rd 2003


quit arguing (everyone) :angry:. I don't want to close this or get anyone banned, but if its what i must do, i will. If you dont like the guys voice or the rating, don't post crap about the author of the review. Next person to continue arguing after this post will get banned.

December 3rd 2003


I apologise to you sting-ray. I stand by my rating--this is (IMO) the most unbiased review I have done to date, and I stand by my ratings on all my reviews.

I apologize and will no longer argue meaninglessly. (I was bored all day and needed something to do to keep me occupied)



December 3rd 2003


I really don't like this CD, with the exception of "I am the Highway", which is excellent. I think this band really is rage meets soundgarden, and the soundgadren type soungs on this album are good but the RATM ones suck because Zach De La Roch is a bit diff then chris.

Mango Kid
December 3rd 2003


I myself would give it a 4/5. I liked it alot. They are seperate bands, so take that into consideration.

December 4th 2003


zack is working with dj shadow????


yeah i also like soundgarden, ratm, but i just can't stand audioslave... i hate to say too mainstream, but that's all i can think of. they're too soft i think.

but i still love cornell's voice....

December 4th 2003


its a good album. I find it a **** sight easier to listen to than RATM (which just sounds dated now)

December 7th 2003


I would also give this album a 3 (disregarding the ridiculous scale in the rules thread, and just rating on quality). It's quite a good mainstream rock record, and it gets a lot of sh[i][/i]it from people who wouldn't be satisified with it anyway. I'm eager to hear what their next album will sound like.

September 10th 2004


ive listnened to a few songs on this album and i never heard anything spetacular, i am a big fan of RATM and the songs that i heard never had any of his sweet solos in it, if there are songs with kik a$$ solos in them can anyone tell me

September 10th 2004


"Like a Stone" has a pretty good solo.

Nice Review :thumb:

This was a pretty good album IMO. It will be interesting to see what they do with the next one.

September 10th 2004


^^^ Awesome avatar.

I'm perfectly aware that RATM and Soundgarden were two different bands and the two dying and joining forces to create a whole new band is going to be completely new but not a track on the cd grabbed me. The solo to "Like A Stone" is neat but.... It's not even that I had high expectations. The album simply bored me. Two excellent bands turning to ashes is bad enough. Having their offspring turn to mediocrity is more crushing the blow.

But that's just my opinion.

September 11th 2004


I dont really like this album, but I like some of the songs.
September 14th 2004


i like the album. 4/5. but im pretty open. anyway, thats not the point of this post.

i think audioslave is still looking for a sound. regardless of whether or not you compare them, they are a combination of rage and soundgarden. and the combination is trying to find something new, something thats neither rage or soundgarden. so im holding my judgement on the band as a whole until their 2nd or 3rd album.

utterly aside from the point, theyre a KICKIN live band. holy CRAP.

October 23rd 2004


this is a pretty good album.
they have a separate identity while retaining some parts of the originals.
the strongest songs are show me how to live, set it off ,like a stone and last remaining light. good review.

November 12th 2004


i have this cd, and i think it is really good. i never liked rage against the machine. the only thing i dont like about audioslave is the fact that morello uses to many effects. My favorite song on here is the last remaining light.

November 13th 2004


Yeh, I agree with IHATECOUNTRYMUSIC. Audioslave's debut album is pretty good. It goes off. MAybe there are a little too many effects from Morello, but Cornell goes off. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE soundgarden (still). But, RATM - could never quite get into them. Particularly because the singer sang the sh*t. RATM are great sounding if u forget about the singer.

I would give Audioslave's album a 4/5. Song's like shadow on the sun seem to mimic some late soundgarden, particularly because of the name. Black hole sun/shadow on the sun. Completely different sounding, but still bring back thoughts of Kim Thayill's mad riff at the beginning of Black Hole Sun. All u rage against the machine fans obviously don't respect Chris Cornell's voice. He is in the same league as Robert Plant - he wails......totally kickass.

November 13th 2004


if morello didnt use whammy and a slide at the same time this album would be a 7/5.

November 13th 2004


I thionk it's his weird effect and unusual playing tactics that make him such a unique guitarist and give both RATM and Audioslave a more unique sound...

November 13th 2004


Rage is awesome, and Sound Garden is alright, but Audioslave is horrible and should never play another song again, except Show Me How To Live, I wouldnt have a problem with that.

Where did the Audioslave bassist come from is he from Rage too?

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