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January 17th, 2005 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Reverse The Curse by Higher Zenith

[URL=http://music.download.com/higherzenith/3600-8592_32-100308132.html"tag=list]Click here to access several mp3 files from this album, legally.[/URL]
[URL=http://www.higherzenith.com/]Higher Zenith's home page[/URL]

Higher Zenith are a currently unsigned band from Ft. Lauderdale, FL (USA). Because of this, this album, Higher Zenith's second, is hard to find. Their first album can be purchased at [URL=http://www.planetcd.com/]Planet CD[/URL], but this one isn't available there yet. I was lucky enough to be sent a free copy of this album through the mail.

  1. Breach The Skies
  2. Remember When
  3. FYI (I Just want you to know)
  4. Before I Met You
  5. Perspectives
  6. From You
  7. Kiss My ***
  8. Not Ready

Higher Zenith's popularity is increasing steadily, and they have recently played support slots for hugely succesful bands such as Def Leppard. Their brand of hard rock is sometimes amazingly brilliant, such as on the album opener, Breach the Skies. This song has great riffs, and a great sound. If only the whole album were up to the standard of this excellent track... This song is better than a lot of mainstream music at the moment. You can download this track through the link at the top.

The rest of the album does not live up to this excellent opener. The band is at it's best when playing full on heavy with anthemic choruses. Unfortunately, the lighter points on this album do not live up this statement. The vocalist's voice is somewhat nasal and gets irritating when he trying to sing beautiully. By the end of this album, I have found that I am not inspired to play it again for a lengthy period, and I believe the singer's voice contributes to this. Breach The Skies is perhaps an exception to this, as everything comes together excellently on this track.

While there are no guitar solos on this album, the guitar work is excellently displayed through some heavy riffs. Perspectives, featured at track 5, is a highlight of the album.

Breach The Skies, Perspectives.
Both these are available through the link at the top.

In conclusion, this band has great potential. They have a great sound, and some great riffs. This is great for people who like both hard rock and indie music. Unfortunately, this will dissapoint metal fans, as metal's standard issue guitar solos are not featured on this album.

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April 12th 2005


I checked out the links you provided. This band is amazing. What I thought was the best was that every song was different in a way. You know sometimes you listen to a CD and you liked the first song but then the second one and the third and fourth one is pretty much the same, well this is definitely not the case. I thought the melodies chosen were very unpredictable and that made it interesting to listen. I did some research and found out that this is an indie band. Wow, I can't even imagine what these guys could do if they had unlimited resources. I also found out that they have their CD for sale on the following site:


Hey Clown, Thanks for letting us know about the band. This one is definitely a keeper..

April 21st 2005


I just purchased this CD and really dug it. I think this band has more than potential- I think they already are onto something pretty great. It is true what clownphobia says in that they are not a true Metal band and they don't have a lot of wild guitar solos, but what they do pocess are some pretty rightous riffs in their own hard rock style. I thought the vocals were right on the money, so I have to disagree with the reviewer on this one- it is in the "nasal" category, but I thought the vocals were cool and beautiful. The lyrics are listed in the CD artwork and they have a lot of interesting themes to them. This is a big recommend in my book and look forward to hearing more from Higher Zenith.

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