Where Do We Go from Here



by daggerdean USER (1 Reviews)
February 24th, 2008 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If you have been looking for an uplifting album to help motivate you though hard times, You cannot and will not go wrong with album!

Pillar have been my favorite band now for about four years, the reason why they have become so is because they have some amazing qualities which make them stand out from most other bands, especially since the release of the album I am reviewing "Where do we go from here"

Pillar have a very clean sound which is a mix of 80s old school rock and new school new wave rock. It works very well and creates a very distinguished sound.
Pillar also use very uplifting lyrics, and this album is the album I usually listen to when I'm not feeling 100%, the reason for the uplifting lyrics is because they are a Christian band, I myself am not a religious person which is fine because they do not emphasize too much about Christ and the lyrics can be easily interpritated into a different meaning, usually being love.

The lead singer of pillar, Rob beckley, has an anmazing, very accessible, clean, melodic voice, which never gets boring or annoying.
Noah Hensons guitar work is also very good and brings alot to the band as a whole. The drums and bass on this ablum are not to the best of Lesters (drums) and Kalel's (bass) ability, but are still good. Pillar have evolved since this album in terms of musical technicality, but I think that this album is on par with their newer material, and is still some of their best work. Complicated is not always best.

Pillar has recently been nominated for a Grammy award, which they did not win but definatly deserved to.

Onto the album review.

1. Hypnotized - A very good start to the album which gives a good taste of what's to come 4/5

2. Bring Me Down - The first single off the album, full of energy and an excellent song to listen to if someone's trying to " bring you down" a very uplifting "feel good" song! 5/5

3. Holding On - Another "feel good" song. If you feel like the obstacles in your life are too much to overcome, this song will make you feel a hell of allot better. 4/5

4. Let It Out - A very high energy song that demands you to sing at the top of your lungs 3.8/5

5. Simply - A song about being accepted by god, which is not obvious when listening to the song. 3.8/5

6. Rewind - One word describes this song, that word being "beautiful" about rewinding time to right wrongs in your life 4.5/5

7. Frontline - Pillars tribute to the troops, and second single off the album. Quite possibly the best tribute song of the 21st century! "Everybody with your fists raised high, let me here your battlecry tonight!" 5/5

8. Underneath It All - Another "feel good song" full of energy, a very reassuring song. 4/5

9. Dirty Little Secret - This song is about internet porn, which is not obvious because I didn’t relies until I read a Pillar interview, another high energy Pillar song 3.5/5

10. Staring Back - one of the weaker songs on the album 3/5

11. One Thing - This song is about not being alone when feeling a certain emotion in life 3/5

12. Aftershock - The perfect way to end the album, A very high energy song that demands you to bang your hard and sing along. 5/5

As a mentioned earlier, the drums and the bass are lacking on this album, but sometimes simple is better, especially if your looking for a more slow paced, easy listening rock album.
If you have been looking for an uplifting album to help motivate you though hard times, You cannot and will not go wrong with album, or with any other Pillar album. I recommend this band to all my friends and now I'm recommending it to you, go buy now!


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February 24th 2008


Review was ok, but it's your first review so I'm not going to be a bitch. Just check for some typos, 'has an anmazing'.
Also, you should get rid of the track by track bit and try and extend the first few paragraphs that you had written. Overall reviews flow and read much better than a track by track.

February 24th 2008


Like reznor said, check for typos and also try to be more detailed if you're going to do a tbt (track-by-track). Pillar are decent for what they are, and Lester is a spectacular drummer.

Electric City
February 24th 2008


First, don't do what you did for the recommendations ever ever again.

Second, lots of typos.

Third, those descriptions need serious beef.

February 24th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

Listen to what Mediocre and Electric said, and it would do good to change the summary so that it's about the music. (or just don't have one)

February 24th 2008


First, don't do what you did for the recommendations ever ever again

rofl I didn't even notice that. It's pretyt funny.

February 24th 2008


You should go and read a couple of other reviews the site to at least see what kind of material you should be producing. If you haven't seen another track by track yet, they describe the songs in full and in many different ways.
Just don't give up after all of this lol.

February 24th 2008


Not bad for a first. Try to move away from Track-by-tracks as you write more. You need a lot more descriptions for the songs. You didn't really explain the sound of the music.
Don't get discouraged, just follow the criticism and you'll be great at this in no time.

Now about the band. I've heard a few songs here and there but nothing ever really hit me as being great. Just not my style i guess.

February 25th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

WOW, I can’t believe how encouraging and kind all of you are, thank you all very much for your comments!

February 25th 2008


I think all the nice people on mx just happened to comment in this thread. Everyone else here is a jerk. K not rly but ya know.

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