Bullet For My Valentine
Scream, Aim, Fire



by Captain North USER (6 Reviews)
February 19th, 2008 | 15 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Amazing guitar, terrible lyrics. This album has both good and bad...and some very bad.

Bullet For My Valentine is yet another popular metalcore band that is forever condemned by critics. Personally, for a lot of bands I disagree, and in fact, I disagree for this band as well. While yes, some of the major criticism’s are rather true – for one, their lyrics are atrocious – many other are not. For one, I’ve heard it said that their guitars are no good. Rubbish. In fact, their guitars are the driving force behind the band (and the main thing that actually makes them metal) and the guitars are out in force on this album. From the soaring solo’s on Hearts Burst Into Fire and Say Goodbye to the flat out riffage of End of Days and Last to Know it’s the guitars that got 2 marks of my rating for this album.

Unfortunately, the album kicks off with the worst two songs available (complete with perhaps the worst lyrics in the whole of metal) – Scream Aim Fire and Eye of the Storm. The latter’s lyrics seem to convey the meaning “There’s a storm, lolz. I’m going to describe it in this song!!” while Scream Aim Fire manages to be insensitive as well as meaningless. These two songs are more than bad enough to scare off potential listeners, so it was foolish to put them where they are (on even on the album…let alone naming the album after one of them!)

Hearts Burst Into Fire is next and contains the best intro on the album. I finally felt the album might prove to be alright with this song. Admittedly the lyrics aren’t particularly up my alley, cliché to the point of never return, however, they are sung with enough sincerity and with emotional guitar work that the point is almost moot.

The next two songs are boring, meaningless and are simply not worth reviewing. So instead I’ll skip right onto Deliver Us From Evil where the album finally starts looking up. Some people might find the length of the song too much, but I didn’t actually notice how long it was, it was enjoyable, and non-repetitive, enough not to be a major factor. It contains a decent verse and a catchy chorus, despite the bad lyrics.

However, the music really starts looking better at this point with the following two songs the best on the album. Take It Out On Me is my second favourite song on here, and contains the best lyrics (no doubt due to the guest writer) as well as great soloing and singing. Admittedly some parts remind me of 4 Words but this song manages everything that song didn’t. As for Say Goodbye, it’s my favourite on the album and contains some extremely emotional guitar work. It also has some nice contrasts between power ballad and metalcore, however its not the abrupt changes found with some bands, rather a natural rise and fall of the music. Very nice.

What follows are two standard, but still interesting, metalcore songs with bad lyrics and good guitar. ‘Nuff said. However, there needs to be a word said about album finale Forever and Always. Yes, the lyrics are as corny as you would think from the title. Yes, the song goes on for a minute or so too long. Yes, it is repetitive. No, it’s not a bad song. As paradoxical as it sounds, it’s actually a decent and enjoyable song. Strange, but true.

- Brilliant and emotional guitar work from Paget
- Surprisingly good vocals from Tuck

- Extremely bad lyrics
- Boring drumming
- Can’t hear the bass
- The first two songs

- Say Goodbye
- Take It Out On Me
- Last To Know

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February 19th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

Huh - this looks like one of my first reviews. Try to describe the songs a bit more, although what you have here is decent in my mind.

February 19th 2008


yeah, i agree with ninjuice, you aren't a bad writer, just need more detail. Read plenty of reviews, and i think it'll work out for you.
However, most metalcore sucks.

February 19th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

I wouldn't necessarily say most metalcore sucks, but I do agree with those saying there are few artists giving it a good name. (kind of like pop punk! ?)

February 19th 2008


Album Rating: 1.5

this album is horrible

this review is not even close to descriptive enough

add some more detail

February 19th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

I am so ready to dislike this album, but it's catchy enough for me not to.

The "No Easy Way Out" cover makes me happy.

February 19th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

I've heard the title track and I liked it, so maybe I'll pick this up. And I agree with everyone else, describe what the albums sounds like more.

February 19th 2008


- Brilliant and emotional guitar work from Paget
- Surprisingly good vocals from Tuck

Get rid of that second one and then we'll talk

February 19th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

^I agree, Poison vocals were better.

February 19th 2008


from what i heard about this second album, i heard that bfmv sold out, but i still need some more confirmation.
^i'm pretty sure the vocals would be better here, you can't get much worse with the vocals on Poison (typical emo fanboy vocals reminiscient of underoath and the devil wears prada and the like)

February 19th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

Not a bad first review, I agree with you at some points, disagree with you on others. I personally didn't like Say Goodbye due to the forced screaming at the end that ruined it for me, but it was mostly alright...

Terrible album as a whole though. Almost every "heavy" song on the album was horrible in my opinion. But hey, to each his own. Like I said, pretty decent review man.

Captain North
February 21st 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

Thanks everybody. Yeah, descriptiveness IS something I have to work on. Looking back at this review (which I note ashamedly I wrote in about 5 minutes and posted without editing or anything) I spent far too much time talking about my own personal opinion rather than the album itself.

As for agreeing or disagreeing with me, well, each to their own. I don't have a particularly 'refined' taste and a heck of a lot of the stuff I like gets bagged out pretty badly. But I don't mind, sounds good to my ears, it sounds good. I personally don't like technical playing too much myself (stuff like Opeth's heavy stuff and Tool), I find them boring. *shrug*

May 1st 2008


The vocal's most of the time are freaking terrible on this album. Other than Micheal Tuck's limited ability as a frontman singing and writingwise, this is a really good album.

September 27th 2008


Bullet For My Washing Line suck.

Captain North
September 27th 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

^Well, agreed...now. And while a bad review, it wasn't so bad for a first timer. xD

September 27th 2008


This isn't metalcore, it's just a word nearly every newish metal band has been branded with by the media. If you still think this is metalcore, find me the hardcore influence, and a breakdown doesn't count as an influence. They are just crap metal.

Shit album.

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