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Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Ghostface shines for the second time in 2006, although this effort has lest thematic consistency and some awful guest verses

2006’s earlier release “Fishscale” was a lot like “Supreme Clientele” – Ghost drifted away from his previous reliance on excessive guests, as well as the RZA’s production, and created a lengthy, but tightly constructed, album that turned out a classic. “Fishscale,” however, far surpassed “Clientele.” In this sense, “More Fish” – “Fishscale’s” sequel – is a lot like “Ironman”; there are a ***load of samples, some recycled songs, and several songs Ghost isn’t even on. However, like “Fishscale” to “Clientele,” “More Fish” is far superior to “Ironman.”

After a New Year’s Eve countdown skit, “Ghost is Back,” a mixtape freestyle over the Eric B. & Rakim classic “Juice (Know The Ledge)” beat, comes on. Unlike most freestyles spit over classic beats, Ghost doesn’t imitate or jack the original song in any way. His lines – hilarious and mile-a-minute – are fresh and thoroughly entertaining (“I opened up her legs like ‘Ooh – I smell fish!’”). If you said that Ghost’s freestyle surpasses the original song, I wouldn’t argue with you.

What follows is a duet with Ghostface’s weed carrier Trife Da God and son Sun God – “Miguel Sanchez.” Ghost is nowhere on the song, but, unlike on “Ironman,” the song doesn’t suffer much from it. Both Trife and Sun God hold there own.

“Guns N Razors” could have been left off of here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad song. All of the rappers on it do a fairly good job and the beat isn’t awful, but the song just isn’t especially great.

“Outta Town ***” – a Ghostface solo track – is an entirely different story. Ghost’s story is on par with his “Fishscale” stories and the beat is just incredible. It is subtle, yet funky and goes incredibly well with Ghost’s voice and flow.

The following song, which is in the same vein as the similarly ***ted on “Tush” Ghost did with Missy Elliott a few years back, “Good” is usually cited as the worst song on this CD and one of the worst of his career. I can understand how one could come to this conclusion – the song is stylistically different from the rest of the CD and interrupts the CD’s flow considerably. It is still a good song, though, even if it is a little out of place on this CD.

The two songs that follow are different stories – they are grimy, stunning classics that flow well with this CD. They are like “Fishscale” on crack.

“Pokerface” – weed carrier Shawn Wigs’ first solo track – is generally mediocre. The beat and chorus bang, but Shawn isn’t an exceptional MC. It’s a good song, but not because of the verses.

“Greedy Bitches” with Redman and Shawn Wigs is the whole reason I bought this CD. The stuttering chorus and bouncy beat are irresistible and the verses are straight fire.

“Josephine” is somewhere between “Good” and “Fishscale’s” “Big Girl.” Everything about it is good.

Then the weed carriers start to slip.

“Grew Up Hard” could and should have been left off of here entirely (is it just me, or do Ghost’s Theodore Unit weed carriers do nothing but complain in their rhymes"). “Blue Armor” has two good Ghost verses, but his weed carrier of choice is tacky as hell.

After that slight dip, things pick back up with “You Know I’m No Good” (with famously talented crack whore Amy Whinehouse) and “Alex (Stolen Script),” which tells the story of the movie Ray’s production. Both are stunning.

Notoriously unpopular weed carrier Shawn Wigs reappears with Eamon on the soulful “Gotta Hold On.” Wigs himself doesn’t do that great of a job MCing, but the chorus and beat are soul-drenched beauty.

Then “More Fish” wraps up with the ***tastic remix of “Back Like That” with Kanye West (who, admittedly, does have a good line in there – “I don’t know how to say this, but I’m kind of a big deal”).

Best Songs*: Josephine, Miguel Sanchez, Gotta Hold On

Classic Songs: Ghost Is Back, Outta Town ***, Street Opera, Block Rock, Greedy Bitches

Worst Songs: Grew Up Hard, Miss Info Celebrity Drama Skit, Back Like That Remix

*Classic songs are listed under "Classic Songs"; "Best Songs" is the best besides the classics

Rating: 4/5: Exceptional

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November 16th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Really good album, surprised this came out the same year as Fishscale

November 17th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

whoa, a two year old review that didn't get its first comment until yesterday


November 30th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

You're welcome

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