Airborn Audio
Good Fortune



by Hep Kat USER (121 Reviews)
February 10th, 2008 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Prepare the painkillers if you want to fly with this hip-hop duo.

Ok High Priest and M Sayyid. Cut the shit. You guys are both emcees with cool names. You look thug as sin on your album cover, and believe me, that sells albums. Hell, even Airborn Audio is a name that’ll turn some browsing heads entranced by the Curtis’s and Graduation’s of the shrinking CD aisles. Of course that could merely be due to the missing vowel’s invisible presence. Either way, cut the shit, because that to me sounds like the perfect recipe for creating an experimental hip-hop album that at the very least will impress the internet critics. And if you breach RS at some point, that wouldn’t surprise me either.

Good Fortune sucks. Experimental gets annoying here, and that’s wholly unacceptable in the rap world, where either you’re cute or your lyrics are, or you’re going nowhere but the K-Mart Blue-Light special bins. You pop in the disc and get loaded up on “Monday Through Sunday” which will easily make you want to pop yourself in the jaw for even considering listening to this. The constant “ping-pong” electro-whatever beat will grate on your every nerve and might even induce hallucinations of a robot female on it’s/her (Presidential Issue of 2108) period. Mine was Rosie of Jetsons fame. To be perfectly honest, I had a serious headache after Good Fortune’s opener, so I decided to skip ahead a bit on my first listen to “Now I Lay Me Down.” What a mistake. If I wanted to listen to the music from that one level of that Genesis Sonic game, I’d go fucking plug it in. Of course it isn’t a total loss, as Airborn then switch to something that would fit in modern videogames: the growingly metrosexual Final Fantasy series. The belched (and I mean like burping) lyrics ranging from kids alone at home to “ho’s in the sun” are just the kind of inane tripe I’d expect from a rapper who actually makes money. C’mon Good Fortune. How can you tank this badly" Oh, then Priest chimes in with his nasally wannabe Birdman lines and the migraine intensifies.

Really, there isn’t a single saving grace for Good Fortune sans it’s length. But even though this mess is mercifully short, it’s nonetheless a painful experience. After expecting an album full of unique, catchy music with hook-laden poetic lyrics, I was sorely disappointed by Airborn Audio’s performance. When compared to other experimental hip-hop acts such as Panacea or Deltron 3030, it just doesn’t stack up. I’ll stay with traditional, ground-based audio for now.

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February 12th 2008


This is more of a rant than anything else.

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