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January 29th, 2008 | 12 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "Unlike a fair share of techno, these songs feel like 'songs,' not a collection of clever samples and a race to the fastest BPM on the planet."

After much criticism from the people, the Brothers have devised a simple, yet genius, way of getting back at them, which sums up the album "Surrender". The big beat masters have effortlessly ditched their old-school style and created something more techno-orientated. At times it feels like a change is needed, and thats what Ed and Tom took into consideration. While their previous hit album, "Dig Your Own Hole", defined the word 'big' and turned it into 'massive', but yet was never dance-proof or flashy, but deep in substance. In "Surrender", however, they take every noted mistake we've heard from the past and have turned it against us.

The album almost kicks into high gear with "Music: Response", an intro to the new them. Very well built and structured, sounding a lot like some of Kraftwerk's material. A brilliant start to a brilliant album. Almost instantly, "Under The Influence" manages to squeeze in between, with a booming bassline kicking every milli-second of **** out your ears. While the amazing song doesn't last very long, "Out Of Control" makes up for lost time. Featuring the brilliant vocals of Bernard Sumner from New Order, this is definitely a highlight of the album. More techno sounding, they offer us a much more dancable track to crump to, and is a favorite song when played live.

"Orange Wedge" follows up, but unfortunately I have to say is the worst track. Its good, but overshadowed by the rest of the brilliant songs. Noel Gallagher teams up with the Chemical Brothers again for more bouncy vocals over a sampled Beatles track, but ends too soon. Would've been slightly better if the track had a bit more variation and length. "The Sunshine Underground" is a hypnotizing 8 and a half minute journey into the imagination, when you close your eyes and the song paints a picture for you. This is a must for any Chemical fan.

"Asleep From Today" is a sleepy and stretched out track over Hope Sandoval's soothing voice, hence the name of the song. If you enjoy Dido or The Beatles, you'll love this one. An excellent intro with dreamy flute and trumpet noises. Another highlight hit. With many complaining the Chemical Brothers going a bit mainstream today, "Got Glint"" takes one of the heavy blows. Its a collection of guitar and piano riffs together with a Chinese flute over the chorus. Taking a heavy turn away from their big beat ways, the brothers get into the techno-era with "Hey Boy, Hey Girl", probably the best on the album. Its stylish execution and up-tempo beats attempt makes it another favorite track played live.

"Surrender", the album song, is an impressive mix of big beat magic with many electronic references, such as The Prodigy and Moby. It features a familiar chorus line mostly heard in a couple of TV adverts, but fails to land popularity on the charts. Its an underrated song, but one of my personal favorites off the album. The final track, "Dream On", is another soothing number similiar to Beth Orton's featurette. Despite the song being slow and sleezy, the work on the details is excellent. Overall, a great outro.

Most say "Surrender" is overrated, and some say its one of the best of the brothers, but my thoughts is straight-forward and simple; the greatest alum they've ever done. Even though some songs aren't as popular as we had hoped to be, they do still have an impact on the Chemical Brothers long-living career. Really worth the hype!

Definitely Download:
- Under The Influence
- Out of Control
- The Sunshine Underground
- Got Glint"
- Hey Boy, Hey Girl
- Surrender

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MrHell (3)
Every listener should find their own slice of pie in this one, whether it be a rockhead or club-goer...

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January 29th 2008


i guess you really like these guys.

dub sean
January 29th 2008


i guess you really like these guys.

January 29th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Wouldn't agree with a 5, but this is a genuinely excellent album for sure.

July 19th 2011


So agree man. Orange Wedge was horrible. That loud synth drove me crazy, but nice review man, but wouldn't agree with the rating.

February 11th 2012


This is pretty good so far, though I'd be lying if I said I enjoy this style more than their previous.

April 3rd 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

Have had this for so long but never listened to it properly, might have to change that

November 6th 2013


Probably their most "daylight" album, so to speak. Push the Button isn't far tho.
They've succeeded to make both midnight & afternoon music.
Needless to say, "Hey Boy Hey Girl" is one of the greatest dance tracks in the Universe.

December 29th 2013


just got head while driving to "Hey boy Hey Girl" m/

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February 24th 2014


Out of nowhere I've been on a kick of these guys the past few days. Sunshine Underground is one of their best.

July 18th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

The bass on Under the Influence wrecks the highway it's crzy

Contributing Reviewer
July 18th 2015


Album Rating: 4.5

Under The Influence kills.

Even if I still can't hear it without mentally preparing myself for a race on Wip3out.

Ocean of Noise
February 1st 2016


Amazing album.

Digging: Napalm Death - Fear, Emptiness, Despair

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