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Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Modest Mouse-inspired Indie Rock, that takes the listener to a joyful weekend feeling, with purposed lyrics combined with sweet guitar and consistency.

The Band:
Christian Hjelm (vocals, guitars)
Claus Johansen (guitars, backing vocals)
Kristian Volden (drums, percussion)
Mads Kjærgaard (bass, backing vocals)
Jens Ramon (piano, synth)

The first time I heard about this Danish five-piece band was on a British radio morning show. They played Debate Because it's Over which was their first single from their debut album Shake Mountain. And that song just simply caught my ear. It had all the elements of a great Indie song, energy, happiness and simple hooky guitar riffs. So I decided to go to the closest record shop and try to find some of this band. I found Skeleton, their second album. It didn't include the song I had heard before, but it surely didn't dissapoint me. It was exactly what I was hoping for after the few four minutes they had offered me.

The Opening track Race You is a very slow piano song. It's not bad, but I find that it wasn't a very good decision to put it as the opener. It is actually one of the weaker songs on this album, which really isn't typical for an opener. It's followed by The Wonder, what changes completely the style after the previous track, from sad to happy and from slow to fast. It has the energy and it's a great catchy song that makes you wanna move. The chorus is one of the best in the album with fun lyrics "take your time to grow and leave forever, because it takes time to get it together for a long time." The third track All Night keeps up the same great feeling. Later on some songs get a little bit too repetitive, like Fiery Affair and Back in the Day. Although fortunately I never felt an annoying boredom during the 45 minutes, like in numerous albums of the same music style. Every song is good enough to be played at least a few times, while some stand out more than others. My personal favourite on this comes nicely after half an hour, it's the 9th track Ghost Towns, which in my opinion will challenge any listener to not chant along "I need someone and you need someone to love tonight." After the great closer Release Me on the Floor you might want more, just like me.

This band has something that every fan of Indie and Alternative music should hear. This is one of those bands that have been underrated for a while and that deserve more attention. I guess if this band was American or English it would sell significantly more.
Overall it's an exellent album by a talented band that you should have a look at before you get too old, since this music makes you feel as young as you've ever been.

Track-by-track ratings:
Race You 3/5
The Wonder 5/5
All Night 4/5
Silver Ponds 4/5
Ambush 4/5
Rivalry 3,5/5
I Remember 4,5/5
Other Plans 4/5
Ghost Towns 5/5
Continous Songs 3,5/5
Fiery Affair 3/5
Wrong Way All the Way 4,5/5
Back in the Day 3/5
Release Me on the Floor 4,5/5

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January 26th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

This was my first review, so I'm really thankful if you leave comments. I definitely need some criticism.

July 22nd 2008


Sounds slightly interesting but you didnt really describe the actual music much except for saying that it is indie.

I always find that scandinavian bands that try to do indie usually end up sounding poppy and generic. (Sigur ros excepted, of course)

July 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Sounds slightly interesting but you didnt really describe the actual music much except for saying that it is indie.

I know and I admit it. This review pretty much sucks. At least compared to my second review which I think I did well. I haven't listened to this band for months now, but I remember for sure that this album was good with some great songs. And that it's closer to Indie Pop than Indie Rock..

Anyway I did this review really fast and it could be a lot better, but since Figurines doesn't seem to get a lot of attention here in Sputnik, I'm too lazy to listen to it, edit it and make it a good review.

Thanks for your commentThis Message Edited On 07.23.08

July 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Gotta show some respect towards you (assuming you're American or Australian) for knowing that Denmark and Iceland are Scandinavia. =D

I'm from Helsinki, Finland (the city that the BAD Aussie band used in their name haha)

July 25th 2008


Not much respect required really, im from ireland so I wouldnt be as politically geographically incorrect as the yanks and as globally apathetic as the aussies.

I have a couple of those architecture in helsinki albums, they're so annoying. They write one or two good songs (hold music, It'5) and build an album of corny and glib songs around them.

January 4th 2009


It's a good first review. A couple words of advice though: I don't think listing album credits is necessary--the space is for your review and it kind of takes away from it. Clearly, you have improved with your future reviews but you did good here.

More of a personal thing, but I hate it when paragraphs aren't proportionally the same size. It must be the OCD beast in me.

October 22nd 2010


I might end up checking these guys out ....... i'm still catching up on a few indie bands to check out though

September 18th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

This band should have taken off in a big way after this little gem but unfortunately they have passed under the radar and are now practically undetectable in your local CD shop and airplay is non existent. Real Shame and as a result one of my favorite bands have gone bye bye.

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