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by Scott Herren USER (42 Reviews)
January 16th, 2005 | 169 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

The origin of Air begins in Paris in 1995 when Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel met while studying at the same college. During 1996-1997, the duo released 3 singles, and remixed for electronica bands like Depeche Mode. Then in 1998, they released their album debut, Moon Safari. This is by no means a danceable record, although it may be classified in the dace section. It is airy electronica with elements of new wave. The duo implements a female vocalist, Beth Hirsch, on several of the songs, and the album has a sensual feel.

La Femme d'Argent
The song opens with some buzzing, and a new wave synth percussion. Soon after a nice bassline comes in with a keyboard. The song is very warm. There are no vocals, but there is some background, choir like, humming. The song is mainly driven by the keyboard playing, and some atmospheric spacy effects. Meanwhile the bass line plods along. This is a very good background music, chill out type song. Overall, I like this song for it's soothing factor. Later on in the song, cymbals come in, and the song gets louder and louder, building up to a wonderful climax about 6 minutes in. 4/5

Sexy Boy
This song begins with a darker sounding synth, and for the first time actual drums are used. Female vocals are present in this song, repeating the words "sexy boy" several times. Then the song takes on a lighter mood, and the vocals get soft and sensual, singing in French I think. I like the harder, darker part of the song the best though. Overall, this is one of the better songs on the album, and I believe is one of the singles off of the album. 4.5/5

All I Need
This is my favorite song on the album. There is a clean guitar playing, and the song is so spacious. There are female vocals, Beth Hirsch, singing in English, and they are beautiful. I always tend to like the songs sung by females better anyway, but there is a part about a minute and ten seconds in where she sings a really high part, and it is amazing. The vocals are the main part of this with the accompanying music just doing a great job of supporting. This is really a minimalistic type of song compared to the last two. There is a nice piano solo near the end also that just adds to the greatness of the song. 5/5

Kelly Watch the Stars
The title kind of gives it away, but this is a spacey song. There is a pounding low synth, and the male vocals are distorted in this pretty cool computerized way, pretty typical from what you have probably heard if you listen to 80s new wave. Around the midway point, a piano comes in a the song gets really nice, with a high keyboard riff mimicing the melody. All in all I think this is a pretty good, but not great song. 3.5/5

This is a slower, softer song than the previous 4. There is a spacey organ, and a long echo effect, that sustains this howling sound. The keyboard riff is the main part of the song along with the bass line. Then around the 1 minute mark, some percussion comes in and the song begins to pick up pace. This continues, and the song builds up, adding more and more instruments and sounds, until it finally ends on a wonderful note. No lyrics, but a great instrumental song. 4/5

This is one of my favorites on the album. The song is characterized by the same spacey synths, and effects, but what really makes the song memorable are the digitized vocals. When he sings the "remember" part, it is so hypnotic and catchy, and that is really one of the highlights of the song and the album overall. This is not a good song for people who don't enjoy effects on vocals though. Luckily I do. 5/5

You Make It Easy
The song opens with what sounds like waves crashing, although they are obviously artificially created. This is another song where Beth Hirsch sings, and for that reason alone, the song is likeable. Other reasons are a great song structure, wonderful background music to accompany the gorgeous vocals. This is a softer sensual love song, and I love it. 5/5

Ce Matin La
Spacey strings, and an alarm type of synth repeating with an acoustic guitar begin this song. Then the guitar leaves, and the strings take center stage. Then after a while there is an AMAZING horn solo. After a little while with the horn solo, the guitar comes back in for a little while to join the horn, but then leaves the horn alone again, and that is the best part of the song, when the horn is playing. Soon after, the horn leaves, and the strings take over again, and sound just as lovely as before. The horn comes back in for a little while near the end. The melody is really catchy, and the song overall is very addicting despite the fact that there are no vocals. 5/5

New Star in the Sky (Chanson Pour Solal)
This song is light and airey, with an acoustic guitar, and keyboard synth to open up. The keyboard effects used throughout the song are varied, and most of them are very beautiful. Vocals come in at the 1 minute 40 second mark, and fit the mood perfectly. They are dreamy and soft, taking a backstage to the instruments. There are some sounds of children playing, adding to the atmosphere of the song. This is one of the longer songs, and is pretty well done, and a terrific mood song. 5/5

Le Voyage de Penelope
This song has a different type of song structure than the rest of the album. It is almost as if they were sad to have to end the album, and decided to make a sad bluesy tune. The wah-wah effect on the guitar is pretty catchy to go along with nice horn piece that is played throughout, and makes the song. As if on queue, near the end, the synthesized percussion comes in, and the song takes on it's dream/spacey effect that defines the album. 4/5

This album is probably not for everyone, but anyone who enjoys electronica, or easy listening will no doubt enjoy this album. It is one of my favorites in the genre, and worthy of a high rating despite not being accessible to everyone.

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November 16th 2004


I enjoy electronica and easy listening, but I don't really like this album. I prefer the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. I really quite like 'All I Need' though.

Very detailed review too, nice.

November 16th 2004


Is this better than Walkie Talkie?

Scott Herren
November 16th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0


November 16th 2004


Air = Sex

Great review.

February 22nd 2005


I like this album.

It's pretty awesome.

The Ashtray Girl
March 3rd 2005


I love this album, and pretty much agree with your review.

Good stuff.

BlackDeathMetalJazz or really ANYTHING else please-
April 14th 2005


Im glad someone reveiwed this.

April 22nd 2005


This is a wonderful album.

One of my top albums of all time.

I bought this album after being captivated by the Sexy Boy video.

You will listen to this for years to come.

My top track is La Femme D'Argent thanks

Little Man being Erased
August 2nd 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I prefer 10,000 Hz Legend and Talkie Walkie over this.

August 3rd 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Good review, awesome album.

December 20th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

This is one of the best electronica albums of all time.

Their are no bad tracks and "All I Need" is possibly my favorite electronica song of all time.

Nice review.

The Jungler
March 7th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Remember is my favorite track I think, i wish it was longer though..

Good reveiw, really detailed

March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

This album is so beautiful. Why do we hate the French again?

La Femme D'Argent gets a 6/5 in my book. Sounds like straight up porn music, with ambience and charm.

There isn't really a skippable song if you're into ambient music.

The Jungler
March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I'm not a huge fan of Kelly Watchs the Stars, If they could have left it off and replaced with another really great one it would have been an easy 5.

April 4th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

I feel like the only person that truly likes "Kelly Watch The Stars"

And I totally agree about the high note in All I Need, best moment on the album for me, Beth Hirsch Roxxorz my soxxorzThis Message Edited On 04.07.06

December 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

My head hurts so I'm listening to this album. It's awesome. All I Need is basically the best song ever (not really, but you know)This Message Edited On 12.29.06

February 15th 2007


The songs I've heard are some of the few electronica that I like. I especially like Ce Matin La.

Apocalyptic Raids
February 19th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Awesome album.

April 29th 2007


OooOOooOoooO sEexxXy BooOoOoOy

June 16th 2007


If you need sleep, don't listen to this in the car. Or mabye you should to calm down your road rage. great!

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