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Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This album has the heaviness of metal and the speed of hardcore.

First Blood is defined mainly by their fast paced music and by their heavier-than-hardcore breakdowns. The china cymbal is utilized very much, as that is an essential during a breakdown. Certain instruments and certain lines may get overplayed, but this is not a record that will get boring fast. It has a certain...edge" that makes it listen able over and over.

Starting out, if you are a fan of [i]First Blood[i]'s older releases, you will find this one of much higher quality. They were signed to Trustkill, a big label in hardcore and metal, where you'll find other bands such as Too Pure To Die, Soldiers, Terror, This is Hell, and a big one...Throwdown. Since being signed to the Trustkill family, First Blood has increased in speed and in heaviness. Speaking of Terror, the vocalist, Carl Schwartz, is ex-vocalist of them. So we now see where First Blood gets some of their sound.

What you're going to hear mainly throughout this album, is a very chuggy style of music with the back influence of older hardcore. The vocals may get quite repetitive after a while, but I'm sure you'll get used to them in time. A big standout track in this album is Armageddon. This is the only instrumental track you will find on the CD and it is the outro to the album. It is the heaviest of heavy breakdowns on the album, and you will be pleased by this album, probably just by this song(ESPECIALLY if you like heavy breakdowns). If for anything, get this album for this song itself.

A big hit from First Blood from kids within the scene is 'Next Time I See You You're Dead'. Providing intimidating lyrics and pretty much a minute of full on fast paced hardcore, this is all the kids need. Some songs are hard to identify from others also, but after a few listens throughout, you'll find that you can tell the difference. The song Conspiracy is probably the most relentless song on the album providing you with non-stop yelling from the master Carl and heavy guitars from Kyle and Manuel. What you get mostly though and notice mostly, is the superb drumming of Rhett. He is what you will notice and want to play along to during most of these songs. I would recommend this album to all drums alike who like this type of music. It seems that the drums stand out more than anything on this entire album.

Conflict is another standout tune on the album. The beginning lyrics of "Nowhere to run! To Hide!", show what First Blood thinks of their enemies. It quickly runs into a breakdown filled with gang chants, and then use of the china cymbal quickly. It will make any dancer want to move. It goes into the old-school chugging guitars that will then execute in the two step. The transitions between these are all flawless and barely noticeable as a stoppage in the music. The song then seems to repeat itself over again. I could say the same about Execution, Suffocate and Tides. You wouldn't think to yourself that this album would be enjoyable if so repetitive, but you'll find your little favorites inside this album and find some small differences from each song, such as a different style breakdown or even faster paced music. The actual song First Blood, for any of you fans of their older stuff, does not have the soundclip from the movie Rambo: First Blood anymore. Rather than that, you get barricaded with a yell right at the start and a nice double bass to set the mood. They then gang vocalize 'They drew first blood! Not ***ing me!," in which they use their own band name. This phrase is repeated throughout the song, maybe for a reason" Oh well, it's unknown.

Altogether, Killafornia is a solid release, atleast a solid full-length debut. I will repeat, any metal or hardcore fan alike will enjoy this album.

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January 20th 2008


My review of the first sentence of this review:

What the FUCK are you talking about?

January 20th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

I take it that English isn't your first language? Terrible review. BTW, Carl played bass in Terror and the drumming on this, much like the music, is pretty generic.

Let's Chop Cats!
January 21st 2008


Only good thing the band ever did was share a split with Blacklisted.

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