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Projekt Revolution 8/13/07



by scarsremain USER (7 Reviews)
December 20th, 2007 | 80 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Are you Fucking feeling it right now?

First and Foremost, I want to apologize for the spelling error in the name of this album.
During their Projekt Revolution tour, LP was selling copies of that night’s concert via download codes. I was not able to attend the concert, but a friend who did was nice and gave me a copy of the concert CD. Since this is a live CD, I’ll be doing a track by track. Don't worry; my next review won't be one.

01. The concert starts out with the crowd cheering as Mr. Hahn plays the intro that resembles No More Sorrow on the keys. Then Brad comes in doing a rendition of the song with his guitar for a minute. Then the drums and Bass kick in and play a drum focus beat, after which the actual version of No More Sorrow starts itself. Chester does really good handling the vocals, even though some of the screaming was taken out.

02. After No More Sorrow, the band goes right into the intro for Lying from you. Mike starts yelling at the crowd to put "their ***ing hands up". When Mike raps starts rapping, he sounded really good even for not rapping for a couple of years. Chester gets a little off key in the chorus, but does fine otherwise.

03. Some drums starts playing a beat and Chester enters his first speech with "Are you ***ing feeling it right now" "Gonna set the mood tonight". The song turns out to be Somewhere I belong. The turntables really shine on this one, but for some reason, mikes rapping seems a little out of place.

04/05. Mike greets the crowd, exclaiming how good it feels to be back, and then the band starts the MTM intro, Wake. Instead of just suddenly bring in the guitar; LP does a feed back thing which ruins the song a little. After Wake, Brad explodes into the opening riff of Given Up. It sounds like it was meant to be played live. Chester seems a little off again in the chorus, and you can hear his voice coming tired a bit. When Chester starts screaming "Put me out of my ***ing misery!" Chester doesn’t scream for the full 17 seconds, which is a disappointment, but you can tell that he tried.

06. The song starts with the synth and turntables intro for a long time while brad slams his guitar. When the guitars come in for the verse, Chester lets loose this bloodcurdling scream of "BREAK" which last for like 10 seconds. No wonder his voice goes to hell in the verse. His voice breaks a little in the verses, and instead of screaming the bridge, he shouts it. Overall, a great performance of the song.

07. Papercut starts with exclaiming how good it feels to be back. While the band plays the intro to the song in the background, he asks the audience if there are any LP fans out there that have been down with LP for a long ass time. He then proceeds to dedicate the song to them, and bursts into the rapping that introduced us to them so many years ago. Chester screams every other word in the pre chorus, and then they both burst into the chorus. Chester ruins it a bit when he tries to go out of his range in the bridge, but mike brings it back to normal.

08. Points of Authority starts with Mike rapping a verse from the Fort Minor song “Second to None”. Then tells “his man” Chester to take it away, in which he does. The only disappointment was when Linkin Park didn’t do the computer chopped up and turntable ending. They just played a series of staccato notes, similar to the ending of QWERTY.

09. Mike dedicates Hands Held High to New Orleans, which he states is only 67% rebuilt at this point he says. Then he starts the most politically inspiring song of with the signature raps. Chester alone sings the chorus of Amen’s, which is very effective to the least. At the end of the song, Chester keeps singing the Amen’s, while Mike handles the Chorus of Hands Held High.

10. The song starts with Mike telling the crowd how he likes how they sing, and then Rob gives 4 taps on his drumsticks. The opening sample of numb is heard, and the crowd goes out of their minds. They just lose it. Seeing as this is the song that got many people into Linkin Park, I’m not surprised. This song is the best performance of the night, seeing as how the band probably has performed this a million times by now.

11. Numb ends, and we hear a piano playing softly in the background. Chester then starts crooning softly the song Pushing Me Away. Now if you’ve heard this song before, it’s the softest song on Hybrid Theory. Its still has the guitars and synths and rapping in it. But when Chester plays it by himself on the piano, it has a more powerful feeling takes place. The song has had the rapping taken out, but keeps its original verse structure. Overall the best song on this Album.

12. Breaking the Habit is always played live with a piano intro, which starts right after the previous track. A good performance of the song, but people who have it on LPU 6.0 should have already heard it, so it’s no big deal.

13. Shadow of the Day is on of the many songs I dislike of MTM, as it is a U2 rip off. Performing it live is a strange choice for LP to do, as the crowd probably wanted to hear “Leave out all the Rest” or “In Pieces”. Chester gets off key again in the chorus, but otherwise the song bodes over well.

14. The Little Things Give You Away starts off with the bass playing the main riff of the song onstage. Chester does some oohhs with it for a minute then Mr. Hahn starts the opening sample. Chester really does well vocally on this one. After the chorus the band does a minute of fake guitar solo bridge, then Brad just bursts into his solo like it’s a benediction. Chester starts doing the Ahhs at the end while Mike sings both the lines “The little things give you away” and “All you ever wanted was someone to truly look up to you”.

15. Crawling begins with Chester to do the singing with him. Chester does the singing in the chorus well, but the verses he gets a little to quiet and it’s hard to hear him. Mike fails to do his one line in the second verse, but the crowd covers him. I swear at the end of the song I heard my friend Josh (you know him by altairschaos56) screaming with crowd.

16. Immediately after Crawling, the Piano opener and sample of What I’ve Done begins. The crowd responds greatly to this, even if the band doesn’t do so well on it. At this point Chester’s voice has gone to hell, so when he sings the chorus it sounds like screeching a bit. Chester lets the crowd sing the bridge, which disappointed me because that is my favorite part of the song.

17. In the End. What can I say" They’ve been playing this song for 6 years now. Of course they’re at it.

18. One step closer. Their first single ever and Chester can’t even scream anymore. He shouts everything, including the chorus, while Mike still pulls it off wonderfully. The turntables really come out on this song, so it kind of goes into the next song.

19. Cure for the Itch. The hip hop instrumental from Hybrid Theory, it sounds really good live. Mr. Hahn is an exceptional DJ, and he proves his skill with this song. A lot of it sounds like its playing some stuff from a computer at times. But it’s Mr. Hahn so you never know.

Disk Two

1. Bleed it Out begins with Brad playing a distorted version of the opening lick. The crowd immediately starts clapping, as if on cue. Then Mike begins to rap his best lyrics since.. ever! In the Chorus Chester sounds really good, then the bridge comes, because I’m cringing in fear of a squeak instead of a scream. Chester surprises me by screaming. The band extends the song to make it about 12 minutes long with a focus on Robs drumming. Which he pulls of exceptionally.

2. Faint is the closure of the concert, and this song seemed to be an odd choice as a closing song. Chester screams well in the end, and Mike still raps like a pro. Since the song ends abruptly, so does the concert. Great performance though.

Mike is amazing live
He band is amazing live
It’s Linkin Park

Chester gets off key a lot
Mr. Hahn makes mistakes occasionally on the synths
Mike messes up sometimes on guitar

Recommended Tracks
Lying From You
From the Inside
The Little Things give you away
Pushing Me Away

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December 20th 2007


If you added the album, you can change the name. Just go to edit this review and change it.

December 20th 2007


It's Linkin Park should be filed under cons not pros :P

December 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks planewreq

haha altmer

December 20th 2007


I would try to find this, but there are too many M2M songs on this.

December 20th 2007


What a horrible bunch of bands, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, HIM and PLacebo! Its a cry while playing power chords fest!

Electric City
December 20th 2007



Altmer's right though =/.

And there are some grammatical problems with this review, you should read it over.

December 20th 2007


Chester is so damn weak live
And Breaking The Habit, despite being my favourite LP song, is so boring live (just like Shadow Of The Day but that sucks anyway)

December 20th 2007


nice review, i probably will buy this cuz i cant help but love linkin park.

December 20th 2007


Live in Texas was one of the worst live CDs I've ever heard, so I really don't know how good this can be. And I even LIKED Hybrid Theory.

Digging: Let's Eat Grandma - I'm All Ears

December 20th 2007


I will have pitty on your review because you are a Linkin Park fan. I watched a concert on Much Music (god dammit) with LP and they sucked some serious balls.

Mike is amazing live
He band is amazing live
It’s Linkin Park

Chester gets off key a lot
Mr. Hahn makes mistakes occasionally on the synths
Mike messes up sometimes on guitar

Lets all play "Find the Contridiction".
This Message Edited On 12.20.07

December 20th 2007



December 20th 2007


21 live LP songs....... *shudders*

December 20th 2007


I'd still go see them live, I'm a big defender and lover of Minutes To Midnight.
Your review isn't formatted too well in my opinion, and it's a little too personal (which I don't think reviews should really be). Also, you review makes it sound like a 3.5 or a 4, not a 4.5.
Other than that, I see that you've tried really hard so kudos for that

December 20th 2007


Hybrid Theory was good, but they aren't that good live. Chester keeps his vocals pretty well, but Mike can mumble sometimes and the guitarist with the fro isn't that good.

Anyway, why is there only two tracks on Disc 2?

December 20th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

dude, atavanhalen, thank you. it's about time to feel some love from sputnik in terms of M2M. Thank you!

December 20th 2007


M2M sucks hard

and i respect Linkin Parks earlier stuff :/

December 21st 2007


[quote=pebster] What a horrible bunch of bands, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, HIM and PLacebo! Its a cry while playing power chords fest! [/quote] I won't even address you calling these bands horrible because that is subjective. However, you clearly haven't listened to My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, or HIM very closely if you can't pick up on their riffs and solos (minus TBS). And yes I just defend HIM, their guitarist was phenomenal live.

December 21st 2007


Your review isn't formatted too well in my opinion, and it's a little too personal (which I don't think reviews should really be).

But... but.. Reviews are ... You know what, I'm not even going to bother. *Goes to sleep*

December 21st 2007


with a focus on Robs drumming. Which he pulls of exceptionally.

By this do you mean he continues to play the same beat as per usual?

December 21st 2007


are sure this deserves a 4.5? any live song i have heard from these guys sounded HORRIBLE

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