200 km/H In The Wrong Lane



by The Ashtray Girl USER (17 Reviews)
January 16th, 2005 | 35 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

t.A.T.u are a manufactured pop act from Moscow, found by a TV-ad producer called Ivan Shapovalov. They were signed to Universal Music Russia in 2001 and their debut single was a top five hit on MTV. They released this album in 2002.

I know, I know, I know. Tatu are a stupid manufactured Russian Euro pop band with their only bit of originality being that they are supposedly lesbians. However I believe that this album could just be worth that second glance.

To start off, the gimmick. Despite their management’s desperate attempts to convince the world that these two young nubile girls were getting it on in hotel rooms across the world, that was quite clearly not true, as one look at them will hopefully tell you. As a side note, Julia has recently become pregnant with her long-term boyfriend, so there you go. So, go with me here and leave all of that in this space…

There we go.

Not Gonna Get Us
One of the singles from the album, a good driving rhythm to it saves it from utter drivel, but for those unfamiliar to the band the voices of the duo will be a little straining for those trying to really listen to it. However, rest assured, the verses do go down a couple of octaves. Nice mellow synthesiser in the background adds a certain something to track, but this isn’t the best on here. A good club anthem though.

All The Things She Said
This was the song of the album, the one that got everyone talking and the accompanying video stirred huge amounts of controversy. As I’ve asked you to ignore all of that, I ask you to judge the songs on its merits as a pop anthem. It’s a great piece of writing slightly angsty lyrics but not enough to really get worked up about and an electro beat combined with a somewhat hypnotic rhythm make this a little sample of how good pop can be.

Show Me Love
Once again, the idea of a mellow backing works well here, the chorus is repetitive and a little irritating, but this song does feature the classic line ‘like a game of pick up sticks, played by ****ing lunatics’. Worth listening to in spite of the gimmicky phone call thing at the beginning, but not particularly a highlight.

4.30 Minutes
The outright poppiness has died away now and the band get into a much more calm frame of mind, which really suits their voices. If they’ve sustained your interest thus far then this song will probably make you want to listen to the rest of the album. Hardly a ballad, but a wonderfully mellow song nonetheless.

How Soon Is Now?
I know, I know. Russian poplets covering the Smiths?! This cannot be allowed! And I would agree with you, before listening to the song. The original is unsurprisingly far superior, but the melancholy mood the band have started setting up carries on into this song turning it into an unlikely after-party song. Certainly better than the 100 Reasons version flitting around at the moment.

Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)
Please ignore the lyrics for this one, highly irritating but the song is good nonetheless. The last three tracks have barely changed pace, but it ends up working in their favour as the listener becomes more and more drawn in to their sound. Don’t worry, there’s a break coming up. Some of the singing here is a little high for comfort, but somehow they carry it off.

Malchik Gay
This song is different from the rest of album, which is just as well as otherwise it would be samey beyond belief. A more standard theme of unrequited love here, the verse is a bit of a non-event but the chorus is understatedly catchy in an appealing way.

The best song on here. There’s some genuine emotion in here that is well portrayed in the singing. The odd almost-rap in Russian could perhaps be improved, but the almost acapella singing at the beginning is clear and very nice to listen to. Resuming the bittersweetness of many of the previous tracks, t.A.T.u finally get it spot on here for a great song.

The last few tracks don’t need the track by track treatment; the two in Russian are simply the first two tracks on here back in their mother tongue, and the extended version of Show Me Love is nothing to get excited about.

My verdict on this album is simply this: if you consider yourself open-minded in your music taste, check it out. You just might be surprised.

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"Any way you slice it, 200 Km/h in the Wrong Lane is a classic pop album."...

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September 30th 2004


Nice review, and very brave. I have to say that I agree on All The Things She Said. That was a classic example of how to write a pop song, and it really stuck in your mind. I wasn't impressed with Not Gonna Get Us, which I think is the only other song from here I've heard, I think. And that blatantly fake gimmick really was funny while it lasted. I'd guess we've seen the last of them now.

October 1st 2004


I prefer the Russian version, it sounds a lot better in Russian than english

October 1st 2004


tatu haha what an interestin band, not ganan get us is ****, all the things she said is brillaint, along with the video for it. they would had made a fair but of money for a days work.

rip lennon

October 1st 2004


dude, what fakers they were...LOL.lesbians my ***!! however, 8althiugh i HATE them) All The Things... was not a bad little track, although they couldn't sing it kinda reminded me of a female version of Linkin Park.

October 4th 2004


I really liked this group when they came out. I still like them, not something I'd buy but I thought they were really great.

November 7th 2004


Great review, I really love this album and share your opinion of "Stars", which is an amazing song. The only bad thing about this is that it really has only 8 tracks, which makes it 4/5 in my eyes.

November 7th 2004


[QUOTE=Iai]I thought this album was a great big pile of genius. Hell, All The Things She Said and Not Gonna Get Us still get played in the rock clubs round my way. Their How Soon Is Now ranks amongst the best Smiths re-workings ever.

That ginger one is hideously ugly though.[/QUOTE]
wasn't Ginger a spice girl?:confused:

The Ashtray Girl
November 7th 2004


[QUOTE=robnathanson]wasn't Ginger a spice girl?:confused:[/QUOTE]

She was, but one of the singers of tatu has ginger hair as well.

I'm sorry, Geri Halliwell is not unique in the world. ~breaks your childhood dreams~

February 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

These girls are hot and have a nice voice, intensified with some energy. My most favorite song in 200 km/h in the wrong lane album is Clowns. The only thing related to pop and I like would be tatu.

February 3rd 2006


Their cover of How Soon is Now? is hilariously bad, it sounds like they sang it ten minutes after learning English.

May 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

"Not Gonna Get Us", "All The Things She Said".. I can't get enough of these songs. Great album.

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Since I bought the cd, I have enjoyed it and that was about a month ago now.

It's insanely catchy music and it's so damn good to listen to when in the right mood. Great cd.

The Jungler
July 6th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This CD is awesome to the third power.


August 23rd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

Did really like the review, but that's okay.

I gave this album 5 stars, but that's just me.

I've gotten weird looks, and people yelling at me for it but..it's my opinion. I just love t.A.T.u., and I think they are really talented.

It's sad that people judge them on what they were made out to be; lesbians.

They're not..they didn't even say they were lesbians.

The media, and Ivan did; and by contract they had to go along with it.


I love all the music on this album.

It's danceable, and I think Clowns has good lyrics..

Not great, but alright.


September 25th 2006


I liked the songs All the things she said and Not gonna to get use but I still haven’t convinced myself I should buy this CD.

January 23rd 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Unbelievably addictive. Like mass-produced heroin. For kids. Jesus.

Electric City
January 23rd 2007


Bron's back woo!

Aren't these girls like the lesbians or something?

January 23rd 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Yes. Yes they are.

And yes. Yes I am.

November 14th 2007


All The Things She said is quite the foot tapping tune. A real knee slapper, catchy, and great profile pic.

Digging: Guild Of Lore - Autumn Macabre

December 14th 2007


Actually, these girls are not lesbians. They admitted publically that is was a publicity stunt. One of the girls had a kid a while back I think.

But... who cares? This album is good. It's one of the best pop album I've ever heard.

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