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December 18th, 2007 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Immortalis isn't a disappointment, but just a routine power-thrash album.

Overkill is one of the best bands of thrash metal, which in spite of being slightly less popular with fans of bands like Testament, Exodus & Kreator among others, they're very consistent in their gene. Overkill has been stuck for a while and in the past few years haven't done anything new or different.

Immortalis is your typical modern Overkill album, It sounds like many Overkill albums before it but there are some good changes here and there, most of the groove sound that they had in their recent albums is gone and theres some Doom influence here. Although not very innovative, it's full of energy and with just a few dull moments.

Band Line up:
# Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Lead vocals
# D.D. Verni - Bass
# Dave Linsk - Lead guitar
# Derek Tailer - Rhythm guitar
# Ron Lipnicki - Drums
# Randy Blythe - Guest vocals on "Skull and Bones"

There's nothing much memorable on this album but its got some good moments, a pretty good album to listen to every now and then. As Ive said before, there are some changes here, unlike some of their recent albums like ReliXIV and Kill Box 13, they've lost some of their groove sound and now have a more Doom metal sound to their songs which can be heard on "Hell Is" and a few other tracks.

There's no difficulty in recognizing stock-shots of old songs retouched here and there on this album, "Devils in the Mist" is a pretty fast song, the intro reminds me of "Necroshine". "Skull and Bones" is my worst song by far on this album, Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe is the guest vocalist and just ruins it for me, its mid-tempo rhythm reminds me of "The Wait" and is probably derived from it. The crooner voice chorus from "Hellish Pride" is alright but can can get really boring after a listen or two. "Shadow of a Doubt" incorporates voice alternating solos-already used on "What I'm Missin". As for the start of "Head On", its a little close to "Spiritual Void" plus they go a bit "oldschool" with the last track and release another Overkill song, so nothing much new on this record but by that I don't mean its not enjoyable.

However, I really hope Overkill get some of their old guitarists back, the solos are sometimes bland and Verni, the bassist often seems clueless. The inclusion of Ron Lipnicki on drums isn't a very good choice either, I would much rather hear a deep pounding drum sound than the thin bright sound he tends to make.

Recommended Tracks:
Overkill V (Thrasher!)
Shadow of a Doubt
What It Takes
Head On (Doom)
Hell Is (Doom)

So basically, Immortalis contains no definitive song that could become like an unavoidable song on future tours. Its not a disappointment but just a routine power-thrash album with slight Doom influence, pretty interesting but not very memorable. However it's really good that almost 30 years after they hit the scene, they can still release a pretty heavy album. A lot of bands look up to these guys and respect them a lot and I don't really think its possible to ever get a bad release from them. Check out this album if you're a fan.


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December 18th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

You need to add a lot more detail to your reviews.This Message Edited On 12.18.07

December 18th 2007


I sort of agree with Slaytan, you have a good straightforward style of writing, but it's a pretty lacking review. If you took all of the actual review away from the headings and standard information, you have very little description of the album. Your layout is nice though, just write a bit more. I'll still vote because it isn't too bad, but try and add more details with your next review.This Message Edited On 12.18.07

December 18th 2007


not a big fan of Overkill

December 18th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

thanks for the feedback, ill work on the shortcomings.

December 19th 2007


Props for reviewing an Overkill album, but I have to agree with the other guys. A bit more info would be great.

October 30th 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

Skull and Bones is the best song on this album. By far.

Digging: deforesters - Leonard

Staff Reviewer
February 9th 2013


damn curse that's what i came here to say. I'm not huge on lamb of god but the guest vocals are cool on this

Digging: Rachael Sage - Myopia

June 24th 2014


Album Rating: 3.0

Giving this a bump in the ratings. Been playing this one lately with I Hear Black and both have grown on me over the years.

July 5th 2015


Album Rating: 2.5

An alright release, but there's nothing standout about the album.

January 27th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

It's a shame this album never gets talked about.

Solid and great stuff.

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