Brutally Butchered



by lospokey USER (8 Reviews)
December 12th, 2007 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Death metal album that honors the old schools greats, but strives to make it in the breakdown happy scene of today.

Ever had your skull bashed in by a tire iron" Neither have I, but I can could imagine that the background music to this horrendous event would have to be North Carolina's one man death metal band Bloodsoaked's debut full length "Brutally Butchered."

Combining Suffocation-esque technical riffs, with slower mosh pit inducing riffs, and lots of tremelo picked passages. Bloodsoaked's not creating anything new, but he sure is making some good textbook old school death metal. Every song has a title that reminds me of Cannibal Corpse's debut full length "Eaten Back To Life", with titles such as "Suffocating The Unborn","Bled To Death", and "Grinding Your Guts." Now onto the details of the album!

Peters vocals sounds like a mix between Chris Barnes, and Glen Benton in my opinion, you are not going to find any burps, pig squels or other vocals effects that have been spreading like wildfire recently in the Death Metal genre. Yes, this is a drum machine album, the drums get crazy occasionally, with a fill or beat that you know could not be done by a human being, which really takes away from the album. Other than that the drums are very solid, addind to the tracks wonderfully. The guitars are what the whole album revolves around, which is great, there are a awful lot of tremelo passages which at times can get annoying, riffs are very repetative, which is a plus, especially when it is a killer slow riff. Peter does a good job of incorparating the bass into the songs, with fills, and parts that are specifically written for the bass.

Alright, now the pros and cons of this full length. Let's start with the pros, that being the great guitar riffs, ability to program drums that actually make the music sound good, audible bass, and good vocal delivery. Onto the cons, those being the production is not the best, but good for a album that was recorded on a home studio, and the other being the album begins to drag after while.

Overall a very solid album, I suggest getting this is your are a death metal fan, if not then pass this one up.

Standout Tracks

Brutally Butchered
Suffocating The Unborn
Grinding Your Guts

Rating: 3.5

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March 22nd 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

I agree with your rating, this isn't the best around, but it serves its purpose in ways.

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