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Up from the Catacombs



by Chewie USER (21 Reviews)
November 29th, 2007 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "Gimme Some More, Motherfucker!" Recapping one of the most crazy, original and amazing bands in history, Up From the Catacombs is definitely a great collection

What a band Jane's Addiction is. From performing songs butt naked, to releasing one of the most controversial album covers for Ritual De Lo Habitual. Perry Farrel, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and Eric Avery have all made a name for themselves, and after a close to 25 year career, Up From The Catacombs showcases the songs that made them great.

I don't know everything there is to know about Jane's Addiction, but enough to write this review. I first bought this album to start, because I really wanted to get into this band and the greatest hits was the best way. I then bought Nothing's Shocking, because of Jane Says and Ted Just Admit it. It was truly amazing and then bought Ritual De Lo Habitual and was interested by the album cover. Perry Ferrel has female genitalia and is in bed with two women, and the clay-mation design was intriguing. Also the fact that some stores in the US banded this cover so JA had to make another cleaner one. Luckily, me in Canada was able the cool cover. I dont have Strays and probably wont get it. It doesnt seem too consistent, but I might. The self titled i probably will pick up cuz I Would For You is really good and so is Whores.

Up From the Catacombs is a greatest hits album, so I cant give it creativity or most aspects of a normal released album, but obviously it's not supposed to. sixteen tracks here, most good, some bad. I found that it offered a great amount of range, the perfect amount of ballads and speed up balls to the wall songs. The zaniness of Jane's Addiciton is all through the album. Their personality is also why they are amazing. They can sing about the most shallow things but make it an amazing song. I mean look at this quote from Been Caught Stealing: "When I want something, I dont wanna pay for it. I walk through through the door. Walk right through the door. Hey all right! If I get by, its mine, Mine all mine." and that song is one of the best on this album. Just such charm, they can turn any subject and make it fantastic.

the sound of Jane's Addiction is also amazing. From Steve's technically advanced drumming, that gives all the songs a great framework so the other band memebers can paint the picture, if you will. Eric Perkins' bass playing is tremendous, he adds a carefree-ness to the music. With funky riffs that are charging and just fun loving. Dave Navarro adds a thrashing riffs that are also interesting and advanced. His guitar solos are one of the best ever. Most solos just seem to just brag about how great the musician is, Dave has a way of soloing that fits the mood to the song and adds another layer to the music and is necessary and doesn't seem like hes just showing off. And of course Jane's Addiction is nothing without their front man. Perry Farrel has such a crazy personality and is one of my favorite singers. It may be an annoying, but blends all their music into one neat amazing package. He is so original and adds a perfect touch to the Jane's Addiciton formula.

The songs describe everything of Jane's Addiction. With the perfect opener Stop! that just demands people to begin air- guitaring and head banging. The funkiness is on max for this great song. Ocean Size is obviously their heaviest song, but I wouldn't say is a stand out. There's something about it that is a little unimaginative. Now Whores is definitely an amazing song. Perry is just talking about one thing and one thing only- sex. The song has really fun lyrics "Gimme Some More, Mother***er!" It's Jane's at their best. From the first 30 seconds, I knew I was going to love Ted, Just Admit it. It's just free-form madness and the drums are at the start before an amazing bass leads the song, until Perry screams "The Sex is violent!" where the song goes off into craziness and is my favorite Jane's Addiciton song. the greatness doesnt stop, Aint No Right is just so fun, I love the lyrics and the feel of it.

Now Had a Dad is the worst song here. It's just kinda lame and all the parts just arnt that great. It unfortunately the only thing keeping it from a 5 (and Classic Girl). Superhero is a feel good song and i especially love the female backup vocals in the chorus, adds somewhat culture to the song. Of course I love Been Caught Stealing. Just a fun ass song and some Great solos from Dave. Just Because isnt the greatest here but is no let down. It may be the semi weak guitar riff at the beginning that lets it down a bit. I Would For You definitely grew on me, the simplicity of the song is great. Jane's Addiction doesn't have great ballads but this song definitely is.

The epic- ness in Three Days is tremendous. This is why Jane's Addiction is great. They can make an amazing song that is 10:45 from the subject of a threesome. Also on of my favorites. Now Classic Girl is just tedious and kind of a failure. It has a few redeeming features but nothing more then that. Now Summertime Rolls is truly amazing. It has such a feel to it and just seems to take so much out of starting from just a two note bass riff. One of my favorites. It just is simple and feels like Summer, hence the name. Now Mountain Song is good, and ive seen other reviews where they say its great, but theres something about it Im not crazy about. But still has the sickest guitar solo I've ever seen. Pigs in Zen is good enough, but I just find it repetitive and a tad bland. Now Jane Says live version is tremendous, also a definite favorite. Placing it at the very end was a great move, for it reflects on their entire career and sums it all up. truly great.

Up From the Catacombs is a great collection and features some of the greatest songs of all time from a fanominal band. A few bad tracks keep it from flawlessness, but Jane's Addiction arn't meant to be perfect. So hats off the elite, the incredible, the amazing, Jane's Addiction.

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November 29th 2007


This is the most useless money grabbing waste of plastic ever. I Lurrve my Jane's, but when there's only two real albums that you draw most of your catalog from, a Best Of just ISNT needed.

Digging: IDLES - Joy as an Act of Resistance

November 29th 2007


well it may not be needed, but its nice to have there best songs on one disc, its just a tribut to the band.

November 29th 2007


and it pwnsThis Message Edited On 11.29.07

November 29th 2007


Good job on the review. Jane's Addiction is always a good listen.
Also, fourth paragraph, first word; may want to capitalize that.

June 24th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

love it.

ocean size, three days, just because, and whores.......yes.

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