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November 29th, 2007 | 397 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Accelerated Evolution is the pre-cursor to Synchestra and is an amazing one at that. Though not as eclectic in nature as Synchestra, Accelerated Evolution has elements that will appeal to fans of all different genres, from Progressive to Metal.

Devin Townsend is a name that should require no introduction to those well versed in quality music. It, however, was unknown to me upon my first listen to a band I would later find is a side project of his known as the The Devin Townsend Band, DTB. The side project to the epitome of intensity that is his band Strapping Young Lad. This listen was Accelerated Evolution and that, along with Relationship of Command would help to shape the musical tastes I now hold dear today.

The Devin Townsend Band-Accelerated Evolution

Devin Townsend-Guitars, Vocals, Ambience
Ryan Vanpoederooyen-Drums
Mike Young-Bass
Brian Waddell-Guitar
Dave Young-Keyboards

Accelerated Evolution is the prequel to Synchestra. Though it is by the same band, it feels very different. You will not find polka on here. This is not to say it is not original or fanastic, because it is every bit the listen as Synchestra, just in different ways. Since there are nine songs I will do a Track by Track review. I feel the album merits it.

Depth Charge- A kick tush opener. It begins with a short period of ambience then hits you in the face with energy. The verses are very fast and aggressive and the riffs catch your attention and hold it along with the solid drumwork. Devy’s vocals, as almost always, are fantastic, litterally tearing your face off. Clocking in at just over six minutes, it keeps you interested every second.

Storm-Without giving you a second to breathe, this kicks in. The verses are slowed down and Devy is singing in a much more laid back manner. The song has a very happy vibe, like many of Devin’s other side project songs do. The music is of the same quality as the opener, with strong riffs again. Then the ending…Oh my the ending! Devin sings/screams a mutated form of the chorus and the raw emotion leaves you in shock and bliss. Another fantastic track.

Random Analysis-This song is a little weaker then the last two…a bit too repetitive. The lyrics are decent but everything seems a little less intense. It’s a decent song but is not up to par with the rest of the other beginning tracks.

Deadhead-Its opening riff is fantastic and sets you up for one of the best songs on the album. This is the slowest song on the album but is also the best vocal performance. The lyrics are fantastic and every word is truly emoted to the listener. The points where Devin screams are some of the highlights of the album in and of themselves. Musically, this song is also fantastic. The slowed-down riffs and drumming is pulled off perfectly. The guitar work in the interlude is a musically highlight of the album. This is one of my favorite Devin Townsend songs period, from any side project or even SYL.

Suicide-My favorite track on the album.This track begins low with only a guitar. Another soon comes in and then soft drumming and ambience…then…wham! All the instruments together hit you hard and then begin building up to something. At about two minutes everything quites down and Devin begins a low verse which, along with the music is building to something powerful waiting to be released the at 3:10 the chorus comes. It is perfect, from the singing to the yelling. After the chorus we are it with a roar and then calmness again until it is interupted with power again building. There is a guitar solo here that will melt the face of any listener not careful and it fits in perfectly. Another repeat of the chorus with an even more aggressive ending then hits you and the song is finished with very soft music leading in to…

Traveller-Another fantastic track that brings back the happy vibe not felt in the last two tracks. The vocals are back to happy-Dev and the lyrics are very positive, filled with hope. Though it is mostly laid back, there are still moments of aggression. The music is again interesting but not as good as the last two songs, though there are some nice riffs and the drumming is solid.

Away-This song is mostly instrumental and the music is good, especially the guitar work which is excellent but the drumwork isn’t very special and that’s pretty much all that’s audible. The few voclas are kinda boring. I just don’t connect with this song, though again the guitarwork is top notch and the saving grace of this song. It does drag a bit in its 7:30 minutes but its still a decent listen, not one of the best songs but still good.

Sunday Afternoon-Another good song. It is another slower song. The vocals are very well done, as per usual. Its not one of the best songs on the album but it is very good. The music again is top notch. There is a sweet solo around the 4:30 mark. The song has yet another very strong ending with a held back aggression leading to the finale.

Slow Me Down-And oh what a grand finale it is. This is the most infectious track on the album. The music is as upbeat and catchy as Devin Townsend can get. Some part of this song will get stuck in your head. There is no way to prevent. If not the delicious lyrics then it will be the infectious guitar work. This is the perfect ending for the album, ending with one last powerful yell from Devin.

Devin Townsend
Excellent Guitarwork
High Quality Production
Devin Townsend

Where’s the Bass"
Drums are not too exciting
That’s It

Recommended Listens
Slow Me Down

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November 28th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

This was my first review so any comments would be appreciated

November 29th 2007


not a bad debut review tbh. we try to encourage people to stay away from track-by-track reviews here but it's up to you really. your descriptions are fairly good but maybe try and write a structured analysis of an album as a whole for your next review, with a conclusion and everything. well done though, particularly as this didn't have a previous review.
as for the album, i only have ocean machine of his solo stuff and thats ok, but im not too sure im up for buying another one just yet. SYL is awesome however...

November 29th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

This is my least favorite album from Devin Townsend. All of his stuff is good, but Terria is still my favorite CD by him, and that includes any of his SYL stuff.

I didn't read the review cause I can't stay focused on track-by-tracks, but I'm sure if something is wrong someone will say so.

November 29th 2007


Maybe I'm nitpicking, but maybe you should actually, just once, use the words "Strapping Young Lad" in your review, in case someone doesn't know who Townsend is or what SYL means.

November 29th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

devin is the man. this is my third fav of his solo albums, behind Synchestra and Terria. take all the constructive criticism from everybody and use it cuz you have potential. we can always use more devin fans

November 29th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Not knowing who Devin Townsend is is blasphemy in my book. Anyway thanks for the comments.

November 29th 2007


Devin is so epic. He has yet to put out a album below a 4 imo.

November 29th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Id agree except for Ziltoid. I just don't think it was on par with everything else. Not bad just not Devin-good.

November 29th 2007


nice review! like most, i'm not a fan of track-by-track reviews as a rule, but this one didn't get boring like most do, and you were pretty descriptive about each track.

incidentally, i ordered this the other day, so with a bit of luck, it should get here before xmas! i've already heard "slow me down" which must rank among the best pop-metal songs i've ever heard!

November 29th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Nice to see someone finally reviewed this. Good job.

I've lost interest in SYL quite a bit recently, 90% of my devy listening this days is DTB.

SYL is great, don't get me wrong, but DTB really highlights his creativityThis Message Edited On 11.29.07

November 30th 2007


I'm not really a fan of SYL or Devin Townsend in general, but I will admit this is a good album.
Good review too.This Message Edited On 11.30.07

December 1st 2007


Nice first review man. Your track-by-track style seems to work well here, you described each song well, without it being to long or boring.

And yes, Ziltoid was good, not Devin good however.

February 4th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

This album is stunning!!! Highly underated. This must be in the same league than Terria or Synchestra. Depth Charge is a wonderful Opener, really heavy and godly vocal by Devin as usual. Storm is my highlight. The vocals are just over the top. Im blown away by his vocal performance. Slow me Down is also an awesome song. More happy but still amazing. Almost a perfect album. Some songs could have been better. Especially Random Analysis.

February 4th 2008


Storm is very good, I agree. and you're post looks like it could have been a short review thing.

April 8th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

Absolutely beautiful album. It's flawless. The sound on it is huge, so much layering going on. I think this cd differs from his others cause it has more of a somber and depressive mood to it. Some of the songs are in the upbeat fashion of devin townsend band songs but others are very emotional and depressing. Shit I have to listen to this now.

May 17th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

poopThis Message Edited On 11.23.08

January 27th 2009


I downloaded this album in its entirety. It's marvelous, although some songs have yet to digest in my mind. Traveller, however, already has.

January 27th 2009


Yeah I find that Devin albums are hard to digest at first, but after 5 listens of the whole thing it makes sense (i'm referring to Terria here, this is on my to buy list.)

January 27th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

yeah once you give his albums a full listen a few times, youll love them. it took me a while for Terria to become my fav Dev album

January 27th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

can't wait for Ki and Deconstruction of a Cheeseburger though i anticipate ki being the betterer

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