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Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Walkin' After Midnight - Good percussion to start. Some nice rattling sounds and other various instruments. Madeleine has a very beautiful and elegent voice. It's easy to see that just from this first song. A song about walking after midnight, hoping the one she's thinking about is walking after midnight looking for her. Very bluesy guitar solo. There's also a bluesy sax solo. The chorus is wonderful; the words seem to roll right off her tongue. One of the best songs. 10/10

Hey Sweet Man - Some instruments you've probably never heard of in this song, as well as many of them. The sound of the music in this song is worthy of Keb' Mo'. Slightly less upbeat than the first song, but still nice. I feel that if maybe just one more thing was added to this song, it would be better. I just don't know what that one thing is. Oh, well. 7/10

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter - I love the rythym of this song. It would make a good slow dance song. Nice percussion and harpsichord. There's a wonderful sax solo, as well. Great lyrics too. "I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter, and make believe it came from you." Very sad words, but the way she sings never really sounds depressing. It's always optimistic sounding, especially with the music. 10/10

(Getting Some) Fun Out Of Life - Nice lounge-ish sounding piano. Makes you feel kind of like your at a fancy place or some sort. Ballroom, perhaps. This song reminds me of something Frank Sinatra would've sang. The kind of thing of you would play in the background for a social gatheing, and it makes you feel important. 8/10

La Vie en Rose - French title, all French lyrics. So, for us English speaking people, it doesn't mean too much to us, without translation. But her singing is still exquisite. Not too much I can say about this one. 7/10

Always A Use - The dobro is played quite well for this song.(A dobro sounds similar to an acoustic guitar) The only instrument on this song. She sings a little bit higher/louder than the other songs so far. A more love-ish type song. It seems kind of different than everything else, but that's good. 9/10

A Prayer - Very slow song. Very sorrowful lyrics. If there's one depressing song on this cd, it's this one. Not that it's bad or anything. I love this song. There's a bowed bass and a steady cymbal clash throughout most of the song. It keeps you listening all the way through. One of the shorter ones. 10/10

Muddy Water - A more upbeat song after the last one, which is good. Some great piano here, and a very nice bass clarinet solo. The lyrics kind of make me think of a rainy day in Chicago, in the 50's. Not the best song on the cd. 7/10

Was I" - Similar upbeat fashion to the first song. Faster singing than the other songs. A song for the teens. It's about sneaking out and having fun with a boy, and then her girlfriend asking about the night. One of the more "fun" songs. 9/10

Dreamland - The title track. It has somewhat of a country feel to it. It's subtle, but there. The whole song just kind of flows. Keeps the same pace throughout. Beautiful singing yet again. The guitar solos remind me of Brian Setzer somewhat. Great song. 9/10

Reckless Blues - Nice ringing piano intro. The only instrument here is piano. It has the same feel as "(Getting Some) Fun Out Of Life." Just a little feel to it, rather than a ballroom. I'm not extremely fond of this song, but it's all right. The worst on the cd, in my opinion. 6/10

Lovesick Blues - I thought that the last two songs should have been placed elsewhere on the cd, so there wans't two songs that end with "blues" in a row. Only guitar on this one. Madeleine plays it herself and sings. I like this one way more than the song. The shortest song as well. She displays her vocal talent yet again on this wonferful song. And then, unfortunately, the cd is done. 10/10

Other things:

Not much else to say about this cd that I haven't already. This album is definately great for setting any romantic, social or high class moods. It will have you feeling great for at least a few hours after listening to it, if not the whole day. Like, I just listened to it all the way through again, and now I feel great. I think I'll go listen to some Frank Sinatra, or Tom Jones, records now. Certainly a great album to own. I give it 4/5.

I saw a weeping willow, crying on his pillow
Maybe he's crying for me

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