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Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

De La Soul - Buhloone Mindstate

1. Intro-
Just a 50 second introduction containing the sample of Deep Gully performed by the Outlaw Blues Band and De La Soul repeating "It Might Blow Up But It Wont Go Pop." Which was talking about how much Hip-hop was turning into pop at the time (1993-94), and the non-commerciality on this record...which is true, This album almost has no pop appeal. To me it sounded more of a Jazzy album than something you'll listen to on the radio nowadays.

2. Eye Patch
A 2:27 minute long country sounding guitar sample with 'trippy' lyrics. It's a good track but not my favorite. It sounds different from previous De La Soul albums. the 'Deep Gully' Sample comes back towards the end but this time it sounds more 'Trippier' with the sounds of children laughing and animals. 4/5

3. En Focus
Back to the hip-hop. this song has a repetitive bassline with some nice production by Prince Paul. If you like hip-hop you'll like this song, other than that this song doesn't have anything too special. 4/5

4. Patti Dooke
This is one of my favorite tracks on this C.D. a Real groovy Jazz track. It doesn't even sound like Hip-hop if you ignore the vocals and scratching in the chorus. The instruments in this song sound beautiful. Makes me wish Hip-hop would sound like this more often. "It might blow up but it wont go pop..." comes back in the middle of the song. Definitely a song everyone should listen to. Special guest vocals by Ghuru of Gangstarr. 5/5

5. I Be Blowin'
This is Maceo Parker's saxophone solo over a Prince Paul instrumental.
Pretty sweet if youre into Jazz. If not you might want to skip this track. I actually enjoy it. :thumb: 4/5

6. Long Island Wildin'
Asian rappers SDP and Tagaki Kan rap in their own native languages over a Prince Paul Hip-Hop beat. No Jazz on this one. 3/5

7. Ego Trippin' [part two]
Another one of my favorite tracks on the album. This is more to the hip-hop sound. Starts off with almost a 70's feel to it....then out of nowhere the guys from De La Soul scream out like maniacs! I love the samples used on this song. there's also a sitar in here. Pretty neat track. One not to be ignored. 5/5

8. Paul's Revenge
Just a 40 second skit Prince Paul left on someone's answering machine bashing The Source for not giving him credit for something he produced(?) nothing special though.

9. 3 Days Later
A song that changes almost completely in between the song. Starts off with the guys 'singing' (lol) "there's no R&B in this song." A nice Hip-hop track loaded with samples. Not one of the best songs on here though. 4/5

10. Area
Another Hip-hop song. a Repetitive bassline. Excellent Production. My favorite part is in between the song when everything sounds live and you can hear the crowd shouting out their area code. Not a highlight of the C.D but it's good. 4/5

11. I Am I Be
Definitely my favorite song on the CD. along with Patti Dooke. Starts off with random people talking almost simultaneously who they are and who they be. lol. If the beat sounds familiar to you. it's because it's the same sample used on 'I Be Blowin'' except this time Prince Paul, DJ Mace, and Maceo Parker add more spice with their talents. Not to mention the lyrics are beatifully poetic; loaded with imagery, yet they still have that Hip-hoppish flow to it. One of De La Soul's best songs! 5/5

12. In The Woods
Another result from the Jazz and Hip-hop mixture. This one has more of a harder feel to it, almost West Coast Gangster-like, But of course with a lot of witty lyrics. Not to mention special guest vocals by female rapper Shorty No Mas. 4/5

13. Breakadawn
If any song has anything near pop appealing... it has to be this song. I actually imagine this song played on radio, but of course.... It's only my imagination.:upset: A nice mellow sounding song...almost the total opposite of the previous tracks. There's a sample of Michael Jackson's voice from the song "I Cant Help It," during the chorus....Hey, Maybe that's why I feel it has pop appeal. 5/5

14. Dave Has A Problem....Seriously.
A 50 second skit. of some guy who has a serious problem.

15. Stone Age
Bizmarkie! on the beat-vox! The name of this song fits the song perfectly. Everyone plays off each others lyrics just like old school hip-hop while Biz raps and beatboxes simultaneously. This is a must hear for hip-hop fanatics. Yo where Bizmarkie ends off the album by saying..."Yo' who was on this microphone? ****, this thing smells awful!" 4/5

Overall I gave it a 4/5

It's a fun album to listen to. At times it sounds overproduced, But this album was De La Soul taking their sound a little more further than before.

This hasn't bored me yet, unlike other rap CD's that I've listened to. :thumb:

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March 22nd 2004


Wow...I don't think there are many folks around who can give an additional view on this... But I might check it out.

Nice Review. :thumb:

March 23rd 2004



If you want to be better introduced to De La Soul you should check out their album 3 Feet High and Rising. it's another fun album to listen to. :thumb:

Oh yeah, and it's also on the Rolling Stone top 500 albums list.

I'll review that one later. ;)

December 22nd 2004


I haven't heard much from these guys, but if I can get a copy of this album for 6 bucks, even though I don't have "3 Feet High and Rising", should I do it?

April 5th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I like this album. I even like it a lot. It is the worst of the first 4 De La Soul albums though, the next album, Stakes Is High, owns this.

October 8th 2008


its a good album idk

August 15th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

man breakadawn used to be the jam for me for years

December 19th 2010


Classic album. I love it. So many tracks which are re-playable. This, Dead, and 3 Feet are their best... and no wonder, with Paul's producing. Also, since on these first three albums, they samples heavily, and I think that gives these three albums so much power. However, it was here at Buhloone, that they started going down (They are STILL awesome), but they aren't AS amazing as 1989-1993.

February 4th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

Breakadawn is great

February 21st 2014


so many ppl trying to dl their discog my internet was down for hours

July 26th 2015


awesome album for coolin'

Ocean of Noise
July 26th 2015


was gonna see these guys about a week ago but they cancelled lmao

July 26th 2015


hear this album dude

Ocean of Noise
July 26th 2015


man I have so many hip hop albums but I never even listen to them

December 6th 2015


i am i be omg

January 18th 2016


Album Rating: 4.5

i still need to hear this lol

January 20th 2016


Album Rating: 4.5

fuckin slays

September 28th 2019


Album Rating: 4.5

criminally underrated.

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