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November 3rd, 2007 | 23 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Not good at all!

Before I write this review, I need to explain myself. There are 2 reasons behind me writing a review for such a poor album: First, this album was completely disappointing for me, even though I was a 14-year old kid who only listened to nu metal bands (Adema, koRn, spineshank, etc), this album was a total disappointment since the first time I listened to it, and it means to me the end of nu metal (which is good, isn't it?). Second, I noticed there are no reviews for this album, and why not? I´m going to write why I didn´t like this album.

Revolution/Revolución was one of the first "heavy" albums I ever purchased, and it caused a great impact on me, I used to listen to it 24/7 when I was almost 13, it was one of my favorite CDs back then. Less than 2 years later, my ex-girlfriend gave me Confession as a surprise, but what was the surprise??? Confession is a million miles away from being an original album, all of the songs sound alike (and it´s really hard for me to admit that kind of facts in an album), it is evident that these guys had no creativity at all while recording it. There were a couple of changes in the line-up, Marc Rizzo (guitars) and Roger Vasquez (percussion) left being replaced by Machine Head´s former guitarrist Ahrue Luster (thanks to him the 2 MH mid-career albums are a total piece of sh!t) and percussionist Danny Couto. I´m not sure if this is the reason behind this album being such a lame work (or is it that I was slightly older and more mature when I listened to it), but it disappointed me from start to finish.

1) Te Amo... I Hate you:
This is one of the least worse songs in the album, it´s also one of the heaviest... however the lyrics have no depth at all and sound like something we´ve all heard before (why is it that everyone involved with nu metal have had trouble dealing with someone who lies a lot???) and it´s the typical song that goes ( 0 0 1 0 1 0 0) on the lowest strings? I mean, dude, I know what these guys play is far from complex, but at least they could focus more on creativity, besides it is the typical opening song that abuses the "f" word and has a somehow catchy chorus with clean vocals. 6.5/10

2) How can I live;
Actually, I liked this song the first time I listened to it (2 weeks before hearing the whole album) but when I heard the whole album I noticed that it also lacked creativity and feeling, the lyrics adapt perfectly to the cheap music arrangements, and it flows as a standard average nu metal song, nothing special 5/10

3) Two (Vaya con Dios):
This is another heavy song, but it´s just a dumb song that shows how little creative they were, I bet it took less than 15 minutes to write this song, once again the lyrics are spectacular piece of sh!t, the chorus for this song is definately a candidate for the album´s worst moments, Christian Machado (vocalist) triest to reach high notes, but the results are cheesy and annoying. 4/10

4) Unframed:
To my opinion, this is the most decent track of the album, it´s still an average song with predictable guitar arrangements, but somehow I felt that the lyrics for this song were deeper than most of the songs in the album. This song is not one of the heaviest ones, but not a soft song, the song structure shares the same formula than every other song, but Christian Machado saves this song from being as sh!tty as the rest of the album. 7.5/10

5) Cleansing:
This is one of those songs that you end disliking a lot after you hear it, judging on the way it begins, I expected a cool, merciless song, but they totally ruined it! it begins with a tasty percussion rythm, followed by a... hmmm... decent riff and Christian screaming his guts out, it totally slows down in the verses, but where the crapiness (does that word exist?) begins in the chorus, a typicall ill niño clean-voice chorus. Also the bridge sounds very cheesy and not original, I feel at least they could have done a better job specially in this song. 6/10

6) This Time´s for Real:
Seriously, I wish I could paste a picture of Rossie O' Donnel's behind instead of having to write about this song, WORST ill niño song ever, it sounds like they wanted to have an incredibly catchy song to be radiofriendly, but TT´sfR is an abominable, predictable, silly, sh!tty song that shouldn´t exist, the lyrics are just stupid, the guitars are annoying and the mellow interlude is one of the best examples of their lack of creativity. .5/10

7) Lifeless...Life:
I think this song is a failed attempt to do something a little bit darker than what these guys are used to play, I don´t dislike it much, and it's kind of OK after hearing This Crap's for Real, but it gets to be very repetitive and predictable in the end, this is also one of the heavier songs in the album, and it's lyrical content is not that bad, but I find the lyrics for this song quite disorganized and predictable. This song however doesn´t have the typical annoying Ill niño chorus. 7/10

8) Numb
Oh no, here we go again... Did you ever hear Revoulution/Revolución´s closing track With You??? well, this is the softest song on the album. I´s not as acoustic and corny as With You, but It also gets corny in an annoying way, the detail that saves this song from being a total piece of crap is that at least it develops an atmosphere that might be interesting to hear, but only once, other than that, this is the typical "mellow" song of an average album. 5/10

9) Have You Ever Felt?:
Gosh! I hate this friggin' song! it begins with a piano, but nothing special, the whole song is has annoyingly catchy vocals, this is one of ther less creative songs, it doesn´t feature anything special, one of the most radio-friendly songs of the album, and the only to feature a piano. 3/10

10) When It Cuts:
Another horrible song, they tried to do something catchy and heavy at the same time, I feel this song has no point being here, the lyrics are pathetic, and they say the same crap that we´ve heard in many other songs, the guitar riff for this song sounds like a joke, completely lame and not original, and the chorus sucks, it´s like one of ill niño's worst ideas, awful song. 2/10

11) Letting Go:
Well, somehow I feel like this is one of the OK songs of the album, it really has nothing special, the verses are soft, then it gets to an emotional pre-chorus and into soft chorus, but I don´t dislike that much this chorus, at least I get a feeling from it, then the bridge is heavy, but without creativity, really not a special song, butl I guess it´s not that bad. 6.5/10

12) All The Right Words:
This is just a boring song, and the lyrics are kind of out of place "I just want to touch you, I just want to *** you," seriously, I feel that is so out of place. The chorus is
boring and shows again a huge lack of creativity (or could it be talent???), this is actually the album´s longer song, it's not a long song, but it seems to be much longer. 3.5/10

13) Re-birth:
If you were expecting the album to have a decent finish, you will get mad when you listen to this one. It begains saying in spanish "Run, ***-eating dog" ain´t that lame? It also feels like is a horrible remix of an awful Ill niño song by the way it begins, but then it gets heavier, but this song is a complete mess, I felt like this song was written in 10 minutes, it just sounds so bad, so not-exciting, honestly a horrible closing track, 3/10

Well, it's not easy to rate songs individually, I think I am being pitiful, but the truth is that this is a weak album. There is something about Revolution/Revolución that I like, maybe it is because of how much I loved it 5 1/2 years ago, but I can´t think of horrible things to say about it, but Confession totally disappointed me, I think that is the last nu metal album that I had (Deftones is NO a nu metal band).

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November 4th 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

yeah i agree with your review 100 percent. i really liked revolution/revolucion and one nation underground. see ill tell you how y ill nino experience went:

first album i heard:

one nation underground - i liked it alot

second album i heard:

confessions - is this the same band i liked alot?? dissapointing

third album i heard:

revolution/revolucion - aaah this is MUCH better! lets just forget about that silly confessions album...

yeah i worked backwards through the albums....but im pretty sure my opinions would work both ways. confessions seems to be one even the band im sure wish they could forget

November 4th 2007


Are you two new to the concept of grammar?

November 4th 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

oh im sorry, i didnt realise i had to try and impress anyone when posting a comment here. :|

November 4th 2007


i think this album is ok, probably a 3. this was the album tht got me into ill nino. none of their albums are anything special tho

November 4th 2007


Alright review, a little vague and TBT are becoming really boring to me (sorry dude).

"my ex-girlfriend gave me Confession as a surprise, but what was the surprise??? Confession is a million miles away from being an original album, all of the songs sound alike (and it´s really hard for me to admit that kind of facts in an album), it is evident that these guys had no creativity at all while recording it."
And their first album wasn't? Don't get me wrong, I used to listen to that album back in my nu-metal day and I quickly realized how much they sound like Soulfly and Sepultura. They never had any real creativity to begin with IMO. This Message Edited On 11.04.07This Message Edited On 11.04.07

November 4th 2007


Meh, I don't listen to numetal anymore, but if I had to choose my fav album of that genre, it would be this one.

By the way, I'm playing bass + vocals from Unframed next week for school. Is quite funny.

Staff Reviewer
November 4th 2007


These guys are good for individual songs in small doses, but they're hard to stomach for entire albums. "How Can I Live" and "This Time's For Real" were good singles, and the Spanish version of the former is awesome.

November 4th 2007


^^^ Agreed Jom. I guess I have just grown out of this genre of music alot.

Staff Reviewer
November 4th 2007


I haven't! :D
Honestly, if you take 2-3 of their best songs off each album, and then one or two from their recent EP, you'd have a pretty bitchin' record because that's where they put it allllll together. I love their rhythm section, and the vocalist improves on each album. I'm not a fan of his harsh vocals; I just think they sound bad coupled with his knack for poor lyricism. I have a feeling their upcoming album will blow the other ones out of the water. I hope, anyway, haha.

November 5th 2007


How Can I Live is an awesome song. I still think so, anyways. The rest is not. But whatever, it's nu-metal. You're not allowed to have more than 4 good tracks per 12 track album.

November 5th 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

why does everyone like how can i live so much? i think its sub par. too much singing. i like it when ill nino are more brutal than that. this album is hands down their worst :| pick up one nation underground. i think thats the best one they have made. i think with that album they have finally found a place for themselves and their music. you can tell they have learned from their mistakes. *cough* this album *cough* lol.

November 5th 2007


But whatever, it's nu-metal. You're not allowed to have more than 4 good tracks per 12 track album.

"Buzzer Noise"............wrong jk! I know this is just my opinion, but these were some nu-metal albums I enjoyed alot:

Static-X - Wisconsin Death Trip
Korn - S/T
Disturbed - Believe and 10,000 Fists
Mudvayne - L.D. 50 & The End of All Things to Come
The Deadlights - S/T
Helmet - Betty, Meantime, Aftertaste, Strap it On
Nothingface (the best nu-metal band) - all of their albums!
Sevendust - Home
Limp Bizkit - all of their albums (jk)

November 6th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

meh this is a 3 for me, it was one of the first real metal-esque albums i ever bought and it started me off on the metal track, i did get the revolution/revolucione album after this, but it wasn't entirely different tbh

November 6th 2007


God, Ill Niño suck...

November 7th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

hahaha, this kind of gives me an idea... If somebody tells u u have to pick 5 nu metal albums or u DIE... what albums would u choose?

I choose:

1) Deftones - White pony

2) Korn - s/t

3) Mudvayne - L.D. 50

4) Spineshank - Self-destructive pattern

5) Ill niño - Revolution/Revolucion

November 7th 2007


1) Nothingface - Violence
2) Deftones - Around the Fur
3) Mudvayne - The End of All Things to Come
4) SOAD - S/T
5) Deftones - White Pony

November 7th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

I think nu metal shouldn't be seen as something negative, or crappy, I'm sure that is what got us all into heavy music, and even though I no longer listen to it, it's always good to remember "those old nu-metal times" right? yeah, around the fur and SOAD's s/t were also great albums, never heard nothingface before, I guess I'll check 'em out

November 9th 2007


Nothingface is one of the only nu-metal bands I still listen to often. Check out 'An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity' and 'Violence' (link to some sample tunes is below). I forgot to mention Slipknot's S/T to my list too. I also wanted to mention your review and discussion got me started into a nu-metal marathon! Blowing all the dust off the albums and giving them a listen tonight! Spineshank also ruled!

October 19th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

I also agree with you, I really liked "Revolucion" and was really disappointed by this when it came out.

The only good song here (IMO) is lifeless life.

October 19th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

Nu metal ? what's that ?:, I would choose :

1) Deftones - white pony (nu metal ?)

2) Paparoach - infest

3) Slipknot - S/T

4) Limp Bizkit - significant other or 3$

5) Linkin Park - hybrid theory

6) Ill nino - revolucion

7) Otep - sevas tra

8) Staind - dysfunction

9) POD - satellite

10) Dry kill Logic - the darker side of nonsense

11) Drowning pool - sinner or Korn - issues...

I don't really think that SOAD is nu metal (otherwise Toxicity is in the top 10) but it's just my opinion.

Lol, I really liked nu metal a few years ago. But most of these bands have declined...

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