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Texas Flood



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January 16th, 2005 | 124 replies

Release Date: 1983 | Tracklist

The band's ground-breaking debut album (1983) that revitalized the blues in the 80s. Already local legends in Austin, the Texas Blues King and the band--Chris Layton playing the drums, Tommy Shannon on the finger bass--had previously made history by becoming the first unsigned and unrecorded group ever to play teh Motreux Jazz Festival. The three eventually found themselves within the sights of legendary A&R man John Hammond, who recognized their talent and signed them to Epic. Texas Flood is considered one of the group's best work and is made up of sets that Double Trouble played in the early days. Stevie Ray Vaughan plays with the undying passion and skill of Blues master--and guitar legend.

Texas Flood
Love Struck BabyI(2:23)- Song similar to the that of Johnny B. Goode describing love between a man and woman. Basically the feeling felt when they are apart, together, and whenever they see each other. Excellent lead, nice little intro to the album. A Double Trouble original.

Pride and Joy (3:40)- Classic SRV. The song best defines the sound of the band for years to come. Pride and Joy is said to be about Stevie's wife, Lenny. Great song, considered the one of his best. Two solos, and boasts S.R. Vaughan's amazing ability to play lead and rhythm at the same time. A Double Trouble original.

Texas Flood (5:21)- Title track, and one of the best in the album. Very bluesy (a good thing for classic blues fans) with a hint of Texas R&B. Impressive, with great, well-written solo + rhythm. Slow but passionate beat. Originally by J.C. Davis and J.W. Scott.

Tell Me (2:48)- Song about a frusturated man who has been given the cold shoulder by his lover. Simple bluesy rhythm. Originally by C. Burnett.

Testify (3:22)- Impressive instrumental with usual Texas style blues. First of three instrumentals (excluding bonus tracks). Average pace, starts casually, and then SRV goes into a nice groove and some nice solos, and speeds it up mid way through the song. Writer Unknown.

Rude Mood (4:40)- Second instrumental. Fast and upbeat, very fun to listen to. SRV definitly showboating his incredible talent. Great beat to the song, pace stays about the same throughout the song. Mid way through, Tommy Shannon (bass) and SRV will jump back in forth (guitar/bass/guitar). SRV kick it up at the end with a nice climax. A Double Trouble original.

Mary Had A Little Lamb (2:47)- Don't let the name fool you--this ain't no kids song. Groovy song with a sexy smoothness to it. (by the great Buddy Guy) SRV keeps his vocals at very smooth near whisper (more like a hush, hush baby...Daddy's here). Slow solo, goes terrific with the song. Originally by Buddy Guy

Dirty Pool (5:02)- Emotionally driven song about the sorrow of two lovers. Passionatly written, SRV sings with powerful emotion. Sad beat retained throught out song, SRV basically strums through it (quick, consecutive, and constant strumming). Solo is basically a contiuation of the rhythm in the song. By S.R. Vaughan in colaboration with D. Bramhall.

I'm Cryin' (3:47)- "Sittin' there so lonely, feelin' O' so blue!" One of my favs off the album, with SRV singing with a sort of angry/frusturated passion. Solo+Rhythm very groovy and shows its enormous Texas influence. Defines SRV/Double Trouble's style well.

Lenny (5:07)- Last instrumental off the original release. Very happy song... Very sweet, dedicated to SRV's then wife, Lenny. Soothing melody, calming bass, and subdued drums. Good song to play to the ladies... Strong passion, love is the prevalent theme to this song.


SRV Speaks (0:37)- 37 second interview excerpt from "In Step with Stevie Ray Vaughan" edition of ROCK LIVES: THE TIMOTHY WHITE SESSIONS. Originally taped in 1989, about a year before SRV's untimely departure from this world.

Tin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place in Town) (7:42)- Basically just practice session with the band... It never made it into Texas Flood, mainly because it was just a practice version of the song. Tin Pan Alley did get released officially in Double Trouble's second album, Couldn't Stand the Weather, which was EXCEPTIONALLY DONE. Don't hold this practiced version of the song against the band. Their official version is probably one of the best blues songs I have ever heard. As part of Texas Flood practice sessions, this version of the song is not even complete yet, so you will only hear part of it. Originally by R. Geddins

Testify (Live) (3:54)- "Ladies and gentleman, from Austin Texas, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble!" Live version of the song from a Double Trouble concert. Much better than the recorded version (this is common amongst blues artists and guitar legends such as SRV). Song is considerably faster than the recorded version, and much more impressive on SRV's part. SRV busts out at the end of the song. Overall, more aggressive, and a very good instrumental.

Mary Had a Little Lamb (Live) (3:31)- Much more impressive than the original studio version, SRV even lets out a yell just after the first verse. A real crowd pleaser, wonderful song. Slower paced and an aggressive solo (still slow paced, but with more passion.) Again, vividly illustrating how much better SRV sounds live than in studio... Both sound great, but if you want to really be impressed, listen to him live...

Wham! (Live) (4:20)- "How ya'll are tonight?" Instrumental that... Well, SRV basically plays like he is breakin' outta a jail (like his brother Jimmie says). Amazing song. Fast, aggressive, showy, and very neat. Plays through it flawlessly. You can turn this song up and start dancin' ... Really song ya can dance around and party to. SRV really shows his astonishing talent and overwhemling skill as a guitarist.

Wonderful album. Stevie Ray Vaughan can really play. Highly recommend this album, whether you are a fan of SRV or not. A must have for all blues fans... And if you like SRV and haven't gotten this album yet, get crackin'. If you are guitarist and want to know how a true legend plays, buy it. Easily one of his best.

Only problems I see is that the recording is not crystal clear (very clear, but it could of been better.) Overall, well produced album.

A must have for all blues lovers and guitarists interested in this Legend.

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December 1st 2003


Great job man. Nicely done. A classic to say the least. I'm really glad someone decided to do a blues album, I hope there are more to come.

December 1st 2003


good review. very accurate.

stevie ray
December 3rd 2003


Originally posted by Frodo
Great job man. Nicely done. A classic to say the least. I'm really glad someone decided to do a blues album, I hope there are more to come.

Thank you very much!

I really hope to get as many people interested in the blues as I can, and help spread the word of this man's legacy. I also think blues is about to make a come back (I am starting to see more and more of my friends and acquaintances become interested in the blues)... Who knows, maybe we will have a blues revolution like the one sparked by SRV in the 80s...

Thanx again, and STAY TUNED FOR MY REVIEW ON SRV's 2nd album, Couldn't Stand the Weather :cool: :D

December 7th 2003


what can't be said about this album? one of the best, and as said before a must have.

stevie ray
March 20th 2004


If you are an SRV fan, then I recommend you buy ALL his albums, rather than The Essential. They have interesting articles on him and nice pics too!

The Essential misses some good songs too.

March 20th 2004


I hope John Mayer leads the way in a blues comeback. If you didn't catch it, he played Austin City Limits, and Double Trouble backed him on a couple of SRV songs, and Buddy Guy came out for a few songs too (Leave my Girl Alone is the one I can remember). I'm downloading the show off of Kazaa right now, but it's taking like 40 hours.

Texas Flood is one of my favorite albums of all time. My favorite blues album, period. I don't know what to add to your review, you covered pretty much anything. SRV's technique at combining old blues songs with his style is phenomenal, and so is the uniqueness of every song he played (live versions). There is an acoustic version of Dirty Pool in the SRV Boxed Set that sends chills through me every time I hear it. It's such a tradgedy that SRV died so young.

stevie ray
March 20th 2004



That is what i hope to do....alas, just a dream

John Mayer is ok, but I think there is someone out there who has more pazaaz, so to speak.

The reason SRV revived the blues was because he was an extremely skilled guitarist, I dont think Mayer has the chops to do it, but hopefully he can get it going a little and someone who is playing some SRV songs in his bedroom right now and playing his licks by ear and improvising as he goes decides to try and pickup where SRV left off

anyway, just my 2 cents...

May 4th 2004


This is probably #1 on my To Buy List.. Texas Flood, Pride and Joy, Love Struck Baby, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Lenny and Testify are all amazing.. and bonus tracks to top it off.

40 oz 2 freedom
May 5th 2004


One of my favorite blues album. Stevie is amazing.

June 11th 2004


Nice review, stevie ray, do you want to write for the upcoming Everythingrock.com . If so email me At [email]jvining@pointlessthings.com[/email]

June 12th 2004


[QUOTE=stevie ray]^^^

That is what i hope to do....alas, just a dream

John Mayer is ok, but I think there is someone out there who has more pazaaz, so to speak.

The reason SRV revived the blues was because he was an extremely skilled guitarist, I dont think Mayer has the chops to do it, but hopefully he can get it going a little and someone who is playing some SRV songs in his bedroom right now and playing his licks by ear and improvising as he goes decides to try and pickup where SRV left off

anyway, just my 2 cents...[/QUOTE]
John mayer has the chops, but no personality. He sounds way way to much like SRV on guitar and way too much like Dave Mathews on vocals. No one got anywere by copying someone else. The blues Renissance is on its way but Mayer won't lead it. Someone new and original will.

I have a feeling the blues will either drift back to its roots or dissapear. All blues right now is either some old guy trying to sound exactly like Robert jhonson or some teenage wimp singing a pop song that doesn't even sound like the blues. Blues music suck a$$ right now. I'm willing to bet that soon a blues guitarist will reinvent the style and hopefully for the better

Whether its Blues or not, we are on the edge of a revoloution. The music right now is so terrible that in a couple of years, the music will abruptly change. It will be like in the sixties when littlte brithish lads got a hold of Howlin Wolf albums and tried to replicate it. Or when A bunch of Depressed teens from Seattle grew tired of Twisted Sister and started Grunge. The only thing Im sure of is that this streak of absoloutly terrible music is about dead CAN I GET A WITNESS!!

Sorry, I got a little off subject there

June 12th 2004


Texas flood is definately one of the best blues albums i own. Mr. Vaughan is a guitar genius, and his talent shines through in all of his songs. Stevie ray Vaughan is an exemplary blues guitarist. If only we had more of him :thumb:

June 13th 2004


Hey how do you post the album cover on your review?

June 23rd 2004


A great review. Very true that SRV sounds better live then in studio. I would highly suggest that big SRV fans go into kazza and download SRV live in Tokyo... I've seen almost all of SRV's live footage and that just stands out for me as his best. I give this album a 5/5 aswell, I really believe that "Lenny" is the best instrumental he's every written and right up there with the best instrumentals of all time.

June 15th 2006


I'm currently learning "Texas Flood" it is a really good song. I also enjoy his version of "Superstition" and "Voodoo Chile".

June 15th 2006


I don't like the production on this.

Yeah, he's better live.

January 20th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Great review man. This is probably my favorite album by SRV, it is just solid all the way around. Just the entire feel of it is sweet. I also agree with you guys, while the studio cuts are okay they are nothing compared to his live stuff.

May 29th 2007


I've been interested in this ever since I remembered he's not just another generic blues artist. His performance at that jazz festival on blues night was great. I felt bad that he got booed.

October 27th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Great review! Very well written and thought out.

I agree, this album is a 5/5, as is Couldn't Stand the Weather. I love SRV. Nice job-


March 7th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

Okay why did this album fucking blow me away the first time i heard it...and why does it continue to blow me away as i type this?

5/5 for sure.

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