My Vitriol
A Pyrrhic Victory



by vitriolboy USER (7 Reviews)
October 25th, 2007 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: By no means is this a classic, but it's a welcome release from guys who produce great music.

5 to 6 years is a long time in-between releasing albums, especially when you're on the brink of making it veryvery big in the music industry. Well, i say albums but i mean one cracking album, an album with a few new tracks and some demos and a 4 track EP a number of years later. The 4 members of MV took a little time off after their success and solid 3 years of touring by telling Kerrang! that they were 'going on a hiatus' and to thank the fans for supporting them from the beginning. Good move or bad"" Well from the way this EP has shaped out i would definitely have to say that it's more of the former.

Okay, a track by track.

1. <b>War of The World's</b> - I'm pretty reluctant when it comes to handing out 4.5/5's, but this song without a doubt is deserving of it. It is literally perfect for the opener to this EP. It was one of the few songs that were used on the web to show that the band was still alive and is definitely deserving of the first track. A very heavily distorted high to low guitar riff kicks this song off and is apparent throughout, though fading at times to make way for a finger picked guitar riff. Soms first input vocally in the song is to sing ' Wanna see me wage a war on the world" (x2) Well i would, I would. ' and for some reason seems to reassure fans that the old My Vitriol is back. Harmonies play a major roll in this song as well, particularly in the chorus. The song towards the end gets a bit slower over the bridge, quieting down a little but picks itself up again before the finale.
My take on this song is coming to the realization that we're not going to live forever and that someday we will die, whether it be of natural causes or even a 'War of The World'. I think Som tries to express this when he uses lines like 'even the survivors will die in the end'.
Overall this is probably one of the best songs i have heard for a long long time, hence why it earns a good 4.5/5.

2. <b>Lord Know’s How I’ve Tried</b> - The second track is completely different to the first. Where in WOTW you have distorted guitars and fast paced riffs, you have the complete opposite in this. A quite haunting 5 and a half minute piano led song makes the second track, and to be honest not a favourite for me. The vocals are worked well, the piano tune is simple but effective but I can’t help but feeling there is something missing. A few effects here and there are subtly put in the background, more so towards the latter half of the song, but I think for the 5 and a half minutes it’s on it can get a little boring. It’s very hard to follow a song such as the opener, and as good as this song is it doesn’t live up to the standard that the opener set. If you are into mellow and slightly haunting piano songs then I’d recommend this, but I can see this being another of the songs that people seem to skip to get to a better track. 3/5

3. <b>Toy Soldiers</b> - A cover of Martika’s ‘Toy Soldiers’ makes the third track and allows MV to pick up the pace again. This song doesn’t provide anything overly different or ground-breaking, however fans of the other 2 albums will like this just the same. The upbeat chorus is probably what will get you wanting to listen to this more than once, making itself very catchy - harmonies and a good guitar riff as before. The verse’s are lead by a heavy base line and a high pitched guitar picked-tune, leaving little place for a decent drum beat, but that’s by no means bad. The bridge is where MV put their ‘mark’ on it if you will, using some of the same effects that they have used in their previous album’s solo’s. A short but nice bit of music. Overall this isn’t a half bad cover. You can tell it hasn’t been made to perfection, but that’s part of the beauty. A very enjoyable song and cover. 3.5/5

4. <b>Electro war (Son of Robot Remix)</b> - The last track on the EP is a remix of the first track, and allows MV to show that they’ve changed a bit in their 5/6 year absence. As the title uses the word electro, that’s pretty much all the song consists of. No vocals (aside from some quietly in the background towards the end of the song) and next to no real instruments used this gives them the chance to show off their skills with a synth and computer drum beats. A fast paced electro exit provides us with food for thought as we ponder what might be in store for future releases. A good finale but hardly a classic. 3/5

Overall it’s a good release from the guys, but then again pretty much anything they’d have released would have been at least welcomed after such a long absence with virtually no contact to their fans. As I said before, all 4 songs are very different and I guess this is a taster of some of the things we can expect if they ever get round to releasing another full length. By no means is this a classic, but it’s an enjoyable 4 track, and probably the most enjoyable I’ll find for a while.

- My Vitriol are back!
- Some of the same effects from previous releases are here.
- Songs show progression from previous releases yet still maintain the idea that there are‘nt many bands around at the moment like them.
- A well varied 4 track.

- Where varied, some might not fit peoples tastes.
- Some of the same effects from previous releases are here.

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October 25th 2007


oh hell, i so hoped for a new release. if its as good as you are describing it i am surely gonna get this.

- Where varied, some might not fit peoples tastes.

well they'll work for me^^

October 25th 2007


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