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October 23rd, 2007 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: No World For Tomorrow is only an evolutionary album for Coheed and Cambria. But the standout tracks on this album are undoubtedly essential listening for a fan of rock music.

In one word, it is "Safe". No World For Tomorrow just seems to echo a lot of what was created on From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness. From the track structure, to the track layout itself, it seems like Claudio spent a little too much time with his own history.

However, there are definitely some pure stars on this album. After many listen-throughs, I have found that "The End Complete III: The End Complete" and "Justice In Murder" are the stand-out tracks of this album. These are the defining tracks. Why" Because they are tight, well organized, not too long, and are creative in a way that only Coheed can be.

Other notables are "The Hound (Of Blood and Rank)", "Radio Bye Bye", and "The Road and the Damned". The bottom line is that much of the rest of this album suffers from overly long, drawn out sequences which actually kill much of the emotional tension that is characteristic of a Coheed album. I am especially disappointed that "The Fall Of House Atlantic" was essentially a preface for The End Complete series. I was hoping for a full, fleshed-out song. And, "On the Brink" is a beyond-disappointing close to an epic series of albums. There simply is no need for exactly 57 screams of "Hail!", set to one single, boring riff, that take up the 2nd half of the matter what it has to do with the story. This is a rare Coheed weakness...letting the story overshadow the music at hand. In fact, this is the most story-driven album of them all. And it seems to have hurt the cohesiveness of the MUSIC when all is said and done.

I give this latest installment a 4.5/5 mainly due to the fact that the star tracks on this album are absolutely ESSENTIAL listening. This IS one of the greatest bands in the last decade. And this album's entries are ONCE AGAIN absolutely monumental to the world of progressive/epic rock - regardless of whether you like Coheed or not.

"The End Complete III: The End Complete" is perhaps one of Coheed and Cambria's greatest songs of all time. Certain parts sound very much like the 3's album, The End Is Begun. As a whole, The End Complete III is one very progressive, very tight, very emotionally driven, VERY Coheed song. This is THE star track of the album and a hallmark for them as a band.

I would have given the same rating to a "hardcore/ no fluff" version of the album that only included the following tracks:

1) The Reaping
2) No World For Tomorrow
3) The Hound (Of Blood and Rank)
4) Justice In Murder
5) The End Complete II: Radio Bye Bye
6) The End Complete III: The End Complete
7) The End Complete IV: Road and The Damned

As individual parts, these songs are classically Coheed. As a whole, this ablum stands as an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary entry into the epic history of this band.

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October 23rd 2007


Album Rating: 2.5 | Sound Off

hey, so way to down-talk the album for most of what it's worth, then give it a 4.5/5 because of 7 epic tracks. Good thing there are 3 other reviews that actually make sense.

October 23rd 2007


Album Rating: 2.5 | Sound Off

God I hate you Iluv. Ilu.

October 23rd 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

The review felt sorta rushed. You include the Hound, Radio Bye Bye, and The Road And The Damned on your best of list, but don't give any reason why. Plus, you include No World For Tomorrow on your list, but don't say as much as two words on it.

Plus, the fact that you include Justice and Murder over Feathers and Mother Superior automatically disqualifies your review.

October 26th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

"Plus, the fact that you include Justice and Murder over Feathers and Mother Superior automatically disqualifies your review. "


Mother Surperior is one of my favorites of the album.

October 29th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

In response:

First, this review was rushed. I suppose, as a diehard Coheed fan I really needed to vent my frustrations with the album.

However, I would like to address the fact that I spent most of my review badmouthing the album, and then ultimately giving it a 4.5/5.

My quips with the FEW poorly constructed songs are, overall, very small transgressions to a non-diehard Coheed fan. Talk to any fan of Coheed, and they will tell you that they expect not only good songs, but great songs...perfection.

And when you total up the sum impact of the album, including all 7 of the top tracks that I included on my "favorites" list, you get a 4.5/5 rating for this album. It simply is too epic to ignore. But in comparison to Coheed's other albums, and for a Coheed fan, it pales.

Ultimately, No World For Tomorrow is a slightly watered down version of From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness.

But, a slightly watered down Coheed album is effectively a cocaine-infused head-rush of an effort from the large majority of bands in the music world today. Therefore, giving it anything less than a 4.5 is a crime.

By the way, Mother Superior is OK. But it is not one of the top tracks of this album. It has what I call a "skip it" factor, in which case, if you have the album in your cd player, you tend to skip over this track and move on to Justice In Murder, and then The End Complete series.

This Message Edited On 10.29.07This Message Edited On 10.29.07This Message Edited On 10.29.07

December 23rd 2007


Skip factor?

Mother Superior has the skip factor in that I skip past the Running Free to get to it.

An album highlight IMO.This Message Edited On 12.23.07

October 6th 2008


Anyone with Apollo in their screen name is going to have a biased review..

although this album IS amazing, I'm surprised you listed Radio Bye Bye as a must listen, its pretty forgettable.
And I'm pretty shocked that On the Brink is bashed, its an AMAZING track. The 4th and 5th End Completes are the two most epic
songs I've heard in a while, probably ever. Especially if you know the story.

This Message Edited On 10.05.08

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