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by Bartender EMERITUS
January 14th, 2005 | 13 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Five Pointe O are, as far as I'm concerned, one of the most badly ignored bands around. They don't have much of a history (Untitled is their debut, and the band wasn't formed for long before making it), but they brought out a fantastic album, which got acclaim from a whole load of critics, but never seemed to gain any popularity. In my eyes, they really deserve to.

The band's general sound is a metal one - theres very little in the way of actual singing, with heavy guitars and the generally "negative" feel to it that I use to distinguish between rock and metal (its a personal thing though, and I've never been able to adequately explain it to anyone).

The band has six members, with one main vocalist (Daniel Struble) who does most of the "regular" vocals and the screaming type vocals. One of the guitarists (the oldest member of the band, by about a decade) also does some of the deeper growling vocals, though Daniel also does them (which I found out when I saw them live, which surprised me - I thought the older guy did all the lower, growling stuff).

If you like "typical" 90's popular metal (Korn, earlier Tool etc) then you'll most likely be able to just ease into this album - the first three tracks are solid, if not anything spectacular. They allow the listener to hear the skill of the band, and show that what the band are doing they are doing very well, but they hold nothing amazing. On a personal note, for me Double X Minus(5/5) > Art of Cope(4.5/5) > King of the Hill(4/5).

The first real hint that this isn't just another metal band comes in the surprising Purity 01(5/5). The track starts with an Eastern sounding drum rhythm, which is not reduced by the opening wordless vocals. This is followed by what is essentially spoken word (lyrics concerning the supposed Armageddon at the advent of the Millenium, which then branch into all sorts of things, including ascension to heaven(")). The chorus isn't all that easily recognisable, and consists of near-screaming rather than anything radio-friendly. In all a fantastic track, and my personal favourite on the disc.

The next track is Freedom (5/5), another of my favourites, which starts with guitar and is seemingly faster than the previous tracks. The chorus is more instantly recognisable, as it is almost a chant. The lyrics are brilliant; seemingly a rant against society and religion, they begin with what has been, for me, one of the most memorable opening lines in any song ever - "Where rape is called 'freelance gynaecology'/Portraits of heathens hang, while heroes die on our TV screens." This song adequately follows up on the expectations following Purity 01.

Sympathetic Climate Control (2/5) however, really doesn't do anything for me. Its one of the slower and gentler tracks on the album, but this isn't why I don't like it; I just don't think its very good. The best comparison I come up with for it is Gently, by Slipknot - a really bad track surrounded by decent tracks (although this album outshines Iowa by far, you get the idea). The things which stops it getting an atrocious score are the lyrics, which deal with a view of a child, probably abused etc (very Jon Davis friendly, but I just feel it is well expressed).

Untitled (5/5) is different again; it returns to the speed of Freedom", but with harsher guitars and vocals - there are almost no "normal" vox (apart from the second part of the chorus, which devolves into screaming anyway). The lyrics are both dismissive of whoever/whatever the song is aimed at and at the same time paranoid ("they've come to take me away to a far off place" amongst others) and unsure.

Syndrome Down (4/5) again has harsh vocals - this time more low/growling than screaming (though the latter does appear later). The lyrics deal with regret, I think - longing for something previously loved ("the womb's way too far") or just something more than what there is ("We need something more" is practically the line around which the song is built). This track is one of my favourite musically rather than vocally, and it contains a great line about Bruce Lee.

Breathe Machine(5/5) is easily my favourite track after Purity 01. Its the shortest on the album, but also in my opinion the most dynamic in terms of the musicianship (it appears so to me anyway), and is much more stop/start than the rest of the album, with jerky guitar and a total stop in the middle, before launching into a downward spiral (through guitar) chant of "No!". Contains the most emotion for me (during the No bit) of the whole album.

The Infinity(4/5) is another slower song, like Sympathetic Climate Control, but it seems to work better. It also happens to have a faster bit in the middle, and more of an attempt at singing than on most of the rest of the album.

Aspire/Inspire(3/5) - this is a long track, almost 12 minutes. It is slower and gentler than most of the tracls, but it actually makes a great track to relax and wind down to, with limited lyrics and sparse vocals.

Hopefully then, this should be a decent introduction to Five Pointe O - a band who at first seem to be little different from others, but, if you persist and are willing to have to try a little for your taste in music, will reveal all sorts of unexpected treats.


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June 4th 2004


I think The Infinity deserves 5/5.

June 4th 2004


Oh. Well I don't. The joy of opinionated reviewing, eh.

December 3rd 2004


The Infinity was on the soundtrack of Resident Evil.
I Loved this album went it came out.
they broke up not to long after
and i passed on to some new sound since

Well when i was in to it a id give it a 4.75/5

November 30th 2007



June 8th 2009


I need to listen to this more to decide a rating. For now, I love it. It's weird and took me time to get into, but it was worth it. I actually love "Sympathetic Climate Control" because it's a break from the norm, and serves to show how really good the vocals are. Plus, the melody is beautiful. I also love "Breathe Machine" with the rapping and "Purity O1". I wish the spoken word part on "Purity O1" was longer. Good review.

February 2nd 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Underrated nu-metal as far as I'm concerned.

Digging: Selbst - Selbst

Staff Reviewer
February 2nd 2010


Sucks how these guys broke up

February 2nd 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

I just read that. I've had this for a few years now and I felt like giving it a spin tonight. Getting myself in the mood and prepped for guessed it.......another worlds greatest nu-metal list!!!!!

*Crickets noises*

July 30th 2010


this is not Nu Metal (does it sound like Korn, Ill Nino or Limp??? - Hell no), it has small tinges of it, around the edges but has more RATM and FNM than anything, but this is too hard to pin down. highly recommend this to anyone looking for something different.. band does not exist anymore, but singer has formed a new band Zillion (album soon)

Staff Reviewer
July 30th 2010


This sounds nothing like RATM

October 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

I feel so frustrated that this band never released any other album.

December 8th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

Sympathetic Climate Control and Infinity are one of the best songs I have ever heard in my entire f**cking life!!!

August 3rd 2016


Album Rating: 4.0

I do not hear any Korn, Limp bizkit, or the Mexican Slipknot with Five pointe 0. Yes they do have Rage influence listen to Freedom, and Breathe machine. I'm also hearing more influences from first two deftones albums, Incubus, Spineshank, Ultraspank, some hardcore, Gothic type synths, and of course with some death metal type growls.

While they have the Nu-metal type sound they added other styles to spice it up. this is a Very Underrated album. I'm wondering if this band was still around what they would of sounded like?

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