Lust Stained Despair



by BallsToTheWall USER (232 Reviews)
September 14th, 2007 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Fast paced goth rock that everyone should line up for a piece of.

After the downfall of Finnish Goth metal legends Sentenced, Lead singer Ville Laihiala has formed a new band called Poisonblack. They began in 2003 and released their first record Escapextasy, a little while later. In 2006, they came back strong with a hard hitting, groove oriented attack, based with haunting keyboard runs, somber melodies, and aggressive vocals courtesy of Ville himself. Although Sentenced still echoes throughout the structure of Poisonblack, they manage to create something special, setting them apart from what the other Goth rock bands are playing these days. Bands like Lacrimas Profundere and The 69 Eye's, are playing more somber slower paced Goth rock that saps all your energy from you, and makes you want to sit down and relax, while Poisonblack is more than capable of starting a mosh pit with their brand of music.

Poisonblack went go big or go home with this release. Everybody showing off their ability's to play their instruments perfectly. Complete with 80's influenced guitar solos, speedy keyboard runs blending in with the atmosphere without completely overshadowing everything else, fast heavy riffing that will get pit's started early, contained drumming holding the beat, and the impressive vocal abilities of Ville Laihiala. This CD rocks hard from start to finish. The opener, "Nothing Else Remains" opens up with an impressively head banging riff, showing off what’s in store for the rest of the album. As a more straightforward hard rock track, Ville opens up instantly with his unmistakable crooning, later showing off in the extremely addicting chorus, clean riffing makes an entrance later to give in to a well placed solo. Well done for the first song. Another standout, "The Darkest Lie", gives in to the more melodic side, starting with powerful keyboard hit‘s all the way, guitars adding their own melodic hooks, finishing with a spectacular solo around the 3.00 mark. This track is more atmosphere driven with the well put keys' leading the way, the vocals showing different ranges, and the guitar‘s adding to the mix. Their is an acoustic song on here, displaying a different, much more emotional tone in Ville's voice, adding another dimension to their music. Pretty good but I’m to amped up to slow down.

Musically this CD is a complete success. Lyrically this is a bit stale, still revolving around the typical gothic literature found in this type of music. Ville Laihiala and Janne Markus hold down their part, keeping the fast paced music with heavy power chords simmering throughout the disk, adding their own melodies and solos throughout. Ville is the standout on this CD no doubt, adding his various vocal styles, just pouring out his passion, adding his blood, sweat and tears to the intense music being played. Tarmo Kanerva does a good job on the drums, utilizing the whole kit instead of playing the standard pounding double bass, nowhere to be found thankfully. Marco Sneck plays his key's masterfully without swallowing everything else. Adding his parts in lower doses to separate the guitar melodies from the keyboard melodies, giving the music two places instead of one. At times the music is very bass heavy, and other times not so much, though credit is given to Antti. Thanks to the excellent production, everything sounds crisp and clean as you can hear each instrument play its section.

Poisonblack separate themselves greatly from the rest of the pack with their decisions of adding melodies from different places, head banging riffs giving off the raw energy for you to rock out with the horns up, instead of sitting down in your corner of despair. Although the music can be found depressing and melancholic, the sheer aggressiveness enlightens you for what's to come. The blazing solos giving off memories of the 1980's where long hair and looking like a total scrub was considered fashionable.

Poisonblack are lighting fans up all over the world with their high tempo Goth rock, gathering many new fans in the process. Fans of heavy music, or fans of rock period should find something to enjoy on this CD, as everything is covered masterfully. Don’t be sad that Sentenced is dead, rejoice that they gave birth to a band capable of providing many great things in the future that this scene is severely lacking. Rock out with your c*ck out.

Ville Laihala- Vocals and Lead Guitar
Tarmo Kanerva- Drums
Marco Sneck- Keyboards
Antti Remes- Bass
Janne Markus- Guitar


Catchy guitar work

Great Vocals


Lyrics are a bit stale.

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September 14th 2007


You're just a review monster today. I'm not sure if I'd like this.

Tarantino's Tarantulas
September 14th 2007


I saw these guys live a while back supporting Lacuna Coil(not a fan but I was given the ticket for free so I went). They weren't bad, better than LC for definite.

September 14th 2007


Im like a tornado. Once I start something I dont stop. That fantasy league is taking light years man.

Digging: Fuming Mouth - The Grand Descent

September 14th 2007


[quote=BallsToTheWall]That fantasy league is taking light years man.[/quote]

Yeah I know. I made it public so I'm just waiting for it to fill up. Only 26 hours away now.

I absolutely hate writing so I don't understand how some people can just pump them out like this.

September 14th 2007


I didnt get higher than a c- in high school english, and that was two semesters. But as of recent I enjoy writing reviews of underappreciated cds and hopefully become ranked.

September 14th 2007


I've been meaning to look into this band... thanks for reminding me, and making it sound like a good idea.

Good review too...

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September 14th 2007


goth rock...

i'm out.
pretty good review though.This Message Edited On 09.14.07

August 6th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

this is a really good album

very underrated

April 21st 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Good album, but gets boring fast

May 21st 2010


Ive only heard Rush and thought it was pretty good, how does the rest compare?

February 10th 2012


^yeah i have the same question

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