Choking Victim
Squatta's Paradise



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September 13th, 2007 | 4 replies

Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Review Summary: When I first saw that no one had reviewed this classic EP, I was in shock. In my opinion this is one of the greatest EPs of all time. Squatta's Paradise was originally released is 1996. It's recording quality is not the greatest, but its classic anthem

When I first saw that no one had reviewed this classic EP, I was in shock. In my opinion this is one of the greatest EPs of all time. Squatta's Paradise was originally released is 1996. It's recording quality is not the greatest, but its classic anthems such as BORN TO DIE and INFESTED most certainly make up for it. Since both the Squatta's Paradise EP and the Crack Rock Steady EP (released 1994are both listed under this I will review both. Choking Victim created there own unique stlye of punk rock with these two EPs. These Eps spawned the "Crack Rock Steady Beat" which consists of super fast guitars and hyper speed ska riffs and chord changes. Other bands have imitated this over the years such as No Ca$h, Sixgun Radio, and Morning Glory, all of which Stza and Ezra have offered some kind of help with. These two EPs also reflect that later sounds of Leftover Crack, which also consist of Ezra, Stza, and other Crack Rock Steady musicians.

The self titled opening track for the CRS EP is great song full of energy. CHOKING VICTIM was an excellent way to start of the EP. Its versus have the classic Crack Rock Steady Beat and is very catchy. The chorus switches over from up tempo ska and into blazing fast punk rock. The lyrics of this song are pain and simple. It basically tells the story of Stza committing suicide. It begins with Stza hanging by the neck and works its way to the end where finally he is dead. Once again the energy of this song made it a great choice to start the EP

This song expresses the songwriters rage about U.S. intervention on struggling nations. He states "You ought to die,and the reasons why: One thousand starving nations from U.S. intervention, and your pathetic lies." YOU OUTTA DIE tells the story of STZA as a teenager and finally realizing the wrongs of the U.S. government. Basically it states the the governments so-called help is really not helping anybody.

MONEY is a song packed full of anger and rage. Its a song about how money corrupts, a reaccuring theme in CHOKING VICTIM/LEFTOVER CRACK songs. Stza states that money has done nothing but fueled nothing but hate and greed. A great song that eventually showed up again on their full length, NO GODS/NO MANAGERS.

The title of this track is a very sarcastic one. The message of this song is about the wrongs of the prison system of America. It criticizes it with lines such as "A thousand convicts sit still waiting for death, as I sigh for relief, I exhale my breath. Jail for every town and every state... Oh god, ain't this country great!"" A great way to end the EP. This song has a very laid back rhythm on top off Stza's harsh and scratchy voice.

This ends the CRS EP. This laid the foundation for all Crack Rock Steady songs after this .

INFESTED one of the great anthems for the band. This song is extremely catchy and contains hilarious lyrics. Musically its catchy with a great breakdown in the middle of the song. This song explains Stza's problem with lice, fleas, and crabs. It also says that he recieved cancer from the lotion he used on it. A really great song and a great crowd pleaser.

Honestly, this song does not appeal to me. Its good, but compared to the others, I could do without it. Its about squatting, being angry, and cops. Musically, it just doesnt really stand out. Its an okay song.

Along with INFESTED, BORN TO DIE is another great anthem for the band. With the soft and mellow 10 second intro to the infectious "whoas" behind the versus, this song is definitley a stand out song on the EP. It generally has a pesimistic outlook on life. The title explains it all, We are only born to die. It states that our dreams are worthless and that we should live our life how WE want to. Free yourself from religion because you are living for a lost cause. This song actaully re-surfaced on Leftover Crack's Mediocore Generica.

This song is great. Musically and lyrically it is very impressive. SUICIDE was a great pick to end the EP. This song also ended up on NO GODS/NO MANAGERS. The bass intro is so dramatic, it will be stuck in your head for weeks. It has great verses that features Stza excellent flow and rhyming abilities. The breakdown style chorus only adds to the effect of the song. The best feature of the song is the climax of the song. The instruments ring out from the 2nd chorus and this simple but terrorizing bass line kicks in. The song continues with the yelling/screaming of Stza and the super fast quitar,bass, and drum work. It then kicks back into the chorus for the 3rd and final time. This is the best song on the cd and my personal favorite

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September 13th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

great someone reviwed this i wouldnt give it a 5 as no gods is much much better, but this is still a fun listen

September 13th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

Now I'm just a dead lazy bum, i am just a choking victim!

God i hate that song. Your review needs a conclusion imo.

cat destroyer
September 14th 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

5? more like 2.5

September 14th 2007


Amazing EP, but a 5 is reserved for no gods, no managers.

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