Lacrimas Profundere
Ave End



by BallsToTheWall USER (232 Reviews)
September 13th, 2007 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Melancholic, somber, 1970's influenced goth rock.

Lacrimas Profundere's sixth full length cd brings their self pronounced brand of “rock and sad" music back to the table with an powerfully melancholic album. Lacrimas have progressively strayed away from their doom metal roots shown on their older cds, and evolved to more 1970's influenced goth rock complete with their signature dark synth lines, low tuned baritone vocals, and heavy riffs, keeping everything still. Everything is so calming, it makes you just want to sit down, relax and stop thinking about all your worries, and just give in slowly to the music.

Christopher Schmid-Vocals

Oliver Schmid- Lead Guitars

Christian Steiner-Keyboards

Peter Kafka-Bass

Tony Berger-Guitar


Formed in Germany around 1993, Lacrimas Profundere had much interest from the labels for their style of music. Quickly latching on to Napalm Records. They had found great commercial success with their last release, "Fall, I Will Follow", thus sending them straight into the heart of commercial success, where they became a huge hit in the German underground scene. Lacrimas Profundere in their earlier years were much heavier and as time went on progressed into more straightforward gothic rock. Influenced by everyone from Peter Steele to Sisters Of Mercy, and to Sentenced, these influences can be felt throughout their cd's.Ave End right away, sends you down a spiral of depression as their synth driven melodies create a portal of darkness and suck you right in. They add so much depth to their music with their somber keyboard lines merging to aggressive riffing and the extremely low vocals, creates an atmosphere so overwhelming, you cant walk away because its too addicting.

Now Lacrimas Profundere are very good at what they play. All the instruments seem to blend in perfectly. Although the guitars are more of a backdrop, complementing the synth lines with their groove, solos are to be found, and I just cant help but move my head a little. I cant really mosh, its too slow and dreamy, rather just stand still and absorb what is being brought to me. The keyboard obviously stands out, Ave End primarily being driven by synth work and the low vocals. Christopher Schmid's vocals stand out immensely in the music he helped create with his brother, although some times his vocals can be found remotely monotonous. Very deep, baritone vocals wrapped around the synth lines and heavy riffs have me entranced and feeling very relaxed as my ears just focus on the atmosphere . His vocals are very smooth, and very calm, not showing much aggression, mainly just holding the same vocal tone throughout to create a sense of mind control . The bass isnt really present, and the drums holdy a steady beat with the rest of the band to keep everything dark and catchy. In all Lacrimas Profundere creates music that will have you either moving along with like, a puppet being manipulated by the puppeteer, or shutting this off immediately. Depending on how you react to the vocals, this is an enjoyable listen for people trying to endulge into different styles of music.

The single, Amber Girl pretty much shows you everything they pull off, and sum it up nicely, opening with a synth line and the guitar’s come in before delving into Christopher's mesmerizing voice, entering with the insanely catchy chorus, and leading out to a guitar solo before finishing. The lyrics don’t bring anything new to the genre, still being dark and desolate, mainly revolving around love lost or such. After hearing this cd for the first time, i am going to have to search for their rest of their catalog. Fans of H.I.M or the 69 Eyes should have no hard time getting into this, as it is their cup of tea.

Lacrimas Profundere is a band that I’m surprised nobody on this site knows about. Great music heavy on the atmosphere, bruising riffs playing the somber notes and solo's well, and the synth lines absolutely just stunning. Go out and give this a run, and bring out your insecure self.

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September 13th 2007


I have never heard of this. Not sure if it's my style.

September 13th 2007


Not sure, but im probaly the only on on this site who listens to them, the 69 eyes, and stuff like that.

Digging: Eremit - Carrier of Weight

September 13th 2007


sending them straight into the heart of the mainstream, where they became a huge hit in the German underground scene.
I could be mistaken, but this seems kinda contradictory.

Fix the double-spacing and it'll be fine. Other than that, just work a bit on your grammar.

Pretty good review.

September 14th 2007


Dude, I've definitely listened to this cd before.

I just don't really remember much of it. Maybe I'll go find it again.

September 14th 2007


Definitely your best review so far imo. Much more descriptive than your other ones.

September 14th 2007


Thank ya. Im only reviewing cd's that havent been reviewed that are awesome, or awesome cd's I heard nobody else knows about.

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