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by BallsToTheWall USER (231 Reviews)
September 8th, 2007 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: American melodic death metal with black metal and gothic influences, this is a fresh kick to the jaw to the scene here.

Although Abigail Williams broke up recently their demo left a message to me that not all hope was lost in the American metal scene. That amidst this scene obsessed metal core their still lays a band showing off their black and death metal influences proudly. Along with The Funeral Pyre, Abigail Williams play melodic death metal with black metal influences. The keyboards are more involved in the latter and provides atmosphere throughout.

At around the 22 minute mark ,and 6 songs on the disk, this demo encompasses hellishly brutal rhythms . Everybody does their part to make everything brutal as hell and even adding some clean vocals to the mix. Guitarwise Bjorn Dannov, Ken Sorceron, and Brad Riffs do their job well. Fast and heavy paced riffs dominate throughout and keep the rhythm straightforward as the keyboards outshine with their dark melodies. Although not very diverse they do what their supposed to do and lay down some interesting solos from keeping this from becoming uninspired. Basically they hold down the groove the groove for Ashley Jurgemeyer to lay down keyboard runs. She plays very Dimmu Borgirish inspired runs that have a very gothic feel and an ominous tone adding to the heavy riffing. Ken Sorceron sounds possessed with his high pitch screams making any black metal band proud along with death metal inspired grunts. Occasionally cleans vocals make their presence, such as in Conqueror Wyrm, From A Buried Heart, and Watch Tower. The singing treads nowhere near the metal core side but instead adds an epic quality to the music. They blend perfectly with the music and are not over abused to an extent. Well how’s the drumming" Zach Gibson plays his kit well and typical of the genre itself plays with speed. Fast double bass and blast beats dominate more or less. Typical but good at what he does. Kyle Dickinson plays the bass here and really isn't important here.

Legend is a very brutal and dark CD that follows a very straightforward pattern. Many people will be instantly turned off by the high pitched vocals and throw this away. Just give it a few runs and then judge. Listening to this you will instantly hear many influences from the extreme metal world into their music. Most notably would be "Storm of the Lights Bane: but with keyboards providing a large portion of the melodies.

All in all this is a great start for a band who had the promise of becoming big in the underground. Depending on where you go to find this, this will cost around 5 to 7 bucks. So anyone into blackened death metal or heavy music, should spend the small fee and give this a try. You might like it or hate but that's all up to you to decide.

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September 8th 2007


You really only describe what the band plays style wise. Some phrasing is pretty awkward as well. [quote=review]Fast and heavy paced riffs dominate throughout and although not very diverse do what their supposed to do and lay down some interesting solos from keeping this from becoming uninspired.[/quote] This is pretty confusing phrasing wise and in the sense it is a run on. I'd say add some more detail onto what the record itself sounds like itself. What you have thus far is a pretty good start but the review could definitely use another paragraph and a stronger conclusion. On a side note I'm just now checking these guys out and they are pretty interesting. This Message Edited On 09.08.07

September 8th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

Added a bit and might re write some more tommorow.

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September 9th 2007


This is really awkward to read.

September 9th 2007


awkward review, good album

September 9th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah, I agree with Kalle.

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south_of_heaven 11
October 4th 2007


Holy shit, these guys suck.

October 4th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

Had to read my first and extremely bad review huh. I dont know, I like these guys. Sure the vocals can be grating but I enjoys this band much more than Black Dahlia Murder. Probaly because of the great job on the keyboard runs.

south_of_heaven 11
October 4th 2007


This is just basically crappy, mainstreamed melo-death...really, I'd call it deathcore because it sucks so much.

October 4th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

I dont know about the mainstream bit. Very harsh vocals in a grinding the ears sense, I dont see these guys and girl catering to a the local y anytime soon. Lacking originallity but extremely harsh with few clean vocals." From the buried heart " is the best song along with watchtower. I guess you could say they are a poor dissection rip off, but this is only an e.p. They broke up and re formed. Their debut if not their second disk cd should be alot better. The Absence went from zero's to hero's on this site as soon after their recent release.

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