Bleed The Dream

very poor


by cometuesday USER (36 Reviews)
August 31st, 2007 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: With an EP so riddled with the weight of redundancy, unoriginality, and the absence of even the slightest catchy lyric or guitar riff, Bleed the Dream show very little promise.

One of the things I enjoy about the internet is the endless possibilities there are in finding new music to listen to. In a time when global communication is as easy as clicking and scrolling, a myriad of bands are waiting out there, just as accessible, for you to find them. Because of this, I've been lucky enough to digitally acquire so many artists that I now don't know what I would do without. Unfortunately, the down side to this is that every now and then the internet will lead you to something that either doesn't suit your fancy, rubs you the wrong way, or is just plain awful altogether.

Some time ago something similar happened to me, for whatever reason I could not tell you. My iTunes insisted that this band, Bleed the Dream was something I would enjoy and I, in my naivety, said "Okay iTunes, I'll bite". More often than not when my computer had recommended something to me based on what I had already said I liked, it was mostly correct. Perhaps it was the user comments, the review I read, or just the associated band of mine that lead me to scribble the Awake EP down in my list of things to get. I had put blind faith into the judgment of my iTunes and didn't think to question or even listen to the sample previews provided.

Eventually I got my hands on this, pressed play and, after a puzzling twenty minutes, suddenly felt very unfulfilled and, more importantly, betrayed. This 'Bleed the Dream' was not something I would enjoy and, in fact, was more the type of EP that I would avoid at all costs. Right off the bat the first track Villian was riddled with the stereotypical pseudo-screaming, repetitive riffing, and ridiculously self-loathing lyrics coupled with most post-hardcore disaster bands. Granted, I allowed myself to take note that this EP was released in 2003 and since I, at the time, was unable to remember exactly when this genre flooded the musical market (in truth, I've blocked it out) I tried my best to not be so judgmental from the start.

Try as I may, time and time again I would attempt to be open minded and only grow more irritated by this the more I listened. I had come to manage being able to acknowledge the opening track, even with its redundant call and respond catch of sing-scream-sing-scream, as somewhat bearable. What I could not bring myself to look past was how each and every track, save one, followed the exact same song structure with the exact same riffs and the exactsame "singing". The lyrical content is just as laughable, including insightful gems like "my skin is like paper", "your heart breaks like glass", "why does my life just fall apart when I listen to my heart"", and one of my favorites "hello, my name is dead to you".

Now I know it is easy for one to immediately toss something aside as being redundant, but this band somehow finds a means to get away with putting six tracks of what sounds exactly alike on this EP. Two tracks into this disc, it is enough to draw a resemblance to Fall Out Boy, only with more screaming, less talent, and even less originality. The only song on this horrendous twenty minutes that is not alike is the final track Pop Song in which the generic chord riffage of the first five tracks seems to be traded in for, simply, a different array of generic chord riffage. Its other "highlight" is that the screaming is turned way up in this one, but all it really screams to me is "Look! We're hardcore too!". The track prior, Be There, stands as the "ballad" on the EP and could arguably be seen as more diversity, but really only comes off like a slowed down version of the others.

Even though this is a relatively dated release in terms of the genre it allegedly belongs to, it still is a difficult listen that carries far too many negative aspects to even pretend to enjoy. I really tried to give this a chance and, despite my distaste for most post-hardcore, I have a relatively open mind and a reasonable appreciation for those who do not play off of the overdone or the trendy. Bleed the Dream, however, will likely never gain that appreciation as Awake has given me reason not only to remove this EP from my life entirely but avoid, to my best ability, any and all encounters I could potentially have with this band's material.

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Pop Song

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August 31st 2007


Excellent review. Very informative I know pretty much hwo this will sound, thanks for the heads up although it's not my thing anyway.

Just a note, I would refrain from mentioning the word emo/screamo in reference to this kind of thing. We take the original definition of the genre on this site (as in the more emotional side of hardcore music), so it's not really applicable to this kind of thing.

August 31st 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

I'll nix it then.

August 31st 2007


good review. the only thing i liked by these guys was their acoustic ep

August 31st 2007


Good review... sounds like something worth avoiding.

That's cool that iTunes reccomendations have been so good to you up to this point... I've found a lot of good bands that way, but have also found a lot of crap.

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August 31st 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

Yeah it sometimes gets hit or miss but I'm still getting good stuff so I can't complain too much.

September 5th 2007


From what I've heard, these guys are relatively lame.

Digging: Converge - The Dusk in Us

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