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by matthew15 USER (1 Reviews)
August 31st, 2007 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

This is one of the best ever pop punk albums for the summer and one of the best summer records.

It opens with three days later, trevor wastes no time and gets straight in to the vocals, just after the first kick of the drum, this is a great opening to the album and is guaranteed to get you in the summer spirit "Call up your friends and, lets go down to the beach, bring your stereo and, all your favorite CDS" nice breakdown with just vocals over the drumming before a drum roll happens and it all kicks in. Pretty melodic in contrast with much of the mainstream pop punk like good charlotte, blink182 or fallout boy.

Crazy mary, has one of the guitars acoustic, and is one of two slower songs on the album, yet might remind some people of simple plan. The lyrics here are probaly the most emotional on the album "She watches the world pass her by like a freight train, and they all call her the same names, laughing as they point and stare at her, so she cries out to god up in heaven, being praying since she was eleven, for him to send someone to meet her there"

Something to believe in, is a song about not wanting to find answers in your faith but just get what you want without all of the searching. Trevor doesn't mean it when he says its over, but he has finished the endless searching. The sound here is probaly more agressive than any other song here, with a bit of shouting "I'm never gonna fall in line, so don't even bother wasting your time, I'm a breed of a different kind" howeveer, its better here because unlike some, the singer doesn't go as far as swearing.

Definately maybe is a stand out track, starting with just a guitar then trevor singing before the drums kick in. This song is slower than some of the other ones but speeds up a little for the bridge. The verses sound like Lit, wheatus and new found glory or any classic high school anthems in the name of pop punk.

Donna starts with do do doo do do do doo's and uses quite a lot of them which is repettitive and stops the song from being perfects, not really the happiest song, but an attempt to be optimistic about the situation.

All the days starts with the band playing then trevor getting everyone to sing along in a catchy rhyhm. Great breakdown, love the drums there before the final choruses. Probaly one of the best songs on the album.

Hold me twice seems to have taken in some influence from TFK, as you hear the verses, it sounds slightly hard rock, with sort of rapped vocals. Then you hear the classic 'static sound. Then theres a great solo part and an acoustic guitar in the breakdown part, another of the best songs.

The notion is an awesome party song, and the lyrics are about that "Oh no I've got the notion, lets get together and start the commotion, round and round till everyone stops, till the next needle on the record player drops" great breakdown where the bass plays lone then instruments join it one by one, making it a classic to remember.

October is classic pop punk that you can hear everywhere, but FM Static still make it sound good. The singer talks about a girl he doesn't see anymore but the guy had changed so maybe she'd like him more if she knew him more. Very catchy lyrics, probaly best sung in the second verse.

My first stereo stars with rock guitar then goes quiter for the verses as trevor talks about his first stereo and how much he treasures it. Then it goes back to the intro, you'll also notice how the second verse speeds the song up as he talks about escaping someone, listening to micheal jackson when he was 10 and how his stereo played his first mixtape giving him courage to say what he wanted to someone special. One of the best solos here but not really much of a breakdown, the ending could be worse I guess.

Hey now, a secret song is acoustic driven and has such a sweet and calm sound to it, as it is about meeting a girl you fall in love with and having things go really well between you. An ideal way to close a mostly positive summer album.

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August 31st 2007


Donna starts with do do doo do do do doo's and uses quite a lot of them which is repettitive and stops the song from being perfects
...but not really much of a breakdown, the ending could be worse I guess.
Then how is this a five?

Digging: Adimiron - Et Liber Eris

August 31st 2007


you ramble a lot.

August 31st 2007


Yea this dosen't seem like a five. Its alright, its still a first review.This Message Edited On 08.31.07

Electric City
September 1st 2007


^This is our site Papa. He feeds all of us and cares for us.

September 1st 2007


This is a good first review. Just try to be more detailed in your next one. also, I've heard this cd is definatly not a 5. maybe a 2.5 at best

September 1st 2007


Oops, I mean i've listened to this cd and it's definatly not 5

September 4th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

It's all right; a good summer record at the very least. Definitely a heckuva lot better than their second one.

September 22nd 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

Despite a couple listenable tracks, this is one of the worst bands ever

March 6th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

Good first album like it a lot , Some of these songs remind me of high school so i can relate to them.

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