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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: SR-71 is a modern day pop band that are pretty run of the mill. They adjust their sound a little to much since their last album, the poppy Now You See Inside, to a more Hard Rock/Pop Metal genre. This album also has Mitch's brother on drums (Who kinda t

After a pretty succesful first album, SR-71's drummer, Dan Garvin, quit the band to go join another called Nine Days. So John Allen offered to fill in for Dan, which the entire band said it was cool. But when SR-71 started writing new material for Tomorrow, John kinda "morphed" Mitch's stuff into his own. In a way, he took over the band in that point in time. The band started writing songs that were much more serious and a lot harder than their debut. Voila, you have an album that had a few good songs on it with lots of filler. I.E. Tomorrow.

Are nothing special. Sure, Mitch sometimes used clever analogys and metaphors, but when it comes down to it the stuff is actually pretty boring and repetative. Most of the songs are about the some subject. The lyrics are usually about a relationships and about how he loved her so much, or how he hates her and she cheated him. Defeat.
Yeah thats a good word for what thats about. In fact sometimes you can get turned off by some of them. So basically, the lyrics aren't very good.

Excell. Yes, the vocals are actually very good on this album. Mitch really knows how to work his voice and push it out there to give you goosebumps. He can sing really high and you can't tell that he's trying. Mitch is really versatile when he sings. He can be a really soft singer, (Hello, Hello) a hard grainy singer, (Goodbye) and a punky fun singer, (She Was Dead). He's the gem of the band. I think he would do better making another band and ditching his brother.

Ehh. Nothing special to say about the instuments. Mark can make a catchy hook. John keeps a decent beat. Jeff though...he's not too good. He plays nothing but root notes.
Well actually, Mark is a decent guitar player, if you listen to the solo on "Lucky", it shows he can work his fingers if he really wanted too. besides that, pretty generic lead riffs from Mark, and average drumming on Johns part.

Now, this is for all you people who like TBT's.

Not a bad track. Its good that the song starts with some fingerpickin' which is pretty unusual for SR-71 to do. nothing outstanding instument wise. Great singing. A song about Mitch trying to get a girl to be with him. I don't quite get the "they all fall down" part though. I think he's talking about all other men fail to match him. Not sure.
But the best part of the song is where Mitch lets his voice fly in the bridge. Makes me think about their first album. Decent song. One of the better ones.

The title track. It is also the single of the album. Like the last song it starts off slow and soft then kicks into a blazing riff. Shows off John's talent as a drummer, which isn't really saying much, cuz its barely better than the other songs on the album. Kick ass singing once again. Mitch almost screams in the bridge, which is QUITE different from any SR-71 song up til' now. Really simple guitar and bass, but it goes will with the song and makes it. It's the single, and its a good song, but its not the best one on here.

Unlike the last two songs which where rockers, this one pulls back the tempo and the flaring anger, but still keeping some anger. In this song, Mark shows you he can make a hook. Once again, awesome singing on Mitch's part, and once again, a soft start, verse, then a kick-in. (Starting to get the pattern") John, once again, average drumming behind Mark and Jeff. This is a song about Mitch's girl leaving him for another guy. has a few graphic lines in there that kinda turn you off. But besides those lines, this is not a bad song. In fact, it shows off Mitch's vocal abilities right at the end when he crys out, "Does he make you cry"" Yeah, its a good song.

Now here come the filler songs. This song is just a bland, underwritten piece of filler.
Good singing, average instruments, slow start. Its just a ***ty version of "My World"
Skip this song, seriously.

This song is filler too, but its not as bad as Hello, Hello. The instruments aren't really showcasing this time on purpose. This is more of a a songwriting, lyrics kinda thing.
It fails to really deliever like it intended to do. I like the lyrics, but thats really all thats good on this song. Thats only reason why someone wouldn't skip it. But if you don't really appreciate lyrics, and want music as well, you won't like this one.

Alright, finally. Now that the 3 softies are over, we get an awesome rock tune. This is the best song on the album. This is rocker we wanna hear. Its kinda generic, but who cares" They make the lead riff their own. Killer vocals and a catchy chorus with an upbeat tempo is what SR-71 is known for...or at least what they're good at. It's a song about Mitch telling a girl that he's leaving cuz she's being too selfish saying I don't like being second best. Basically a "*** you bitch! I'm leaving" Yeah, definently the best one on the album.

Oohh. A punky song. This might be good, is what you're thinking, and it is. The second best song off of the album. Fast pased, punky vocals, (I realize this is not punk, but for SR-71, it is) fun little hooks. Finally some good drumming by John, and some alirght bassing for Jeff, but its still just root notes. At least he can play fast. Its about Mitch being a dick and wanting to ditch a girl, but not having the balls so he makes her miserable. Really good. If only they did more songs like this one, it'd be a better album.

Well...another filler song. Sounds like "Hello Hello". I'm not being lazy, but I just don't like doing a song that is basically the same as another one. Slow, verse, kick-in, Good vocals, average instrumentation. The subject is quite vague. But whats ironic, is that after this song, there isn't a good song after this one. Not good.

Hmm...filler, filler and more filler. Sounds alot like "Tomorrow". The formula for the songs are now starting to get really old. Vocals, Insruments, you know that deal. You can guess how this song will sound.

This song is better than the last two. Its actually not that bad, if you get past the fact that the lyrics really blow. I mean seriously, How can you have only 6 lines of verse then the rest is chorus" It's kinda of boring, the lyrics that is. But this is a song for the guitar to shine in. Good solo on Mark's part. It's kind of cool how in the bridge everything drops out and you get to hear Mitch's soft voice after a grueling 2 1/2 minutes of grainy, nasty voice, if you can even make it that far into the song without skipping. It reminds me of "Right Now". Decent to say the least.

Does the filler ever stop" Its a really long, soft song. Good vocals, decent insruments, lyics are ok, blah blah blah, you've heard at all. It's really soft. sucks.

This is a re-release of their second single from their debut album. It's better on this one I think. It's a comeback from the atrocious "In My Mind". It's not a bad song itself,
It's song about Mitch being a reserve, or rather, a friend that a girl doesn't realize is a great match for her. But he doesn't care. Great vocals, pretty good guitar, and decent drumming. It's a pretty good ending to an average album.

So there you have it. An album that is just run of the mill with some decent songs on it.
its all about tastes in music and patience. If you can't sit back and appreciate the album, its not for you.

+The songs that are good, are really good.
+Awesome vocals
+Great production value

-Full of filler
-Instruments are nothing special
-Most songs are very boring

-My World
-She Was Dead

Well, I don't think you would want to buy this album cuz chances are, you won't like half the stuff. It'd be better to buy individual songs you want on iTunes or something.
But the albums not all bad. SR-71 has musicians that work well together. They just need to find what suits them best. Overall, not bad, but not good. Average.


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August 16th 2007


The format is a bit weird, and you may need to add a little more description. Track by Tracks need a lot of description.

But otherwise keep working man. good job.

I only knew one or two songs by this band, and they were decent at most.This Message Edited On 08.16.07

August 16th 2007


I haven't heard anything from this band other than the old, old single and I don't remember it.

So I'll pass.

August 16th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Thanks. I feel the format is a bit weird, but I feel its my own if I work on it.

I think I described the track by tracks pretty well, but if you say so...

tribestros, I think you should download Goodbye. Its really not a bad song.

February 7th 2009


Tomorrow, Goodbye are good songs on this album!

February 7th 2009


Tomorrow, Goodbye are good songs on this album!

March 14th 2011


I have a feeling I'd hate anything else they put out, but I'm digging "Goodbye"

January 16th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

Gonna give this a review, this one's not exactly up to par and this is a great album.

March 20th 2018


yo I just had nostalgia trip here listening to goodbye for the first time in like 10 years haha

March 20th 2018



why do you always kick me when i’m


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