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That They May Know You



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August 12th, 2007 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: I loved this C.D. and it is a very well put together. The vocals are amazing and the guitar is to. But the only thing I found a that may be less then perfect is repetitiveness. You may feel like it is repeating itself over and over. But other then that I

This is a little known about self released E.P. Haste the Day originaly a band from Indianapolis was formed by some friends. They held an open audition and then hired Jimmy Ryan (2001-2005) as their lead singer. Ryan anounced His depature of the band due to a pending marrige. Their new lead singer is Stephen Keetch (2005-) . Ryan is now in an unsigned band and works at Tooth and Nail Records. This is their first E.P. featuring Ryan.

1. Muddy Waters:
This is a mostly instrumentel song with lyrics near the end. At first when I heard this song I listened to the first few seconds and thought "What a boring way to start a CD."
I made the mistake of skipping the track and not listening to it fully. You may think this to.
The song starts out very slow with an acoustic kinda sound it remains that way for the rest of the song. But altough it may sound boring it is a very good song. Not the best on the CD though.

This is a very fast paced song. It begins with a little feedback and then blasts into Ryans Sreemo/Growl mix. Then as it goes on you hear Chaulk's very clean voice.
This song has been featured on many Rock stations christian and non-christian.
This is a good song also. Just not one of the best.

3. As Lambs
This is also another fast paced song (as most of them are). The name is taken from their
christian beliefs to be like lambs. In this song Ryan's Vocals may not be as clean, but the guitar and the drums are exellent. This is the #3 best song on the CD.

4. Who We Are
I love this song. It Begins with an acoustic guitar and Chaulk's (lead guitarist) clean Vocals. At first this seems like a boring song. But after the line "It could be, could be, could be" The Electric Guitars Blast in with the line "who we are, a reflection of what we do." In the back round kicks in Ryan's Screemo/Growling mix repeating the words. The song goes on with the same thing, But after the second chorus there's a short guitar riff and then Ryan get's in there for a short while. Another example of their christianity is in the lyrics.

5. Epitaph
This is just a short little instumentl interlude.
Not much to say here.

6. The Dry Season.
Here it is... the best song on the CD. This song starts with a drum solo and then comes everything at once. The Guitar is simply amazing in this song at first it's like a hard rock style, then it changes to a Jazzy side, then goes quite with nothing but an Acoustic guitar and Ryan's clean vocals. Expressing his need for Jesus Christ. "I need You more than the lily's need rain". After this there is a very fast, very cool guitar riff. After a bit of it Ryan comes back in with his amazing vocals. This is truly a song worthy of being called Metal.

This is another short little song. I don't know what to say about this song.
It's very different from the rest of the C.D.

I encorage you to listen to this C.D. You may have a different opinion about it.
And I respect that. This E.P. is availible at Amazon or on Haste the Day's Website (www.hastetheday.net).

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August 11th 2007


This review lacks detail mainly. It's still a good first attempt, just be sure to read some of the other reviews around here to get a hang of how they should look.

One other thing, you rate this album a 5, yet you only rate one of the songs 5, the rest are around 3.5.

You've got a ways to go, but you'll get there if you keep practicing, taking advise, and reading other reviews.

All that aside, great band, but the only song I've heard from this is Substance.

August 12th 2007


I dont own this ep, i do own HTD's 3 full length albums. The'yre okay i guess, very generic, and most of the sogns are just average. When they get it right, they can write amazing songs though (Fallen, Song of Faith, When Everything Falls)

August 12th 2007


lol I went to high school with the HTD boys.

I remember when it was just 3 of them, and there band name was called the Chaulks then they became Haste the Day.
This CD is good, and they get worse

Burning bridges was amazing (I went to there CD release show in my high school cafeteria)
WEF was mediocre
I can't stand the new stuff

August 12th 2007


You only give on track the full 5/5 rating yet the whole EP gets a classic?

Odd. Review wasn't bad for a first.

August 12th 2007


Again, your rating doesn't correspond to the contents of your review. Look at your song ratings. As it stands you should've given this a 4, as an average.

August 12th 2007


the new album is plain horrible, this older stuff is yet bearable.This Message Edited On 08.12.07

August 12th 2007


i cant believe you gave this a 5/5 rating.

August 12th 2007


Excuse me for being a bit biased, but I can tell just by the genre that this isn't a 5.

August 15th 2007


Sorry it was a computer error. I meant to rate it 3.5

November 26th 2008


good review, and none of us are perfect writers, but I can tell you that track-by-track reviews never work that great. and, just work a little bit on the spelling (screemo). other than those nit-picky details, very good review. i'll have to check out this one.

May 15th 2011


Going to go ahead and use my 3000th comment on my favorite band since I was a little middle schooler. Haters gonna hate.


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