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very poor


by dub sean USER (37 Reviews)
August 6th, 2007 | 22 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Slightly Stoopid have mastered creating chill, reggae sounds. Too bad they abuse the privilege and remade the same song seventeen times.

I am a Stoopid fan and it looks like I might be stupid now, too. Every release Slightly Stoopid has put out has altered the genre of their music a little bit. Their debut self-titled release in 1998 was full of fast, raunchy punk tracks. Almost 10 years later, Slightly Stoopid have transformed into the chill, stoner, Marley worshipers they were destined to be. Every album in between their self-titled album and their most recent release, Chronchitis, has perfectly balanced a formula of fast punk songs mixed with reggae beats and ska tunes. Now, in 2007, Slightly Stoopid have completely discarded their punk edge and let the reggae take over. I, a die-hard Bob Marley fan, was thrilled. That was until I heard the creation that was to be Chronchitis.

Chronchitis is the bronchitis that occurs to someone who has smoked too much marijuana in a short time. Chronchitis symptoms usually include haziness, excessive coughing, and headaches. After I was through with Stoopid's version of Chronchitis, I successfully had received each of these symptoms (minus the coughing.) Now, onto the actual album.

Slightly Stoopid has been known for creating albums and songs in which the subject of every track is about being high or being with a girl. So, if you're not high or with a girl, this could be an instant turnoff. Lucky for me, I'm both. So what really is the problem with the lyrics in Chronchitis" Well, if every song is about the same thing, the lyrics become quite repetitive. Many times the same lines are recycled throughout songs. It's fun to listen to at first, but after the first twenty minutes or so, you either phase out or just turn off the music. Sadly, not even vocal performances by G. Love, Guru of Gangstar, Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Money Mark could save the bland lyrics. Sometimes it's impossible to even notice that the vocalist has changed. Other times, such as the case in Baby I Like It, when G. Love enters the scene, he keeps on ranting about the same thing that the lead singer is rambling about, and we completely forget that he's the special guest. At least on the other albums when the lyrics were bland and endless, the music was outstanding. So, this has to be the case on Chronchitis, right"

Well, yes and no. If you've heard the performance by the dual guitarists in Acoustic Roots: Live and Direct, you can understand the kind of ability these guys have. The duo guitar playing in that album is about as good as it gets. Sadly, it seems Chronchitis is not living up to its potential. Little tidbits and licks can be heard here and their, such as in 2am, but for the most part it seems the guitar's only purpose is backing up the drum beats, which are far short of fantastic. Luckily, all fans of the amazing acoustic guitars will not be displeased. The shining guitar moment comes in the form of a song properly entitled Jimi. Listen to that song and tell me the guitar is not outstanding. Sadly, this small moment is overshadowed by 16 other tracks of what seems to be the same song recycled over and over again. This is the major downfall of Chronchitis. All the other Stoopid album have chill songs like these, but they are mixed in with a number of other genres. Here, reggae is the one and only genre. Every song flows right into another, making it near impossible to tell where one song ends and the next begins. Thus, Chronchitis would make for good background music, maybe to be played in a dentist's office or an elevator. Too bad the explicit lyrics would not even let it get some play in these situations. It's fun to listen to in small portions, but over an hour of this is intolerable.

The one and only moment where Chronchitis really shines is in Girl U So Fine/Girl U So Fine Pt 2. And not even the whole song is great, only Part II. The boring drums have been discarded, the two vocalists finally duo, and out come the acoustic guitars. The solo is nothing short of euphoric. If you were to download one song from this album, I would definitely agree this would be it. Although little bits and pieces of classic Stoopid can be heard throughout the album, they are short and sometimes hard to catch. Unlike most artists, whose ventures out of their comfort zones fail miserably, it is only when Slightly Stoopid tries new things do they really achieve their moment of zen.

If nothing else, Chronchitis proves to be a great album to listen to on drugs. You'll forget about the bland music and repetitive lyrics. Maybe you'll find something fun about it, maybe it tastes good, or maybe the dog likes to chew and fetch it. Any of these seem to be good uses for the album; listening to it sure doesn't do the trick. This could be an album that takes more than four of five listens to appreciate, but that's doubtful. And so, yet another band with huge potential fails once again. It's a shame really, because I like this band. Oh well, better luck next time.

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dub sean
August 6th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

I didn't want to do this, but it's necessary.

Two-Headed Boy
August 6th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

That's pretty disappointing to hear. Aw well, my bro will probably still buy it.

dub sean
August 6th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

I'm actually bumping up the rating for this already. I made a mistake.

August 6th 2007


Nice review, pretty good band, but I guess this sucks.

August 6th 2007


That band name made me lol pretty hard.

August 6th 2007


I think I have Chronchitis right now. If its real I do have all of those symptoms.

I heard this a few days ago, it was pretty lame.

dub sean
August 6th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

I've had it before multiple times. It goes away fast.

August 6th 2007


yeah I'd have to agree with this review...I was really excited about this album, hoping that they would continue to expand and make something pretty groundbreaking...they didn't.

anywhere I go is pretty good, 2am's beat makes it enjoyable...the guitar on Jimi is good enough to notice.
Girl you so fine is probably the best...

altogether, they really stepped down a level instead of what they usually do. They stopped progressing, thus became stagnant.

August 6th 2007


I'll tell you what I was really hoping for, I was hoping they would take up the Sublime standard and move that way.

they don't have the soul though

August 6th 2007


Woah, did this come out already?

Anyway, nice review. I'll expect that this won't be good, because I respect your view on a lot of things, and we share common tastes in music.

August 7th 2007


^it's not bad, it's just if you've already heard Closer to the Sun don't bother getting this.

it's more of the same, just a bit more rehashed and boring.

August 7th 2007


I think the cover art is the best thing about this album so far.

August 15th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

After I had first picked up this album I was pretty disappointed. BUT like a lot of other music I now listen to it had taken me quite a few times to get to liking it. After listening to this album about 5 times its starting to come to my liking. Jimi, Nobody knows, and girl u so fine are my favs so far. I am pretty happy with the style that stoopid decided to go with, definitely a nice sound with the added sax.

August 22nd 2007


I bought this today cause my old social studies teacher was into this band lol and I was curious... so far I like what I hear maybe I will like it more with future listens

dub sean
August 23rd 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

News for ya: your old social studies teacher is probably a pothead.

September 17th 2007


i can't agree with you more on Girl U So Fine/Girl U So Fine Pt 2... when part 2 kicks in, this song turns to total euphoria. i've got it on repeat right now... it makes me feel like i'm wrapped in sweet labia... so warm & cozy... i can live here forever. if downloading weren't so easy, i'd buy the album for this song alone.

September 28th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

i have to agree somewhat. this albumm isn't quite as good as closer the sun, but it still has its moments. theyre a great band, and their music always puts a smile on my face.

December 31st 2007


I dont think this deserves a 1.5, but i just got into them and i started with this.

dub sean
January 12th 2008


Album Rating: 1.5

oooh i would've started with Closer to the Sun or Everything You Need, but whatever..

October 19th 2008


I heard 2AM in the car on the drive home from work at like 1 in the morning.
Good stuff, I must say.

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