The Casualties
On the Front Line



by superpeer USER (22 Reviews)
January 16th, 2005 | 25 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

The Casualties are back with their sixth full length album. The Casualties are a band that really seem as if they want to bring back Old Skool Punk. All the elements are present. Visually: the coloured mohawks, the leather jackets with studs and patches. But of course also musically : think the Ramones, slightly sped up and combined with harsher vocals. They are also heavily influenced by The Exploited with the typical drum patterns and the chanted one-liner choruses. Obviously these guys are pissed off about living in the present time and they show it.

Jorge's Vocals perfectly reflect their attitude and lyrics. He avoids clean vocals completely and snarls throughout the album. Nomen est omen, because he has a fairly heavy Spanish accent, but it fits the music quite well. In "Casualties Army" the album begins with the sounds of a marching army that introduces a nice, fast bass line. The bass is accompanied by the aforementioned drum patterns and followed by the guitar. The guitar plays fast power chords and will do so through most of the album.

"Leaders of today" is one of the best songs on the album, the snarly vocals emphasise the biting sarcasm in the lyrics and the chorus is one of those scream-along choruses in which all the band members yell one line. It's old, but it works. The bonus of this song is a nice little solo, which brings refreshment after all the power chords."Criminal Class" and "Tomorrow Belongs to us" are two prime examples of what this band is all about, socialist ideas in the lyrics and chant along melodies. The lyrics aren't exactly very good, but these guys have an ideal. After a succession of good songs, we arrive at the highlight of the album. "Unknown Soldier" (not a 'The Doors' cover') starts with slow melodic guitar and bass, supported by military marching drums. 'Two, Three, four' speeds up the song and thus the start of a real punk anthem la Bro Hymn. 'Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!' This song is obviously about the front line and war. Jorge's vocals are like a Master Chief in the army yelling viciously and abruptly at his soldiers. Content and form are united here and it sounds fabulous. The chorus is then simply 'oh oh oh' and then later in the song Jorge grunts underneath the 'ohs'. The song has a lot of melody whilst keeping its military beat. Awesome song. "Scarred for life" , not spelled with a 4, contrary to popular belief, has a chorus that contains a literal transcription of this album's idea :"You don't give a damn, so fuck you too" and "Tragedy" is a tribute to Johnny Ramone whilst the music is kept slightly more old skool, fitting the subject.

A lot of people dislike the Casualties and accuse them of being too trendy and trying too hard to be punk, but I enjoyed this album, it has some great songs, and whilst it's not highly original and it's not an album of great variety, it's solid and I'd recommend it to punk fans. (although the album begins better than it ends)

Rating: 3.9/5

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December 23rd 2004


Superpeer?! Street Punk?!?! OMFG

Omfg-ing aside, great review. Though people have found fun in trashing The Casualities, I think they are great. They accomplish what they want to do, no bullshit. Sure they aren't the greatest musicians, but they're fun, they're fast, and they're good. I guess the vocals could be a turn off but I love 'em.

December 24th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks, and yeah Street punk, I like.

I agree with you.

December 24th 2004


Good review, and thanks for adding it to the List yourself. I'm not the biggest fan of punk, but I like a bit. Haven't heard this, though.

December 24th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

I always like to add it myself, it's fast. :cool:

December 25th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah, so, bump?

December 25th 2004


Great review man! After reading it, I think now I need to pick this album up. I've been into the Casualties for awhile now, but never got around to buying any of their albums. Thanks for the awesome review. Good job. :thumb:

January 29th 2005


good review, this defintetly isnt the casualties best album, perhaps eve the worst, bnut its still ok, and the lyrics are better

April 28th 2005


i don't care what anyone says, this is pure casualties punk rock all the way. people who say that they are "fashion punks" are just losers who have to critisize everything. get over it. on the front line is a wicked album and i hope these guys keep putting out more like this one.

August 31st 2005


What a bad album.

Good review though

mesquite punk
September 23rd 2005


ok I will admit i like the lyrics to Tomorrow Belongs to us. And i enjoy playing the little bass opening on Caluaties Army. BUt these guys have really been shitty since die hards i believe. And for the guy who said the ''fashion punk'' thing guess wat they are. also someone told me that in their contract they always have to have ''big hair'' lmao. oh by the way good review aswell.

October 21st 2005


wow. this review was really well written

i love playing unknown soldier on guitar :D

mesquite punk
November 15th 2005


Cheap Sex, Lower Class Brats, Career Soldiers, The Virus to name a few.

December 19th 2005


Actually, Die Hard, people who say that they're fashion punks are usually people with good taste in music who listen to something a little deeper than The Casualties. Ever notice that practically all their song titles include drunk or punk? Or that they tend to dress up like it's fucking Halloween?

December 19th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

I used to be a huge Casualties fan.

I listened to this about a week ago, I think this album is very inconsistant. "Tragedy" is by far the best track off here.

Die Hards > On the Front Line

January 25th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

The Casualties are amazeing i love them they got me into punk beside rancid they are Q##$ing amazeing listen to them now

Music Nerd
March 12th 2006


Short review, but it's good. This is a well done album. It is not my favorite Casualties album but it has some good songs and I like the political tone to the album.

March 16th 2006


The casualties have been my favorite band now for years. On the front

line is the best in my opinion, any body that says they are fashion punks

have no clue what talking about. They think there so fucking punk they

just have to talk shit on somethin. As far as the album goes the lyrics

got more indepth and more political and as far as the music goes after 15-

20 years what did you expect did you think they would never get better.

And the recording is the best casualties have ever had

So in my book on the frontline is the casualties at there best. A must

buy for any casualties fan, and any punk rock fanThis Message Edited On 03.23.06

August 4th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

who cares how the casualtes dress its all about the music not their wardrobe

August 9th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Short, sweet, and to the point. I like it. it alot.

Everyone who disses the casualties can take their bitching and shove it! They rock and no one does it like them!!

May 16th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

They are fashion punks, so what??

Fun record, and whats the point in anarchy if your not having fun. I think the real ''fashion'' punks are the ones who turn thier noses up at all punk rock bands except the very ''coolest'' ones.

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