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Release Date: 1984 | Tracklist

Review Summary: In my opinion, this album is a pure classic from one of the most underrated bands of all time. This was a kick ass album from start to finish, and though the band would continue to rock on relentlessly for years to come, Fight to Survive, I think, was the

A lot of people believe that Pride was the debut album of the glam rock band, White Lion. However, before Pride, a much more polished and pop-oriented release, came a raw, garage-feeling album with the distortion turned up. This album was titled Fight To Survive, and it is, indeed, worth reviewing. Before I begin my review, however, let me start off by stating that anyone familar with the popularization of White Lion should know that Fight To Survive sounds nothing like Pride, or any of the later releases for that matter. So, why am I wasting time" Let's get started, shall we"

1. BROKEN HEART (Original Version)- The album is introduced with a very soothing fingerplay riff, leading into the sharply emphasized "Here I Stand, all alone. Trying to fit the pain from a broken heart." The song remains soft throughout the first bridge, but wastes no time thereafter blasting some power-chords to give you the feel for the rest of the song. One of Vito Bratta's best solos is applied in this song, as well.

2. CHEROKEE- Another melodic power-chord progression kicks off the second track, followed by another sharp, pitchy vocal by Denmark's own, Mike Tramp, who sings "You were wild, you were free. You were sons of destiny, but the white man came and took your land away." The song is very exciting throughout, though it is, by far, not the heaviest song on the album. Again, another great solo applied by Vito on this track.

3. FIGHT TO SURVIVE- The blistering lead that Vito plays to open Fight To Survive demonstrates his Van-Halen like trademark tapping style that he does oh so very well. This blends in perfectly to a headbanging power-chord riff, but tones down for the verse to a soft synth back-up and heavy drum beat. The song picks up immediately, though, with some more power-chords and an explosive bridge and chorus. Not the most memorable guitar solo displayed here, but still very impressive.

4. WHERE DO WE RUN- No album really spins flawlessly, and if there is any flaw on this album, it's possibly this track.. The song is based purely on a power-chord riff, and alternations of it. The problem is, it tends to get rather repetitive as the song progresses. The one great thing about this song is the middle of it. It's put together very well with an oustanding solo by Vito.

5. IN THE CITY- The first of two power ballads on the album. In the City is a spectacular track, beginning with a combination of power chords and well done licking by the virtuoso himself. The powerful riff used here progresses the song greatly, and after the ABAB (verse, bridge, verse, bridge) arrangement, leads into an all out explosive chorus. However, the best part of this song is, no doubt, the interlude. The song speeds up in the middle and really rocks out with some awsome soloing techniques, blistering with power before slowing back down into the final chorus. Just an excellent song.

6. ALL THE FALLEN MEN- All The Fallen Men is a perfect example of a classic arena rock. An effective power-chord progression to drive the song along, and explosive lyrics to carry the song throughout. Don't forget the explosive chorus, and there you have it. The interlude of the song is also crafted really well. This is by far one of the strongest tracks on the album.

7. ALL BURN IN HELL- This is, hands down, my favorite track on the album, period! The track is faded in with a soft, but powerful chord progression. It only gets more exciting from there, as the best part of the whole song kicks in, that being one of the greatest riffs I've ever heard, personally. The lyrics aren't as complex as in the other songs, but the instrumentation, especially the awsome solo put to a great melody, is what makes this song my personal favorite. Also, the chorus is extremely catchy.

8. KID OF 1000 FACES- Kid Of 100 Faces is a very explosive track. However, it's not as melodic as the others. It's a cool use of power-chords and what not, but it's just not as memorable. Doesn't mean it's a flaw of the album, it's just not my personal pick for a stronger song.

9. EL SALVADOR- My second favorite song on Fight to Survive would have to be this one. It's a pure rocker all the way, and opens with an acoustic guitar, followed by an electric guitar almost repeating its pattern, until they're both working together. This all leads into an explosive power-riff and possibly Tramp's best vocal performance on the album. Great chorus, and a solo at blistering speed by the virtuoso, Vito Bratta.

10. ROAD TO VALHALLA- Road To Valhalla is the second and last power-ballad on the album. It's also the last song on the album, to be frank. The track starts off as a piano ballad and, to be honest, it's one of the best piano ballads I've listened to. In under the three minute mark, after the second bridge, the distortion finally kicks in and everything explodes on the chorus, with the shouts of "Valhalla!" Very melodic instrumental, too.

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Willie STAFF (4)
One of the best 80's Rock albums that no one ever heard....

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Staff Reviewer
July 4th 2007


I would have liked to see a conclusion that summarizes your thoughts, but fair enough job all the same. Welcome to the site.

July 4th 2007


Pretty good review for a first, but as Jom said, this is badly in need of a conclusion, primarily to sum up your thoughts on the album and to explain how this is a "classic."

July 4th 2007


I heard a song off of Pride, "Lady of the Valley" not too long ago. It was pretty rockin. If all their songs are that good maybe Ill check this band out.

July 5th 2007


You lost me at "glam rock".

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