Life On A Plate



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January 16th, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Title: Life On A Plate
Artist: Millencolin

This is Millencolin's second album, and I think it's too good not to be reviewd. I guess, since this is my favourite record, I'm really not the one who should review it, but I'm going to anyway. For you who don't know Millencolin, I can say that they are a Skate/pop/ska/punk/rock band from Orebro, Sweden. They have been around since 1992 and they are on Epitaph Records (USA), Shock Records (Australia), JVC Records (Japan) Burning Heart Records (rest of the world).

The band is:
Nikola Sarcevic - Bass/vocals
Erik Ohlsson - Guitar
Mathias Form - Guitar
Fredrik Larzon - Drums

Song by song:
1. Bullion
This cd starts with the shortest song on the album, Bullion, only 2 minutes. It's my all time favourite song. It's fast, melodic, happy and it has great vocals. It was on Punk-O-Rama 2. 10/10

2. Olympic
Another fast song with lyrics written by Kristofer Ostrom of Fireside. Great song, a bit darker than the previous song. Very listenable. 10/10

3. Move Your Car
The first skapunk song on the album. Happy, fast and with a great bassline. The lyrics are about not being stuck at the same place all the time, to move the car and make something happen. It was the second single from the album. 9/10

4. Killercrush
Pop punk song about girls, that the look is not always the important thing. A "happy" guitar riff to happy song. 9/10

5. Friends 'til The End
On of the darkest songs on the album. After Bullion, this is my favourite. Fast, melodic and great vocals. 10/10

6. The Story Of My Life
Another skapunk song with a wonderful bassline, lovely horns and great vocals. The lyrics are about food and about being a vegetarian. Probably the funniest lyrics on the album. It was the first single of Life On A Plate. 10/10

7. Jellygoose
Another pop punk love song, Jellygoose being a nickname of Nikola's girlfriend. A really sweet song with nice vocals. 10/10

8. Replay
Another darker song. It's kind of similar to Friends 'til the end music wise, but still it is not as good as that one. But it is very good. 10/10

9. Vulcan Ears
A skapunk song about UFOs and Aliens. A VERY good bassline, great vocals and music. 10/10

10. Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hide
A song about not giving up. Great, fast music . A really good punkrock song. 10/10

11. Softworld
This is probably the worst track on the record, but still it's very good. It's a little bit slower than the rest of the songs on the album. A song about living in a softworld and playing softcore (instead of hardcore). It's pretty funny. 8/10

12. Buzzer
A fast song. It was recorded in a longer version, which later became a b-side of a single. The longer version is the better of these two but the short one is good as well. 10/10

13. Ace Frehley
This song is a 5 second joke. The guys didn't want to have 13 tracks on the cd so they decided to put this on as a tribute to the Kiss member. I'm not going to rate this song.

14. Airhead
The lost song on the album and another skapunksong. As the rest of the songs on the album this one is also good. About a guy who thinks he is the coolest in the town. 10/10

14 songs (well 13, excluding Ace Frehley) noone shorter than 2 minutes and noone longer than 3 minutes, the longest being 2:57. The entire cd is 32:14 of quality skate/pop/ska/rock/punk. Everybody should own this cd!


Recommended tracks:
Friends 'til the end
The Story of My Life
Vulcan Ears
Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hide

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December 19th 2004


Good review. This is one of Millencollin's older albums and considered by many to be either their best or their second best (the other contender for best is 2001's Pennybridge Pioneers in my opinion).

Millencolin approach the punk formula melodically with some meaninful lyrics. Punk fans and rock fans will both enjoy this album alike. Musicians will appreciate this music for it's creativity and technicality.

A good listen.

December 19th 2004


Good review.

Thank you!

December 24th 2004


This album is either my favourite or second favourite by Millencolin, I can't decide between it and Pennybridge Pioneers as Clown Phobia said, but it definitely has my two favourite Millencolin songs on it. Buzzer and Olympic.

Red Cap Brain
April 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

This review needs more detail.

April 12th 2006


great album, skimpy review

December 2nd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

First heard these guys on Punk O Rama 2, very good CD.

January 19th 2011


Perhaps my favorite pop/punk band, gonna check out this record in due time

Your review is fine for a first, but let me give you some advice:
While track-by-track reviews are a great place to start, it isn't going to help you if you don't use more detail in the song descriptions. Some song descriptions simply say that the bass is good or it's catchy, which doesn't give the reader an impression of the song.

You don't have to be a musical expert to fully define the quality of their instruments, but it helps to understand what basic terms like "bridge" and "riff" mean for you to be able to fathom the sound of the song further. For me, I use those terms every now and then and just get creative with off-color descriptions like "a whirly sounding progression", or "a smooth but rocky chuggging intro", even if they don't make total sense all the time.

Overall, this is a good start, but like I said it lacks the details needed to interest the reader (for better and worse qualities). Keep using track-by-track reviews if that's whats more comfortable to you, because that's a good way to start. Keep writing however you want to write, but just be more descriptive and considerate of the reading end of your review.

Hope that helps, I'm a learning writer too. You know what? have a pos

February 16th 2011


this shit is sooo goooooooooooood

October 6th 2011


I don't like many pop-punk albums, but this one rules.

Staff Reviewer
November 6th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

April 24th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

God I forgot how amazing this album is. Bullion is mind-blowingly catchy and the lyrics are just so batshit crazy but they just fuckin' WORK man haha.

Digging: Witchfinder General - Death Penalty

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