Boys Night Out
Boys Night Out



by Understanding In a Crash USER (60 Reviews)
July 1st, 2007 | 17 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Boys Night Out punches everyone in the nose for sticking their face in other band's boringness

Boys Night Out is:
Connor Lovat-Fraser: vocals
Jeff Davis: guitar/vocals
Dave Costa: bass
Andy Lewis - guitar
Ben Arseneau - drums

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Lou Giordano
Original Release Date: June 26, 2007
Label as produced: Ferret Records

The Push And Pull
Boys Night Out made a definitive statement to the pop-punk scene with their “nickels and dimes” payment to release their debut album “Make Yourself Sick”. It was short and sweet and many believe to be their best album. Often times it's a group's debut, setting the blueprint for years to come. To say the least on sputnik, the sophomore release of “Train Wreck” was just that as a literal statement (despite I thought it was a good release but not as good as the first). It was often acclaimed to lack the raw-ness of the debut album and many called the concept to be flat. BNO comes back now with their third LP release and I understand that many people might be on the border with this band or maybe even a new listener that I can wrap appeal into this little package with. This album is basically the title brought by the second track on it- “swift and unforgiving”. This time around it follows no concept idea and really feels like an open, creative, and catchy contribution. In essence it brings back a lot of the style of the first album with a lot more progression that the second album didn’t exactly have to appeal to the listener. I know a big question mark would be the screaming that was on the first album becomes cut in half during “Train Wreck” but to answer the question straight up, there is no screaming on this album (or very little). In essence it’s gone but that doesn’t make the difference anyway…

The Main Points Of This Album
- Harmonizing Vocals
- Improved Lead Vocals
- Going back to much of the old roots with a twist

Boys Night Out
“Get Your Head Straight” kicks off the album at a quick pace. Better even a very catchy chorus with already showing off the improved vocals of Connor. The song was on their myspace before the album even hit stores so already having a bias on the short hand of the song it does everything great. It just feels like a song that would be the progression of “Make Yourself Sick”. The guitar work does it’s usual harmonizing during the chorus and plays quick lead licks and hooks throughout the verses. The song lyrically seems to be about getting cleaned up off of drugs which the band members used to sport proudly in their beginning days. “Get Your Head Straight” is the best answer to kicking this album off in a fun, catchy manner, right from the get-go. “Swift and Unforgiving” slows the tempo down but still remains as catchy to the listener. It comes at a different angle that feels more fitting from the “Train Wreck” album but proceeds with nice bass lines in the verses and diversified vocals throughout. The second verse slows up even more with more drawn out paced guitar work but kicks back out during the chorus. The instrumental interlude was a nice break from typical Boys Night Out song structuring which is usually fairly generic. The chanting brings the listener back in with vocal tuning which is a renowned Boys Night Out thing.

“The Push And Pull” grows into another catchy pop-punk song. It introduces itself with drumming and a nice lead riff by the guitar and once again the vocals seem to sound a little different as usual. Connor’s voice in this album is a lot more diversified (even without screaming) in this album. This song is one of my favorites just because the chorus will drill itself in your head. The interlude grows into a clapping hands pace with a nice add-on with harmonizing background vocals. Overall the song builds itself around it’s chorus which is one of the strongest off of the albums and is one of my favorite songs. “Up With Me” is the first single of the self-titled album and already has a video. The song seems to present itself to bring back fans from the first album, who hated the second album. It has an aurora of the same raw-ness and catchiness the first album had with a lot of the immaturity still in it. The progression of the guitar work is really nicely highlighted in the second verse and has been growing throughout the album. This is a good song to listen too if you feel like you’ll be interested in this band/album if you’re not sure. The harmonizing background vocals during the chorus is such a great touch. It really makes this band not feel like such a generic pop-punk band like a lot out there. “The Heirs Of Error” seems like it would make a great live setting song which it’s fast punk drumming and swift pacing. The songs musicianship kind of reminded me of another band that hails from the Great White North, Billy Talent. The chanted chorus is a nice change. Without a doubt I can picture the lead singer dancing throughout this song.

“Let Me Be Your Swear Word” opens up with a nice little guitar solo and really surprised me by the voice of Connor which once again didn’t sound like him at all. This song will be a silent hit if not turned into a single. The whole vibe of the song is very danceable and lyrically sly. The band builds itself around strong choruses and this song is no different. The vocals on this song really highlighted Connor IMO. “Hey, Thanks” starts up just like the previous song, in similar fashion. The use of clapping and chanting is throughout this song and makes it feel really fun and will be desireable in a live setting. I’m looking really forward to seeing this band live… The keyboard in the chorus is the difference making this time around. The chorus isn’t as strong as the other ones and the song doesn’t really highlight the album as much as the other songs. Nonetheless the song isn’t a pain to listen through either though. “Fall For The Drinker” is a skip on the CD for me. This slow song doesn’t feel as good as their fast songs to be blunt. The song really dulls the mood out for me with its almost annoying vocals in the first verse.

“Apartment 4” sounds a lot better though because of this. Not saying it’s a bad song but it doesn’t seem as strong as the previous tracks. It’s a track that doesn’t really show anything new that the band hasn’t already introduced but then again doesn’t merit a skip. As soon as you thought repetition was around the corner… “Reason Ain’t Our Long Suit” knocks that bad boy dead. This was the highlight of the EP before this album and I was going to be highly disappointed if it didn’t make it to this album. This was expected to be a great song but could of definitely been the best song of the album if they didn’t carbon copy it from the EP to the LP. The point of making a good song on the EP is to add little hooks and catches on the LP version to make it even better. This song does what Boys Night Out does best and that’s fast paced pop-punk, built around a strong, loving, chorus. “It Won’t Be Long” starts off with a curious playing piano. This is a much better slow song then “Fall For The Drinker”. It will be a hit or miss for many fans where the vocals are highly presented. It proves that the band can make a successful slow song. The vocals remind me highly of glass jaw. The song ends on a very cryptic note as many of the albums have before.

Hey, Thanks
Boys Night Out comes out with their third EP and it’s the best one yet. In essence it takes the best of the debut album, the best features of the second, adds up progression , and equals their most solid release to date. It’s ironic that song of the songs have the same catchiness as a band such as Academy Is… but theirs no doubt in my mind that they didn’t have to sell out while doing so. Their core sound is still there and it’s only progressed. The guitar tone sounds exactly the same as the first and second album but the riffs are much more involved in this album. However, the vocals are very diversified and change up the moods in perfect fashion throughout the album. It’s really the biggest improvement to the band that was already catchy before. I can see this already being on pop-punk scene hit with the kids but I also see this as an album that might even appeal to other people out of the genre. I’m surprised that this album came so abruptly and really wasn’t pressed as much as it probably should have been. Blessing or a curse"

+ Vocals
+ Catchiness
+ Progression as a band

- Short once again in length

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Boys Night Out Make Yourself Sick

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July 1st 2007


holy fuck these guys are still around? I used to see them all the time, seeing as they're from around here. From the sounds of this, they still really seem to like clapping.

note: seeing them =/= being a fan

Staff Reviewer
July 1st 2007


We played this at the store today, and it's not that good. I saw them with Lovedrug a couple of months ago and they were horrible. Most people just left.

Good review, though.

July 1st 2007


I dont know, they put on a good show when I saw them, but it was three years ago and they had a different line-up (i think?). The whole set was clapping though

July 1st 2007


i saw these guys live and was fairly unimpressed. mainly found them a bit dull but kind energetic, i've never heard em on record though, so i#'m not sure how it woudl translate.

July 1st 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

Trainweck owned by far... and this one is barely mediocre

July 1st 2007


I saw these guys live once and like stated above, they were horrible.

July 2nd 2007


Ok These guys suck I saw them when they toured with Plain white T's and seriously they didnt play well and the way they presented themselves was horrible!

Staff Reviewer
July 3rd 2007


To be fair, Plain White T's is more or less worse.

July 3rd 2007


Yah ouch... Way to make your point completely null and void. This isn't that bad if you just take it for the pop punky thingy that it is. But the lyrics... ugh the lyrics....

"I wanna be your swear word"? i mean come on..

July 10th 2007


The only album ive heard by them is "Trainwreck". I was disapointed, maybe i might give another one of their albums a shot though.

July 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

I actually really like these guys... Trainwreck was decent, but had too much filler (and some god-awful screaming). I just got this album on a whim, and so far, it's pretty sweet. Connor's voice is way better, the songs are less chaotic, and the whole affair reaks of well-executed technical pop punk.

For everyone who says these guys suck based on a live performance or on Trainwreck, download a few of the choice tracks from this. They should give you a better picture of BNO's sound.

August 13th 2007


awesome review man!

these guys are so good. I actually think that this cd is better than trainwreck!

March 5th 2008


while i haven't heard this yet, i downloaded it some time ago.

i'm not sure what to expect, i mean, i didn't even like make yourself sick, I'm a big fan of their debut EP, and i see them distancing themselves from that.

I mean, they came out with an EP before this that redid some songs, and they were horrible IMO.

March 5th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

You won't like anything else by them and ya that ep was done terriblely.

I'm done for rerecording and shit but they butchered each song.

You're also right about them distancing themselves from the Ferret crowd ever since their debut.

Make yourself Sick is probably one of the best hardcore pop-punk albums in my opinion, Trainwreck was a little messy but had some really strong moments.

This is just a grittier pop-punk album, nothing special really.

Plus I've heard the lead singer is pretty heavy into coke now.This Message Edited On 03.05.08

June 1st 2009


I like this, but "make yourself sick" and "trainwreck" are both before my time, so i probably don't have a problem taking this album for what it is and am not disappointed because it's so different. Both are great albums though

April 22nd 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

this actually grew on me ALOT. "Apartment 4" and "Hey, Thanks" are solid gold telephone

November 16th 2012


My tastes have seriously changed since I first heard this album and it still stands up. Big time.

It's like a poor man's Lions Write History for me.

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