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January 16th, 2005 | 185 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

...I'll admit it, I got this CD, about 3 years ago, based on the two singles released. If you hadn't heard "How You Remind Me", you were literally living in a hole, because this song was everywhere. It was catchy, and it hooked alot of people.

...In retrospect, I probably should've never bought this album. But I did, so maybe now I can save you from buying it. Or something.

Nickelback are:
Chad Kroeger - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Mike Kroeger - Bass
Ryan Peake - Guitars, Vocals
Ryan Vikedal - Drums

So, what is this album like"

Well, the opening track is not actually a bad track. Never Again looks at the darkness that is domestic abuse, a subject that doesn't seem to be touched on by many mainstream bands. The song is driven by a decent bassline, as moderate guitars ring out through a catchy chorus. How You Remind Me was their ultra-catchy midtempo song, not very heavy at all. To say it had mass appeal is an understatement. It never was a BAD song, but it is one of those songs that gets played over, and over, and OVER again, thus taking it from "Hey, this isn't too bad" to "Dear God, don't ever play that again!". Woke Up This Morning has a nifty guitar line, which drives the song. It's kind of cool, but nothing to write home about, with very minimal bass in this song, and you guessed it, catchy chorus. Their second single, Too Bad is actually a poignant look back through the eyes of a now-grown child who lacked a father figure...I thought the bridge had a cool guitar not-quite-a-solo in it, but again, nothing very special. Arguably the best track on here (although 'best' is a relative term) Just For is a rather angry, grunge-like number about getting revenge on the abusive ex-boyfriend. Well, from the perspective of, I assume, a guy friend of the girl who had been abused. It's a rather violent song, but again, 'violent' is a relative term here. Hollywood is really a forgettable track, with a bland guitar line and lyrics that don't exactly inspire anyone to do anything. In spite of Kroeger's attempt at a catchy chorus here, this one seems to fall short. Money Bought is pretty forgettable too, with a very minimal chorus and guitar work that isn't very entertaining either. I thought Where Do I Hide had a pretty cool guitar line, again, nothing spectacular, just kind of cool. Semidecent guitar work + catchy chorus is still the formula, even if the guitar work is slightly better than some of their other tracks. This is a long song...oh, no, wait a minute, after 3:54 they change the song title to Hangnail. Now, some people have talked about the similarities between "How You Remind Me" and "Someday", but honestly, these past two tracks sound like one another without any overdubbing or any special things done to it. What was a cool guitar riff changes to "Oh, this again" and it loses what little value it had. Good Times Gone almost has a southern rock feel to it at times, with minimal drums and slide guitar at times. An interesting way to close out a rather uninteresting album. It's a good idea to note that Ian Thornley plays slide guitar on this track, lest we think Chad Kroeger is actually a good guitarist.

So why would anyone want to buy this" I honestly don't know. Their radio singles might have been 'catchy' but that's really all they had going for them. The only tracks I would ever tell anyone to listen too off this album are "Just For" and "Never Again", for lyrics that actually have a tidbit of meaning behind them, and for actually being at least partially interesting to listen to. And to any Nickelback fans, take some solace in knowing that while I might rate this low, this is not the worst album I have purchased.


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December 15th 2004


Good review man...I was planning on maybe reviewing this sometime, but it's nice to see that someone has saved me the trouble of listening to the thing again. I bought it on the strength of How You Remind Me pretty soon after it came out, and I agree totally. I started off liking the song, rapidly went off it, and the rest of the album was very disappointing. 2/5 sounds about right to me as well.

December 15th 2004


I thought about buying this a few years back, and I'm glad I didn't.

Good and honest review. :thumb:

December 15th 2004


Album Rating: 2.5

I happen to be in the minority of people who, despite taking an active interest in all things musical, still thinks How You Remind Me is an excellent song. Just For and Too bad were pretty good too. Never Again was a little too attention-seeking though, and had nowhere near enough substance to justify tackling such an issue.

The Ashtray Girl
December 15th 2004


I used to be the biggest Nickelback fan, and I listen to this with a lot of fond nostalgia of my first 'proper' concert and so on.

But it's not the best album, although I like How You Remind Me, Too Bad, Where Do I Hide and Woke Up This Morning.

I'd probably also have been a little more generous with the rating.

The JoZ
December 15th 2004


[QUOTE=The Ashtray Girl]I'd probably also have been a little more generous with the rating.[/QUOTE]

Well, the fact that there was no variance of song structure/formula, the fact that alot of the songs sound very much the same, cliched lyrics, and to some extent, the fact that Chad Kroeger said he was out to write radio rock hits contributed to the rating.

And it's only 10 tracks long. A very short listen at that.

December 15th 2004


Hey good review. I was thinking of maybe buying a nickleback album, now I know not to get this one. :thumb:

I would sggest some spacing, though... Your gigantic paragraph was a rather large eyesore...

December 15th 2004


I used to think this album was the best ever, and, like the astray girl, i enjoy giving it a listen too occasionally. Good review!

December 15th 2004


2/5 is maybe a little harsh. For what it is, it's a decent album, and there's even a couple of really good songs here. It's not worth paying full album price for, though. The kind of thing worth picking up from a second hand bargain bin, maybe.

December 15th 2004


Good Review. I actually have this album, it was a birthday present I believe. It really isn't that bad compared to other pop/rock albums released today. Some of these songs are still pretty catchy.

The JoZ
December 15th 2004


[QUOTE=Bartender]2/5 is maybe a little harsh. For what it is, it's a decent album, and there's even a couple of really good songs here. It's not worth paying full album price for, though. The kind of thing worth picking up from a second hand bargain bin, maybe.[/QUOTE]

Yet another reason I justified giving it 2/5 :thumb:

December 15th 2004


Can't believe I missed this earlier...

Oh man, I thought this album SUCKED after hearing it my first time all the way through. The singles had tricked me into believing it was a good album back in the day, but after a real listen I discovered how bland the record was. Good job on the review, I probably would've gone wth a 2/5 as well.

December 15th 2004


Good review

My rating: 1/5, maybe 1.5/5. I think Nickelback are terrible.

December 16th 2004


I kind of used to like Nickelback, until everything they came out sounded the same. This album is nothing special. 2.5/5

If you are into pop rock in this era, try 3 doors down or Creed. They are a lot better.

December 16th 2004


^Quite true, although I am not exactly sure I'd classify those bands as "pop rock"...

The JoZ
December 16th 2004


[QUOTE=splashfreak]^Quite true, although I am not exactly sure I'd classify those bands as "pop rock"...[/QUOTE]

Agreed, they aren't really pop rock...

I think "rock" suits them just fine.

December 16th 2004


I remember thinking this album was amazing, then it kinda degraded after a little while. If you need a Nickelback album, buy Curb because it's just so much better.

December 16th 2004


It's not such a bad album as everyone makes it out to be. The songs are listenable and decent they just suffer from being similar and placed close together, if only one was played at a time such as on the radio or on a mix CD then they would be better. I give it 2.5/5 maybe 3 if I'm in an extra special good mood.

December 16th 2004


"Never Again" is my favorite.

December 17th 2004


"Leader of Men" is the only song I like from Nickelback... which unfortunately is not on this CD (I've no idea which CD it actually was from).

Great, accurate review.

December 17th 2004


I've only heard a couple of the radio songs, but from that I'd give it a 0.5/5.

I think this is the first really negative review I've seen on MX. Everyone, myself included, tends to do their favorite albums, which lends to every review scoring a 4/5 or more.

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