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Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: My best of section# Best Song On Album- Curse Of Me Best Clean Vocals-Curse of me Fans of punk will like- Home Sweet Homicide Fans Of metal will like-Buried With Children/R.A.M.O.N.E.S Fans of Emo will like-Curse Of Me Fans of goth Will like- Burn

Before we start. I must admit it's kinda hard for me to give an un-biased opinion. Wednesday is my favourite artist of all time,and may i add,is amazing live.
Anyway,on to the album. I bought Transylvania90210 when it came out and it blew me away,the songs were so dark,yet light hearted,a truely amazing album. So when i heard of Fang Bang (the title makes me giggle) I felt the need to rush straight to the shops to buy it, and was slightly dissapointed.
True,if anyone over than wednesday did this id be singing their praises, but in comparing this to his first album I had to ask myself,what happened" Where did the dark horror-punk that we came to love go"
I will say the album is not terrible,it just lacks some of the spark of the first album. Now I'll do a track by track rating, just to let you know what I think of each track.

1-Morgue Than Words- A very catchy track. However it's almost too simple. Not as complex as some of his stuff, but a very nice way too start the album nevertheless, with a very catchy drum beat. 3/5

2- American Werewolves In London- A good song. Its start is kinda slow, and the beats never really pick up other than the chorus, but shows off Wednesday's array of vocals. And the chorus is actually very good. 3/5

3- Home Sweet Homicide- The first,and so far,only single from the album. It's a decent track, very catchy, and one of the heaviest on the album, which just shows how soft it is. A catchy intro, great lyrics, and a catchy chorus. A good song. 4/5

4-Faith In The Devil- Not one of the best songs by Wednesday,In fact could be one of the weakest on the album. It's decent,but it's not great. The beat gets annoying after a while and it's the only song where i don't actually like Wednesday's vocals. Plus the lyrics are few,and repetetive. 2/5

5-Happily Ever Cadaver- One of my favourite songs on the album. Not heavy,but very catchy and with a beat you just feel like bouncing along too. And very clever, about a graverobbin transvestite necrophiliac. Typical Wednesday basically. My favourite song to sing along too on the album. And one of only two songs that i gave a perfect score. 5/5

6-Curse of Me- putting it short,the best song on the album. An amazing guitar rift, with great lyrics,and generally greatm,almost clean vocals by Wednesday. A song that generally makes you feel...and shows that Wednesday has the capability to write some amazing love songs, and sing them with emotion. The song that saves this album from being mediocre, even if you're not a Wednesday fan, this deserves a listen. 5/5

7-Haddonfield- An average song. Based on the Halloween films. Catchy,typical jumpy Wednesday. But as with most of the's just not great. 3/5

8- Too Much Blood- One of the better songs on the album. A good intro, and Wednesday jumps into the lyrics amazingly. A very fast paced song. With some great guitar playing. generally pretty good. 4/5

9- Till Death Do Us Party- This song got me. I was complaining that Wednesday had changed styles,then he brings this out, as far from the old album as you can get, but i love it! It's so cheesey it's brilliant. Based on the friday the 13th films, "and soon enough we're gonna meet voorhees,we might as well write it on our heads,come and kill us please". It's a lighthearted,jumpy,bouncy,catchy song. Great for partys. 4/5

10-Buried With Children- Once again Wednesday follows an awesome song with an average..mediocre almost,song. Catchy yes, fast paced, yes, good guitars" yes. Good" No..Average. 2/5

11-Kill You Before You Kill Me- I Love this song. Dunno what it's based on, but its catchy as hell. Awesome beats. and lyrics are good. Drums kinda drown out the vocals,but that would be my only complaint. 4/5

12- Die Sci-Fi-a waste of a track. Not Wednesday, Not good, in fact I'd go as far as to say the worst track on the album,and the worst track by the Wednesday 13 band. EVER. 1/5

Now depending on which version of the album you get,you'll get either R.A.M.O.N.E.S or Burn the flames as a bonus track

13- Burn The Flames- A Catchy cover song. Not typical Wednesday style,but then again hardly any of this album is, it just highlights his talent,and adaptibility. A good song, So catchy, and amazing. If you can find it, a very rare,but very special track. 5/5

13-R.A.M.O.N.E.S- The last track off most versions of the album. Off of my version in fact. Not quite as good as burn the flames,but pretty damn close. very short,but very sweet. Good Cover song. 4/5

Well that's my review,any complaints or comments just tell me.

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