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Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A band that is all too often overlooked in the UK metal scene. The band's debut showcases their perfect blend of technicality, hardcore and metal - the crazy riffs and time signatures will destroy your mind. Immensely talented act.

Everyone can agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new talent in today's modern metal scene. In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the number of so called 'metalcore' bands (half the time I think that people are misinformed as to what metalcore actually), with bands left, right and center ripping one another off, bringing nothing new or exciting to the table.

However, Brighton based metal/hardcore quintet Architects are far removed from the trends that plague the current metal scene. The band released Nightmares, their debut, when they were just 18. The best way to describe their sound would be something that fits in between the style popularized by bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch with a mix of melodic passages. The fusion of hardcore and metal is quite astounding; the amount of talent these guys possess is utterly ludicrous at points, leaving listeners wondering what the hell just happened (and possibly whether the band can pull it off live; in answer to that, yes - they bloody well can).

Each of the 8 tracks present on this disc (with a running time of just over 30 minutes) showcase the immense talent and songwriting skills of the band. The guitars especially are very interesting; album opener To the Death is a rollercoaster of technical riffage and crazy time signatures. The drumming at first seems to follow no logical pattern (the way Dan locks his snare hits in with the rhythms of the riffs is awesome at times) but after one has become accustomed to this style of technical metal, the effects are astounding. The bass is also heard quite well - the lines do stick to the guitars quite a bit but at this pace and level of technicality, it is still downright impressive.

Tim and Tom utilize a huge array of techniques in their guitar playing; tapping is in abundance on this album but is always used tastefully. Album closer The Darkest Tomb highlights this wonderfully - the outro is simply splendid, with an epic melodic tapping section over a metalcore style breakdown riff.

Metalcore" Has Confessed gone mad" Yes, it is true. There is a strong metalcore influence throughout the album but don't let it deter you. Breakdowns are present but most definitely are not in abundance. You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment is a track that highlights this perfectly - the riffs used are incredibly catchy too. Pinch harmonics are particularly pleasing - A Portrait For the Deceased has a pinch harmonic riff that is guaranteed to make you wet between the thighs.

The vocals are in pretty much the same style throughout. Matt (he was replaced by Sam after the album was released) has a very competent scream and for the most part is quite understandable. But he does some really cool things with his voice; kind of like a mix between clean and talking. When I fist heard the album single In the Desert, his odd input of clean vocals struck a chord with me; -

"Well if you've got the time baby I've got the money.".

It sounds great even if he only uses it a few times throughout the album. Whilst not a big downer, it would have been nice to hear him use different vocal techniques. Instead, he sticks to a mid range scream - don't get me wrong though, it suits the band perfectly and he sounds brutal for the most part.

What sets the band apart from most other Dillinger or Botch copycats is their inclusion of wonderfully epic melodic sections. The use of those dissonant Botch-esque chords are in full force (although not to the extent of a band like Norma Jean for instance) but songs switch from chaos to epic within seconds. The chorus of To the Death showcases a wonderfully effective dual guitar line -brilliant within it's own simplicity. In the Desert also has some fantastic melodic lead guitar breaks - the guitars are definitely one of the biggest highlights of the band. Another standout point on the album is the track This Confession Means Nothing. The build-up throughout is quite calming and it is a good breather from all the chaos presented in the album.

Overall, the band's debut album is nothing short of phenomenal. Every one of the 8 tracks is excellent and a running time of 30 minutes is perfect. The UK metal scene may be plagued by some ridiculously poor acts (Bring Me the Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine I am talking to you) but acts such as Architects demonstrate that the scene is far from bad.

A definite recommendation to any fan of technical metal, hardcore or metalcore.

Recommended Tracks
To the Death
You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment
In the Desert
The Darkest Tomb

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A Rare Band That Has The Guts Not Just To Chug For The Sake Of It. Fantastic Debut....

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June 16th 2007


Excellent review. I don't know I might check this out...
Goy my vote.

June 16th 2007


pretty good review, your choice of adjectives amuses me "the outro is simply splendid".

June 16th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

lol thanks Unreal.

I have quite an odd style of writing I think...

June 16th 2007


Album Rating: 2.0

I was thinking about doing this but my knowledge of metal is too thin to pull it off. Album is decent but nothing special in my opinion.

June 17th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Dude, if you have MSN or AIM I could send you it if I upload it onto my computer again.

Or YSI if you prefer...

June 17th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

this band are pretty good, definitely one of the better British acts, but nothing amazing.

new album is out this week!

June 17th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

I have the new album already and I will probably review it when it is officially released.

It is very different to this, the new vocalist has more of a roar than a scream and he varies his voice a lot more.

The riffs are excellent and it is heavier, seeing as they decided to tune to drop B instead of drop C this time round.

The single Buried At Sea is on their myspace (You'll Find Safety is also on the myspace) and there is a video for Buried At Sea up on youtube. There is also some clean singing on the new album - it's interesting.

Check it out.

June 17th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

mmmm. they are awesome live too, that I cannot deny them!

June 17th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Yes, definitely. Very tight and precise and Sam has awesome stage presence.

June 18th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Cool, how shall I transfer them?


I shall have to copy the tracks onto my comp.

*goes to find album*

June 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

My AIM is Confessed2005.

I may be on this evening as I am staying up late because I have to be up at 6.a.m. anyway.

I will copy the files and zip them into a folder and send.

June 26th 2007


I love this cd, my favourite breakdown is the one at the end of the darkest tomb

June 27th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

The tapping at the end of that track is sublime.

July 27th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Possibly the best math metal album to date

July 31st 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Hmm I wouldn't really call it math metal. Sure, it is technical - but if you want to call anything math metal, look for old Dillinger material. Or even PsyOpus. In all honesty, it isn't that good a term to use.

October 7th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Yeah math metal doesn't exist.

Architects are a fucking amazing band by far the best in the Uk metal scene.

November 4th 2007


My pos vote. Definitely checking out.

December 17th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Still listening to this. One of the best UK bands around at the moment.

i am the robots
December 18th 2007


Yeah, they're pretty incredible.

January 2nd 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

I was freaking amazed when i first listened to 'to the death'. You know, the small bit at 1:15 onwards. Neat as. : o

Really good album. Can't believe I had this for so long without listening to it. Making up for it now though. This Message Edited On 01.01.08

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