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June 13th, 2007 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The Coup's latest release brings the funk and politics they are known for. with smart lyrical phrasing and some comedy and skits peppered in, this is a very solid release from a very solid duo.

*This is my first review...please be gentle.*

I first heard of this duo through Tom Morello and Serj Tankian's "Axis Of Justice" radio show. The track "My Favorite Mutiny" caught my attention and i soon bought the CD. I was blown away. The opening track "Bullets and Love"starts off with a guitar riff that reels you in and hits you with the lyrics that define this band in my opinion. "Im a walking contradiction, like bullets and love mixing".

Ok, then. Heres a track by track.

Bullets and Love (Introduction)
This song is a great way to open an album. its short, and really fun to listen to. Unlike a lot of intros, I don't find myself skipping this to get into the meat of the album.

We Are The Ones
This song is really interesting. I love the way Boots raps this is a very stuck-up or snobby voice while talking about oppression, murder, drugs, guns, crime, and police. its chorus is a chant-y call to arms that kinda differs from the rhythm of the verses.

Laugh, Love, ***
this ones funky. its party song at its core, but thats not to say that The Coups Marxist politics don't come into play. for me, it was nothing remarkable, but good none the less.

My Favorite Mutiny
This is the stand out track for me on the album. with guest vocals from Black Thought and Talib Kweli. this track is carried by a piano riff, that gets in your head and stays there. it calls for people to wake up and go get what they deserve. it calls out the war, the government, police, and the jails. again, not a departure from the politics, but the beat that carries it makes me go back and listen three or four times in a row. the soulful chorus links the verses pretty well.

I Just Wanna Lay Around All Day In Bed With You
its a swanky, smooth, satiny, love song about, like the title suggests, laying in bed all day with your girl.

Head (Of State)
this song's hook is a rhyme you could imagine hearing in the neighborhood from the girls playing double dutch. it spends its time unraveling the US support for Saddam and his regime in order to protect oil company profits. a little forgettable.

the funkiest guitar line in the whole album. its a call out about not waiting for things to fall in your lap. it also speaks from poverty about being wronged. all the same stuff you can expect from The Coup and their political beliefs. i really love this tune, the phrasing and beats are infectious and shouldn't be ignored.

Yes'em To Death
this is a skit. Boots and his friend complain about the boss. a pretty good skit, a nice break. Boots says his friend has "ass breath" from kissing the bosses ass.

Ass-Breath Killers
this is the commercial for Ass-Breath Killers. its stops you form kissing ass. the have been taken by all the revolutionary and activist leaders in history. its a pretty funny song, especially when listened to with the skit before it.

Get That Monkey Off Your Back
this songs pretty obnoxious. its repetitive and i didn't like it.

Mind*** (A new Equation)
this one bring the funk back. it talks about how life can be like being enslaved when your poor. this track has a pretty cool guitar part. its got a real threatening vibe to it. definitely a cool track.

Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Down
this is another skit. Boots and his friend sit to watch a video voiced by Jello Biafra about how to spot a shoplifter. the way Jello talks makes it really hilarious. you can hear the ***-eating grin on his face.

I Love Boosters!
this is an anthem to "boosters", they steal from stores and sell it out of their house. it also talks a little about child labor. a pretty humorous song.

Tiffany Hall
this is a heartfelt song about a woman who died from complications from a liposuction surgery. a nice beat and a pretty interesting story.

this is a love song about...having a baby and smoking squares. also silky and smooth with female vocals by Silk E.

Capitan Sterling's Little Problem
this is an anti war tune. another interesting story, nothing real remarkable about it other than the usually funky beats and riffs.

The Stand
this is where he takes the stand. a real good way to end the album. with some more jazzy bits in the slow funk that carries it.

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June 14th 2007


Sorry bro, Im not a fan of this review, it doesnt look right & doesnt read well.

I wouldnt mind checking out this album, my favourite mutiny was a killer track.

Two-Headed Boy
June 14th 2007


Party Music is a better album.

June 14th 2007


Laugh/Love/Fuck is great, I'll check this album out.
Babyletshaveababybeforebushdosomethincrazy... best song name ever.

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