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...Is a Real Boy



by Wildcatforever USER (108 Reviews)
June 12th, 2007 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

If you want a more screwed up, confused, sex driven, potty mouthed, and catchy version of blink-182, than I would tell you that Say Anything is your next pop-punk god. Max Bemis expresses how pissed off he is at the music industry, how bad he wants to have sex with girls, and how his parents ruined his life in a 13 track album.

Even though this sounds like a normal punk album, the album has extremely long songs, which gives it a fifty-eight minute total. What else surprised me is how skilled this band is lyrically. Even though I just said there lyrics were sort of foul mouthed and sex driven them seem to fit every situation absolutely perfectly. “Yellow Cat [Slash] Red Cat”, is the perfect example of this as the lyrics are very stupid but they somehow every word fits the laid back beat swiftly. The other thing that surprised me about this album is the level of skill in the instrumental play, not only that this album features songs with something outside of power chords, but that the band can pull of a soft acoustic song like “I Want To Know Your Plans” and have it be a highlight of the album.

The first five songs flow nicely with the opener, “Belt”, seeming to do a good job of summing up the album. This song is driven by hard guitar riffs, industry hating lyrics, and a catchy as hell chorus. But the breakdown provides a beautiful moment as all of the momentum of the song combines in to one, the lyrics are great, and echoing dual vocals make a great song and breakdown.

“So what say you and all your friends meet all of my friends in the alley tonight"
Yeah, what say you and all your friends step up to my friends in the alley tonight"
Yeah, what say you and all your friends meet all of my friends in the alley tonight"
Yeah, what say you and all your friends step up to my friends in the alley tonight"”

“Woe”, actually sounds similar to “Belt” except it doesn’t start out with as hard rocking of an intro, the intro has sort of droning lyrics that are driven by the drums but they flow into the chorus. The best part of the song is the chorus was everything comes to almost a complete stop and Max just sings to a little guitar in the background. There are about 3 separate breakdowns in this song, which are effective and have lots of hooks. “The Writhing South”, is the most generic song on the album for me. It starts off with an acoustic hard rock sound, which slow down so you can hear Max lyrics. The lyrics in this song are the most mediocre of the album, but the chorus is catchy as hell, which makes this song a very good listen. “Alive With The Glory Of Love”, is the best written, produced, and one of the best played songs of the album. The lyrics are about a lovers in concentration camp as apparent in the chorus by “Oh hell no, I won’t let them take you”, which may end up being one of the most catchy of the entire album. The breakdown is the peak of the emotion were Max screams, “Our Treblinka is alive with the glory of love”. The song is sung to a middle of the road guitar riff, not to hard but not to soft. Instrumentally the drum roll type of beat really stands out in the begging.

The weakness of the album is that the rest of the songs are very catchy but they really don’t flow together at all like the first five tracks. The songs seem a little to long and I am not saying to cut out these entire tracks completely but just cut out some of the part that wear out there welcome. The standout tracks are “Every Man Has A Molly”, which combines of all the bands angst together in one song along with a catchy chorus and tons of emotion. The most emotional, hell-bent song of the album though is “Admit It”, a song determined to point out the flaws of the industry it is also the hardest rocking song of the album. It seems that this song is a more fitting ending to the album than “I Want To Know Your Plans”.

This album is one of the greatest pure punk albums of the 21st century, I love how the lyrics fit the songs nicely and how sex driven and risky they are, and the instrumental playing is very good on this album for a punk band. The only weakness is the length of the album, which seems to be a little to long and drag on in parts.

Standout Tracks:
Alive With The Glory Of Love
Every Man Has A Molly
I Want To Know Your Plans
Admit It!!!!

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June 12th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

they are most certainly not catchier than blink-182

and this album is pretty great, although some songs are fucking terrible ("slowly through a vector" and "chia-like i shall grow")

Two-Headed Boy
June 12th 2007


I dunno, this album`s great but I have to be in a mood.

Chia-Like is one of my favorites, actually.This Message Edited On 06.12.07

The Jungler
June 12th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

Album rules, first line of review does not.

June 12th 2007


oh wait none of his comment is true.

but yeah, this is nothing like blink-182.This Message Edited On 06.12.07

June 12th 2007


I still haven't gotten through the entire album. It is truly a mood thing.

ok review.

Electric City
June 12th 2007


I really dislike this guy's voice. It turned me off them so much, the two singles I've heard have been awful.

June 12th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

"Digging: Moss Icon - Lyburnum"


June 12th 2007


It's supposed to be easier to lie on teh intarwebz, too...

The Futile, Spidersong, and An Orgy of Critics are all my favorites. Along with Admit It, which is just the closest a learned prep-punk like Bemis can get to badass.

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