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Just for Love



by Broken Arrow USER (10 Reviews)
January 16th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1970 | Tracklist


The Band:
Gary Duncan-Vocals,Electric & Acoustic Guitars
David Freiburg-Bass & Vocals
Dino Valenti-Vocals, Guitars and flute
John Cippolina-Electric and Slide guitar
Nicky Hopins-Piano
Greg Elmore-Drums and Percussion

The Reveiw:
Wolf Run pt. 1:
This song is just to get the album going. It is only a minute and a half long but still makes a lasting impression on this album. Only Greg and Dino play on this song for it is only a nice mellow conga drum driven beat and a soft flute played by Dino. 3.5/5

Just For Love pt. 1:
Although it it the self-titled song to this album this song is nothing special. It has a fine piano led part but as the song moves on the piano gets less notable. This song is nearly a perfect suscription of the San Fransisco bay area sound. 3/5

Cobra:An intrumental that starts with a fast paced drum beat. During this beat the band just goes into a really good groove featuring some amazing slide work done by Cippolina. Near the end of this song the music sounds dark and eerie opossed to fast and light when this song started. 4/5

The Hat:
This song shows the lyrical side of Quicksilver it is a 10:30 song and most of it is Gary singing with a nice mix of slide, acoustic and piano with various fills over Gary's voice. In my opinion the band doesnt shine much on this song, altough the rythm guitars and the piano hold it toghether I find the bass and drums unnoticable athough you can detect them here or there at some points in the song. Gary however does a very good job at singing this song and the range in his voice is fantasic.3/5

Freeway Flyer:
This song starts of with some firing of guns then David Freiburg leads the group in a bass driven groove with a "bouncy" piano and various guitar fills here and there by different members. The vocals I find interesting and fun with Gary referring to himself as such things as "Meatgrinder", "sweet spot finder" and "pyschedelic ranger". About midway through Nicky takes the lead on piano which also includes a solo with only him playing. 5/5

Gone Again:
A sudden change of pace from Freeway Flyer. This song is slow and soft but awfully good. It is driven by a soft bassline and a slow and steady congo beat. It features some good quiet piano playing and some slow but satifying guitar fills by John.4/5

Freash Air:
This is a great jazzy yet extremely catchy song. The chorus is the catchiest part which goes-"Ohhhhhhhh oh take another hit....of fresh air". That might not sound catchy but you have to listen to it to understand the catchiness. This song probably features Greg's best drum preformance on the album(excluding the congas). It also features yet again a very strong preformance by Nicky on the piano. 4.5/5

Just for Love pt. 2:
This is just like the first part except shorter and not as many guitar fills. The lyric make it seem like a closing song. Nothing special at all, the first on is much better.2.5/5

Wolf Run pt. 2:
This time the congos are much faster but still pretty quiet. The flute is once again played nicely by Dino and Greg's finest preformance is in this song. It is mellow and a perfect way to close the album.3.8/5

Overall I would give this album a 3.8/5. Anyone looking to get into Quicksilver should start with Happy Trails though.

I however don't really like comparing this album to Happy Trails because the styles are a bit different becasue in Happy Trails they didnt have Nicky Hopkins on piano or piano at all for that matter.

Peace out. :wave:

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December 4th 2004


Good review :thumb:

It's really good to see people who like Quicksilver, being that they have never been that known. I actually haven't heard this album, but I'll try to check it out. Great cover too.

BlackDeathMetalJazz or really ANYTHING else please-
December 4th 2004


Good Reveiw haven't herd it but will download right......now.

Broken Arrow
December 4th 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

[QUOTE=Badmoon]Good review :thumb:

It's really good to see people who like Quicksilver, being that they have never been that known. I actually haven't heard this album, but I'll try to check it out. Great cover too.[/QUOTE]

I have it on viynl and it folds out and has all the information in the middle do on the back it is a continuation of the front and it has the futuristic drums organ and another guitar.

EDIT- you can already see the front of the drum set on the front

December 4th 2004


I need some QSM.

December 4th 2004


Good Review, I guess I'll be getting Happy Trials first (hopefully soon.)

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