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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Kasabian – Kasabian

Kasabian were the surprise hit of the British summer festivals, playing just about anywhere that would have them and taking the crowds by storm. Hailed as ‘the new Oasis’ by more people than I care to count, all UK music industry eyes were on this band as they released their debut LP, which flew into the chart at #7. This is a band that can do no wrong; surrounded by a degree of mystery, represented by a mysterious logo and the simple slogan ‘join the movement’. This band have done everything from playing a guerrilla gig in the Cabinet War Room to slagging off The Darkness, and for once the media hype surrounding the band is fully justified because Kasabian are truly fantastic.

As a side note, their name is taken from one Linda Kasabian, a former lover of Charles Manson’s, who testified against him at his trial.

Kasabian are:
Tom Meighan – lead vocals
Sergio Pizzorno – lead guitar
Chris Edwards – bassist
Christopher Karloff – drums

This album fairly explodes into life with the mega-anthem Club Foot. A work of atmospheric, pounding art this was the song that started all the hype many months ago. Hypnotic vocals, a driving rhythm and some crazy synthesisers make this song a serious contender for any Track of the Year award. This is a song that if it catches you in the right mood can leave you breathless and exhilarated. Worth checking out by just about anybody.

We then move on to Processed Beats and Reason Is Treason, another couple of radio-friendly yet inventive songs that sets up this band’s highly distinctive sound. You can see where all the Stone Roses comparisons are coming from, but somehow Kasabian turn their influences into something fresh and fascinating. These two songs are more accessible than Club Foot but no less well-crafted. Great for singing along to and dancing. Reason Is Treason is a proper foot-tapper as well.

After that, the album delves into slightly more experimental territory. Distorted vocals, electronica-influenced rhythms and many synthesisers add a lot to their sound without making them sound over-produced. On the contrary, the album is very ‘real’ sounding and has a very home-grown talent feel to it, in the best possible way.

LSF is another great single – catchy, mesmerising and has got just that little bit of funk about it. 5 full tracks, 5 fantastic songs so far. The in-your-face catchiness dissipates slightly by the time we get to Running Battle but that does not detract from the song, it merely draws you in deeper to Kasabian’s cleverly constructed web of hooks and hypnotism. Test Transmission lives up to its name, you really don’t hear a lot of this played on British radio these days, however influenced you think this band are.

The interludes, Orange and Pinch Roller are nice and really flow with the rest of the album, rather than being just wastes of space as is so often the case.

The band chills out a little as they play Cutt Off, the next single, the beat is still insistent but noticeably calmer and the vocals are almost happy, an emotion that doesn’t really go in to the album. I especially dig the instrumental section of this song, seems an indication of where this band could go next.

The last three tracks are possibly slightly weaker than the rest of the album, but if they were put on weaker albums they could well be flagship singles. They make interesting and pleasant listening and the quality of musicianship remains at the same standard as the rest of the album, which is competent but not extraordinary, although very well suited to what they are trying to create.

The reworking of Reason Is Treason at the end of the album in the form of a hidden track is a decent remix, although you probably won’t end up listening to it on every play of the album. It reminds you how great the original was and does add something to track, but it’s not exceptional.

Some truly fantastic tracks
Great overall feel to the album and it does sound like one piece of work
A lot of freshness and excitement in the record
A good quality, interesting sound
Club Foot all by itself

Band don’t quite keep their original high standard of song-writing up for the whole album
Debatably quite a heavily influenced album

Worth a look if you’re interested in indie rock, Britrock and new talent. A great debut album, I for one cannot wait to see what this promising band do next.

Final Rating: 4.5/5

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November 26th 2004


i'll probably download a few off this.
thank you for the introduction.

November 26th 2004


Awesome album, I got it the other day. I can't remember which song it was but I was pissing myself when I heard the first few lines ''John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD, interested in mind control and how the monkey held the key''.

November 26th 2004


Awesome review:cool:

November 26th 2004


definatly a good review, but i usually cant stand indie
ill check em out though, i like their logo, their stickers are all over my town

November 26th 2004


Once again, i feel i have to reply!

Awesome review, although i though there was another guitarist involved with them in some way.

The Ashtray Girl
November 26th 2004


Yeah, they do seem to have a lot of musicians involved, but there are only 4 official members.

November 26th 2004


thanks for the introduction to them...this stuff sounds awesome so far

Distorted Vision
November 26th 2004


[QUOTE=The Ashtray Girl]This band have done everything from playing a guerrilla gig in the Cabinet War Room...[/QUOTE]
My friend managed to get into that, she had met the band in the park earlier in the day.

The Ashtray Girl
November 26th 2004


Wow. :jealous:

keep on phishin'
November 27th 2004


Great Review

I will be checking these guys out.

November 27th 2004


I listen to this cd almost everytime I drop by HMV, it's pretty good(but it's expensive so I'm not sure I should buy it). Nice review ashtray

November 29th 2004


Is it just me or does the guitar seemed to be turned down really low on this record. Unusually i find the bass is overpowering the guitar (or so it seems) on some of the tracks. Might just be me used to listening for the bass in songs though

Good Review

November 29th 2004


Stone roses did it way better. Seriously this band aren't original at all, some good singles but my dad had the album in his car...didn't last long.

December 28th 2004


I might get the album, from what I've heard of them so far they're pretty cool, LSF and Cutt Off being the only tracks I've heard..

February 16th 2005


Club Foot just got released here in the US, and it's a great track. I can't wait to hear the rest

Shuffle It All
July 12th 2005


i cant agree that there like the stone roses, they use keyboards and synth greatly and arent in my eyes an indy band, they show on the album that they are different to all the shitty bands (kaiser cheifs and franz ferdinand).

The Ashtray Girl
July 13th 2005


There's nothing special, persay, it's just that they have good tunes.

That's the way I see it anyway.

October 10th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Club Foot, LSF, and Reason Is Treason are the best tracks.

I highly anticipate Kasabian 2.

Shuffle It All
October 30th 2005


your wrong with the members of the band.

Tom Meighan – lead vocals
Sergio Pizzorno – lead guitar/synth/keyboard/tape effects
Chris Edwards – bassist/
Christopher Karloff – rhythym guitarist/synth/keyboards/tape effects

i saw these guys at leeds, amazing they be. seeing them play club foot was unbelievable.

October 31st 2005


Great album, but I cant see the follow up being up to much.
Too much filler I think, but in general one of the better debuts and possibly the best album of the year

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