Beware The Heavens



by Dethtrasher USER (232 Reviews)
April 23rd, 2007 | 18 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A very melodic, catchy and driving power metal album with female vocals.

The only country that I think has a unique set of metal bands alongside Sweden has to be Finland. And why do I think that" Because Finland does not only export one certain style of metal, just take a look at Norway for example. Norway is probably the only country that exports tremendous amounts of black metal. Sweden is also pretty good at churning out quality death metal but Finland is a bit more special. We have for example the well establishsed Children Of Bodom, the legendary Nightwish, the monster crew Lordi, Kalmah, Insomnium and many other bands. Alexi Laiho is the frontman of Children Of Bodom and I wondered if he was or had been playing in other bands. I checked and he has been playing guitars in a black metal band called Impaled Nazarene, not interesting since I don’t like black metal that much. But he had been playing in a power metal band as well, and that band is called Sinergy. Sinergy happens to be a project lead by a female vocalist and keyboardist named Kimberly Goss. Kimberly Goss and Alexi Laiho were actually a couple if you didn’t knew that, they married in 2002 but they separated in 2004. Sinergy is a power metal band, they have yet released three full-length albums but their status is tempurary unknown. The music is very energetic, heavy and at times atmospheric. You can notice that small influences from both Nightwish and Children Of Bodom, this makes this band somewhat unique or interesting because of Alexi’s style of guitar playing, the well executed keyboards and the slightly half aggressive attitude which is present in the music.

If you haven’t heard anything from a band that you have never heard of you would have a hard time to an album since the albums might not sound familiar to each other. I thought I could try out their first album which is called Beware The Heavens which was released in 1999. One reason why I thought this album seemed interesting was that Alexi Laiho and Jesper Stromblad (yes, guitar player from In Flames) were the guitarists. And since I love female vocalists I just had to listen if this was an angel singing, well, it wasen’t the greatest singer I have heard but Kimberly has a very good voice. Beware The Heavens is claimed to have lots of influences from the english heavy metal sound (think Iron Maiden). As any power metal album this album is very melodic, it has good portions of speed and energy, it is heavy due to the great sound quality and the variety of the song material is great. The Warrior Princess and Venomous Vixen are some intense tracks with crazy guitar work and rampaging drum work. There are two short instrumental tracks, Born Under Fire And Passion and Pulsation. We have a sad but quite strong and atmospheric ballad called Razor Blade Salvation. As you can see there is a wide selection of different tracks and none of them makes the album one-dimensional or repetitive.

Kimberly Goss is the vocalist in this album and she works also as a keyboardist. She doesn’t really stands out and that is because of her vocals, I’m not saying that she can’t sing but I found her vocals a bit...odd. Take Tarja Turunen from Nightwish and remove the opera essense from her vocals and you should have a pretty good description of the vocals in this album. Her vocals are not weak, the vocals are great but in this album she seems to be a bit laid back and doesn’t deliver her ultimatly best. The keyboards are not used as much as you would expect, the keyboards are mostly used to create a good atmosphere and texture in the tracks but there are not many stand outs. You will still though experience some nice finger dexterity so don’t worry, she handles the keyboards with great skill. Alexi Laiho and Jesper Stromblad are (and was) the two guitarists, (Jesper did only guitars in this album). Anyway, here you will experience a very wide selection of different riffs, rhythms, leads and solos. If you listen carefully you can actually seperate the guitarists by there style of playing guitars. Alexi has a more technical, carzy and kind of futuristic style while Jesper has a deeper and more norse sounding style. If you look at the overall guitar work you have melodic and heavy riffing, screaming and technical soloing and some tremolo riffing actually. In other words, a very diverse guitar performance which is performed by some of metals most well-known guitarists. Sharlee D’Angelo was the bass player, even if he has been playing in lots of famous bands (bands like Arch Enemy and Dismember to mention two) he doesn’t shine in this album. I’m sorry to say that the bass fades away because of the two mighty guitars. Ronny Milianowicz was the drummer in this album. As the other crew members he also delivers an excellent performance. Here we have some drum patterns that are ‘’classic’’ within the power metal genre (galloping drumming), the double bass kicking is here and many other sorts of technical and simple drum patterns.

This was a very good album, probably one of the best power metal albums I have heard yet. I liked almost everything this album had to offer, the guitar performance is probably the thing I enjoy the most. Other than that the album had a great sound, a great song variety and there was a good flow in all the songs. The whole album felt somewhat refreshing and modern but there were a few things that bothered me. I thought that Kimberly didn’t delivered as much as the other members, her singing felt a bit too calm compared to the instruments. She still has a powerful and good singing voice but I wanted more. The second thing was just a few errors in some guitar solos. At times it sounded like the strings were slicing each other and it made a bad sound, it didn’t ruin the solos but it just sounded bad. I just have to say that if you like Finnish power metal or power metal with female vocals then you will like Sinergy. ‘’Bodom’’ fans could take a look at this because the music has some small similarities, most because of Alexi’s guitars.

+ Energetic and catchy material
+ Excellent guitar work, the better of two worlds (Children Of Bodom + In Flames)
+ Great song variety
+ Very good sound quality

- Kimberly’s vocals could’ve been a little bit stronger and perhaps a bit more aggressive

Recommended Favourites
-- The Warrior Princess (Highly Recommended)
-- Razor Blade Salvation (Highly Recommended)
-- Virtual Future

This album will be given a 4/5.

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April 23rd 2007


The first sentence of the second paragraph sounds awkward to me. Not a big fan of power-metal but a great review anyway!

April 23rd 2007


Grant recommend this band to me, I'll give them a shot. This sounds very interesting. Good review.This Message Edited On 04.23.07

south_of_heaven 11
April 23rd 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

[quote=Mike]Grant recommend this band to me,[/quote]

That's cause Robin insisted that I check them out, and I did

Good review Deth, though I slightly, SLIGHTLY prefer "Suicide By My Side" over this.

April 23rd 2007


I've heard bad things 'bout these guys (and lady), but I'll give it a chance.

Children Of Bodom + In Flames must equal awsomeness. Good review too

April 23rd 2007


Good review.

They don't have a webpage currently (as far as I know). Do any of you know of a site where I can stream a song or two?

April 23rd 2007


Go on myspace and search them, there's a couple of fan pages with songs on them.
Guitars are great, but I really just do not like the vocals.

April 23rd 2007


I love Alexi and Roope so I'll try one of these.

April 23rd 2007


Thanks Syn.

April 23rd 2007


Hmmmm...I need some time to work in the vocals. Otherwise, it's awsome! Thanks Syn for the myspace recommendation.

And I couldn't see Kimberly w/ Alexi. I don't know why, it just seems that way.This Message Edited On 04.23.07

April 24th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks people, I really like this album and I agree with some of you that the vocals can be a bit hard to digest. Good thing that there were skilled guitarists.

Tarantino's Tarantulas
April 24th 2007


And I couldn't see Kimberly w/ Alexi

Think of it as Kimberly being the butch and Alexi the bitch and you might find it easier to imagine.

April 25th 2007


^^^ that is quite amusing.

I might enjoy this.

I have recently gone off Bodom - Alexi is quite a boring guitarist in comparison to some others. Yes, he is technically proficient - but as far as riff and solo writing goes, he is sub par.

Great review as usual Deth.

April 25th 2007


Excellent, excellent review. Im so going to pick this album up next time I see it (because of your review hahahah). I know you were only listing examples of Finnish bands in your opening paragraph, but you forgot one of the best metal bands from Finland? Wintersun?

April 25th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

but you forgot one of the best metal bands from Finland? Wintersun?

I never thought of them, anyway, Finland has lots of awesome bands, nuff said.

Grant recommend this band to me.

I alsmost took for granted that you had heard of this band Mikesn. I think that you are one of few people here that listens to lots of power metal.

April 25th 2007


Think of it as Kimberly being the butch and Alexi the bitch and you might find it easier to imagine.

Hahaha! Disturbingly amusing...On topic, I also like the singer just a little bit better than before

April 25th 2007


Hahahahah fair enough Deththrasher. Just thought I would try and sound like a typical fanboy!

December 20th 2010


gota check this out

September 25th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

This album is awesome. It's also super cheesy and definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. The guitar work from Alexi and Jesper is phenomenal though and keeps me coming back after 10+ years.

Digging: Outre-Tombe - Ncrovortex

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