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Release Date: 1990 | Tracklist

Megadeth - Rust In Peace

The Scene
Around the close of the 80's, Megadeth was in turmoil. The band had just come off its least successful record to date, 1988's disappointing So Far, So Good, So What? On top of that, Mustaine had fired lead guitarist Jeff Young and drummer Chuck Behler. Any lesser band may have packed it in, but not Megadeth. Recruiting lead guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza, Megadeth bounced back, and how. Not only did they release the best album of their career, they also released one of the most enduring thrash classics of all time.

The Cast
Dave Mustaine (guitar, vocals)
- Dave is back in the best form of his career, as this album is full the the hilt with insanely precise picking and devastating riffing. He also shows his talent as a lead guitarist, most notably the closing solo on Holy Wars and in the guitar battle vs Marty Friedman in Hangar 18. His trademark snarl has become more bearable, yet still retaining all the venom it ever had.

Marty Friedman (lead guitars) - Friedman had already established himself as a shredder of phenomenal capabilities during his stint with Cacophony (with Jason Becker) and various solo albums. His weird, advanced and almost atonal soloing lends a more technical feel to the album. Rather than just stick to pentatonic noodling, Friedman incorporated Middle Eastern and Oriental influences into his playing, adding a strange character to his sound.

Dave Ellefson (bass) - Dave Jr seems more content to lay back and let Mustaine and Friedman most of the attacking, locking in tightly with Mustaine and Nick Menza to create a tight, powerful rhythm section.

Nick Menza (drums) - Nick Menza's drumming is done tastefully and with extreme precision, lending a tightness to the album. He is also not afraid to do more than just keep the beat, interspersing fills, double bass and unconventional beats throughout.

Choice Cuts
Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due
- Six and a half minutes of savage riffing delivered with deadly precision. An excellent nylon-string solo from Freidman closes Holy Wars. The Punishment Due begins with a bludgeoning mid-tempo riff, with two great solos from Friedman. The tempo picks up later and the mood intensifies, climaxing with a solo from Mustaine, then closing with a violent double-time section.

Hangar 18 - This cut features the best lead playing on the album, before morphing into a guitar battle between Friedman and Mustaine about midway through. Also features a riff similar to one used in Metallica's The Call Of Ktulu, a song co-written by Mustaine.

Five Magics - Beginning with an ominous bassline that is eventually doubled by the guitars, the track kicks off with a galloping rhythm and excellent lead work, before descending into a violent 5/8 passage with some demented lead work from Friedman. This track closes violently with another solo.

Poison Was The Cure - The shortest, fastest and most demented cut on the disc. After the bass intro has finished, the song starts off with a murderous riff that sounds like something you'd hear out of bluegrass. Excellent double bass work from Menza.

Tornado Of Souls - Contains some of the most precise riffing, along with a long melodic solo from Friedman.

Rust In Peace ... Polaris - A bludgeoning mid-tempo number morphing into technical riffing accented by a nice inventive drum line.

- Extremely tight and precise riffing
- Stellar lead work
- Excellent and intricate instrumental sections
- Improved vocals over previous releases

- Production seems a little flat
- Mustaine's voice is definately an acquired taste

Closing comments
Megadeth's finest hour, and one of the best thrash albums to date. Definitely worth your time.


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November 25th 2003


i love the album, its really great (i have the album). I think its megadeths best CD along with peace sells.


Distorted Vision
December 1st 2003


Good review of a great album. My favourite Megadeth record, I'd give it 4.5/5. Holy Wars is a genius song.

TAKE NO PRISONERS, TAKE NO SH[/I]IT! - I love that part (notice how it sounds like 'techno prisoners, techno sh[i]it')

December 2nd 2003


there's not enough good things i can say about this cd.

December 3rd 2003


I want to buy this album, but it doesn't seem to exist in any store!

December 8th 2003


Album Rating: 5.0

This may just be me, but I preferred Megadeth's next two albums to this one, especially 1992's Countdown to Extenction. This, by no means, means that this album isn't good, but of the three I own (only three I've found so far), this is my least favorite. Also, while Five Magics may be musically awesome, am I the only one who found the lyrics to be asinine? Does every band that followed Sabbath HAVE to have a wizard song? Overall this is still a great album, but I wouldn't go with a 5. Probably a 4 or 4.5/5.

December 8th 2003


This somes up the album very well, it was a great album, So Far, So Good, So What! was not a dissapointment to me, i liked a couple of tracks on it. Rust In Peace would have to be the most influential thrash metal album of all time. I really like all the instrumental work on the album, the solo's david's bass playing is phenominal and also nick's drumming.

I give the album 5/5

December 8th 2003


I think its a really good album, execpt i dont really like hangar 18

December 8th 2003


mega deth rocks

December 8th 2003


*Megadeth* one word mate and yes they do rock, the gods of thrash metal.

December 9th 2003


Killer Review man. Rust In Peace is perhaps one of, if not the greatest thrash album ever made. It never fails to amaze me.

December 9th 2003


Love it. That's all I need to say

January 23rd 2004


Good review. I give this album a 5/5 myself. It is just simply amazing, great guitar work and heavy, fast riffs make it a classic.

give a wolf a home
May 14th 2004


Favourite album of all time aince I was eight and I'm twenty now. I even love the way that this album was a litlle underproduced cos it gives it a more raw feel, and yes Dave mustaine can't sing for ****, (mICKEY mOUSE on acid) but the musics so good I totally don't care. Countdown to extinction was probably the only time that a properly produced Megadeth album hit the mark. Rust in Peace gave me chronic hero worship syndrome, so much so that I even liked risk for a while.
This album Rawwkks!

May 15th 2004


Peace Sells is better. Still a great album though.

5/5 - Though I don't see the big deal about Hangar 18. Solos are good, but it sounds like a pop/punk song (The intro bit, anyway) All the other songs are great. Holy Wars is superb.

May 15th 2004


[QUOTE=give a wolf a home]Countdown to extinction was probably the only time that a properly produced Megadeth album hit the mark.[/QUOTE]

It's a shame it's ****house! All Megadeth post-Rust in Peace is disgraceful. However, apparantly their new album is excellent. Chris Poland is back doing lead work!

give a wolf a home
May 27th 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]It's a shame it's ****house! All Megadeth post-Rust in Peace is disgraceful. However, apparantly their new album is excellent. Chris Poland is back doing lead work![/QUOTE]

Is it actually a new megadeth album, or is it a Dave Mustaine solo album?

Five Magics
June 15th 2004


^^^ not sure about that, but hands down RIP is the best album, even better than Peace Sells, and it wipes the floor on master of puppets

June 15th 2004


It is a new Megadeth album. I forget the name of it however... check for it, and various remastered songs! Holy Wars was remastered, it was much better. Unfortunately, it can't be downloaded anymore, but cruise to the website every so often, Mustaine is remastering all the albums, and is releasing a song from every album until they are complete.

June 15th 2004


Good Mourning/ Black Friday from Peace Sells is available right now.

June 16th 2004


Great review man, you really explained it well. This is an excellent album, possibly the best I own. Dave Mustaine was the king of thrash.

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