When young terrorists chase the sun



by Phil USER (16 Reviews)
April 14th, 2007 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Gerling are a trio based in Sydney, this album was released in 2001 and in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks they changed the album title to the less controversial ‘Head2cleaner’ in the UK. Gerling are predominately an electronica-based band with the use of trip-hoppy drum beats, rockish/experimental guitars and quirky lyrics. This is to some extent true with ‘When young terrorists…’.

The album opens with the instrumental 'Phazer kidz in the windy city'. The beginning has samples of children of what seems to be in a playground. It is largely an electronica-based track with the afore-mentioned trip-hoppy drums; they then add keyboards in the mix throughout the song as well as including a brass instrument. However, it drags on for a bit too long and never really gets off the ground, although, it is relaxing and a nice opener. It then moves onto 'Dust me selecta', the opening vocals are slightly annoying as they use a lot of effects with them, however, then a female sings which is refreshing. However, this as well gets annoying due to the fact that she pretty much only sings the same thing throughout the song. The instruments aren’t very special either as they mainly keep the same beat or the electronica effects get tedious. The song doesn’t have a lot replay value because of repetitive nature in the song, the annoying vocal effects and the instrumental factor.

Then the highlight of the album 'High jackers project' as it is more a garage rock song, reminiscent of The Hives. The guitars have a fuzzy effect which is nice, the drums are rockier and the vocals seem a bit more distant which gives the garage rock feel. It is a lot straighter forward then the rest of the album but doesn’t feel flat and bland like some of the other songs. The next song, 'G-house project', features the Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue. This adds a nice flavour to the song, as well as the lyrics ‘G-house project is disco music’ which sums up the whole song as they use dancey electronica beats and the afore mentioned trip-hop style drums. It doesn’t drag on like some of the other songs, as they use various beats and the vocals are refreshingly good.

'Fight revolution' continues the feel of 'G-house project' as there is interesting electronica beats. There is a brass instrument in the fray which adds a different aspect to the song. Near the end it seems like there is too much going on as they use a violin sample as well as the other instruments. However, the next song doesn’t really follow the same formula as the other few tracks. 'Brother Keith on Destructor Mountain (4001)' is more of a hip-hop track then others, the vocals are a bit more rapier then in previous, the lyrics are rather pretentious as an example of this is ‘Non-stop with the funky music/ that’s right’. 'Brother Keith…' is a mediocre track due to pretentious lyrics and doesn’t flow with the last few tracks.

'Deka' is a bit of mix between the garage rock sound and a hip-hop feel. This is due to rockier sound and distant, gruffer vocals. However, the vocal style has a hip-hop feel with the electronics being more dancey. The next track 'Hot computer' is about the internet and the dangers which are faced due to pornography and other like minded topics. The vocals have a robotic, computer generated effect. However, this gets annoying as it mainly repeats ‘Hot computer/ I want to turn you on’ in that voice. It is a very mediocre track and is too repetitive which is the problem with a lot of this album.

'Serpentheadz' has vocal effects as well, the drums seem to keep the same beat as other track. This is the problem with most of the album as they don’t do anything extremely new from track to track. However, they do add a keyboard in this song, although, it is in background and not used to the full potential. The lyrics seem similar to other tracks as they are ‘Disco fern going to get you to dance all-night’. All of this added together makes for a terribly mediocre track. The next track, 'The deer in you', has a lot more redeeming factors. It is a lot more straight forward rock and starts off with something that could be heard from ‘Yoshimi battles the pink robots’ by The flaming lips. The vocals have a nice effect as they seem to some extent distant without it getting tedious. The problem with the albums lyrics, like most of the album, is very unimaginative as they don’t sing much more then the first verse and repeat this lots. 'Windmills and birdbaths (intro)' is as the title suggests is an introduction the next track ironically named 'Windmills and birdbaths'. The song on a whole reminds me of a track which could be found on ‘Treasure’ by Cocteau twins. The vocals are very Beth Gibbon-like, the instruments are a bit shoegazey except with more electonica beats.

'Summer lake rewind' is a bit like 'The deer in you' as it is a bit more straight foward then the other tracks. It uses an acoustic guitar which gives the song a different, almost country-like feel. The lyrics are a lot better as they more like a story, it seems that the lyrics are about a girl which drowned ‘where the river meets the sea’. It then moves onto the dull, bland and easily stoppable 'We design the future'. This track just crawls along and has no redeeming factor, it is also the longest track on the album clocking in at over 8 minutes.

‘When young terrorists…’ is rather inconsistent as there are few highlights such as 'High jackers project', 'G-house project' and 'Fight revolution'. However, the other tracks are mediocre at best due to shocking, pretentious lyrics, tedious vocals or annoying instruments. They seem to jump from genre to genre which also gets annoying as this further highlights the inconsistencies.


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April 14th 2007


Crazy band

April 14th 2007


Props to the review, I saw these guys at BDO last year and they weren't very exciting except they had massive beach balls.

April 15th 2007


This bands old stuff is great, but their new stuff is horrible pub rock crap. the only songs i know off this is dust me selecta, which is a fab song for a dance, and Hot Computer, which is a lot of fun i think.

The song with Kool Keith is pretentious because it has Kool Keith. how the hell did they get Kool Keith on this though? Very impressive.

April 17th 2007


I didn't realise it wasnt the actual singer. Then again I have never heard anything by Kool Keith, so what I said still stands to me. Also on one of the songs they were going to get Bjork on it but it didnt happen. That would have been interesting.

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