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Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

Never Mind the Open Minds (The Definitive Edition) is the third CD album by the bombs, and the second in Alive records. This was originally released as an LP after Put Strength in the Finale Blow; they re-released it onto compact disc in 1998. The U.S. Bombs sadly, are no longer around, not officially, but then haven't done any touring or recording in a long time. Duane has since moved on with the death of one of his guitarist (Chuck Briggs) to work with Corey Parks of Nashville slightly confuzzled sea lion on Die Hunns. Which is also a great band.

This compact disc contains 10 wicked songs that stir the’ the cool person inside you" Ah it’s good. Let’s start.

Sex Machine
The opening track opens with Duane giving a cancerous cough-off. The beat to the song is pretty kick ***. I do enjoy it hefty amounts. Most of the songs on this album are a tribute to Sid Viscous, you know the whole bit. Like traditional Duane, you can’t understand what he says with out a lyric sheet, which this album doesn’t have so you’ll have to bear with it. The interments are good, but don’t except Dream Theater, these are just some guys who never succeeded at life, except at music, I doubt any of them went to college; but for their genera they are very good. They know what they need to make the music fit and flow with direction. Complexity doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is if you like it. All in all, without my ramblings, and all the ****, it’s a good song. 4/5

Ballad of Sid
This song is about’ well, if you can’t figure it out then you should be shot. Though truly it’s not a ballad, since it is in 4/4 it’s still a nice soft song. About Sid and his crappy life and the glamour he got for it. It’s a nice song, it adds to the albums meaning and idea, which I like. 4/5

Slow Down
Slow Down if I could guess is about Sid’s life just going right past him and trying to figure it out. The riff for this song is bitch. This is a good song’ that’s all I can figure to say. 5/5

Neverland seems to be about Sid trying make himself not used by someone. It makes sense, it has a little Johnny Rotten quote in there. Uh, crap. But I sure that’s what the song means. It’s a cool *** song. Our band has been learning it, in fact it wasn’t that hard, we got it in a day. But the lyrics for some reason get me real pumped, I don’t know why, I like it a lot thought. 6/5

The Outside
The Outside starts out with a nice soft acoustic solo then ends up being a fast blitzkrieg about Sid finding out what exactly he is. Which he doesn’t like’ I guess. I don’t know, I’m guessing people. But I’m pretty sure I’m right. There’s a lyric that say, ‘On the outside looking in. Look what you’ve be come." Which I think makes sense. The songs music is good, however I do not like the begging. I didn’t like the slow crap. 4/5

Go Back Home (EP version)
Song six is about Sid going back to what used to be, not what the music and high life transformed into. While coming back he notices his friends have changed also. Thus he tries to help them. I think I hit it. The music is wickedly wicked in ways that only witches and warlock could wonder. This song is one of my favorites. 5/5

Retreads (EP version)
The song Retreads, is about Sid looking back on his adventure, this is the last song to deal with the album’s message and or idea. This is my favorite out of the album; the music and lyrics hit me in a spot that makes me feel’ all, good inside. I could listen to this all the time. The solo is up-to-standards; it’s all right for what talent they have. 5/5

U.S. Bombs
This self-titled song is about, well the U.S. Bombs and what they are here to do. I don’t know why it’s on this album. It messes up the flow. The song begins with a good old Americana intro with I don’t know, so patriotic song, there’s so many who cares now" I like this song, it’s got a lost of foreshadowing of the Bombs future as in album names and songs. It’s a pretty decent song; it just looses a few for being out of place. 3/5

Call Box
This song rocks my boxers. I love the drums; the lyrics are amazing, though they don’t make sense, at least to me. I love this song. 5/5

Ballad of Sid (reprise)
This song sucks, I hate it, it’s a redone version of Ballad of Sid. It sucks; it’s worthless to the CD, why did they put it on" 0/5

~Final Thoughts~
This is a great CD to buy if you are a Bombs fan, like me. But if you’re just trying something new, get another Bombs album, like The World or try a Die Hunns album. I’d give the CD a 4/5. It’s good, but it has some flaws in it.

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